Title: Never Knew
Author: Crazed15yearold
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Shikamaru Narra x Ino Yamanaka
Theme: #22- Cradle
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto

"Please Ino?" Asuma asked his pupil.

"Fine, I'll go find him but don't think this is going to be a habit alright?" Ino finally gave into her sensei's pleading.

Ino sighed. This was the second time she was going in search of the lazy bum in Konaha…Shikamaru. Did he forget they were suppose to meet up today to talk about the new mission?

'Oh! Just where could he be!' she asked herself agitatedly. He was begging to make her mad.

She heard the faint sound of metal hitting metal…who was training in this kind of heat! She quickly erased the thought from her mind when she remembered a certain boy named Rock Lee. Was it him?

Following the sound, it was surprisingly coming from a roof. She peaked around the wall and was not expecting the site that greeted her.

There sat the person she was looking for. Shikamaru. But what the hell was he doing!

She could tell that he's been working on…whatever it was he was working on for a while. Sweat beaded up on his forehead and his shirt stuck to his back showing off muscles that Ino never thought someone like him could have.

'When did Shika ever do work let alone out hear on a day as hot as this? What is it he's working on anyway?'

Finally making her presence known she stepped out from behind the wall. Her nose was greeted with sawdust. She sneezed to get the dust out. Ok now she was really curious.

"What in the world are you doing Shika!" she said covering her nose.

"Oh, its you Ino. I'm working on something for my dad…" he said taking a break from his task and began to

stare at the clouds.


"Well what?" he asked a little annoyed.

"What are you doing for your dad?"

"Well, money's tight with us right now and my aunt is having a baby and we wanted to get her a cradle. We don't have the extra money to spend so…I'm making one for him." he told her with lazy eyes.

Ino looked at Shikamaru. Never in a hundred years did she ever think that the Shikamaru she knew would do something that sweet…even for a family member. She took a sneak peak at what it looked like and was shocked to see it was nearly finished.

"I still have a lot to do yet. Sand it down, stain it, varnish it…so it should be done in the next two days…so Ino. You don't come looking for me for nothing. I bet its troublesome." with that she snapped her head up.

"Oh, um, Asuma-sensei wanted us to meet up today…remember?" she asked and then his eyes lit up.

"Oops. I lost track of time doing this." he motioned towards the cradle.

"Its ok, it looks great!"

"Meh, troublesome. I hope she'll like a piece of junk like this." he nudged it with his foot.

"You know Shikamaru…I think its really sweet that you'll do something like this for your family. Not to mention that your great with your hands, I would've thought it was bought instead of manmade." she said with a smile.

"Yeah, well…" he responded with a blush that he quickly tried to hide by looking at the clouds.

Shikamaru almost jumped out of his skin when he felt two soft lips connect with his cheek.

Looking to her in shock, expecting for her to laugh in his face or have a lopsided grin, but she didn't. She wore a kind smile.

"That's what you get for using your energy, and being totally awesome towards your family." she said in her cocky tone once more…she thought he should feel as if he won a prize…but he did feel that way.

When she kissed him…it was unlike the ones he received from his mother. No. Ino was different.

"Heh, maybe I should become a carpenter."

A/N: Omg, can you say corny! Wow, this was my first Shika x Ino story plus my first try at a Naruto coupling. Hoped you liked it…even if it was corny :P