Title: End of the Beginning


Shikamaru Nara x Ino Yamanaka

Theme: #30 - kiss

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Ino Yamanaka was 19 years old. She had accomplished many things that not many had. She was head of the ANBU interrogation squad but most of all she was the girlfriend of the smartest Jounin in all of Konohagakure, Shikamaru Nara. Known as "The perfect Beauty" to many. Shikamaru and Ino had bought a house on the outskirts of the woods of Konohagakure where they were currently residing.

She had loved her boyfriend dearly. Being together for almost three years now she wondered how their lives with each other would ever turn out. Every time she brought up the subject of marriage he quickly changed it. She guessed that he felt pressured or cornered.

However she knew that she had to press it one day or another. She tried so today…and it ended in a fight. She now was sitting in front of the T.V with a tub of Moose Tracks ice-cream (1), hair out of the original pony tail as she watched an old romance movie. The only thing she could do instead of cry.

She couldn't go to Sakura with this fight, for she felt she's gone to her for help one time to many. Hinata wouldn't know what to do in a situation like this since Naruto never questions her and vise-versa. If she were go to Tenten with this matter…she might not have a boyfriend. Shaking her head she sighed.

"Oh I can't think about this right now…I'll think about it tomorrow."

Ino glared at the T.V. Damn old movies and their timing. She remembered how upset Shikamaru had gotten at her.

Flash Back+++

Watching him do dishes was something else. Constantly mumbling to himself about how it was 'unbelievable' or 'troublesome'. Ino wondered if he knew that he made little faces along with ever word he gritted between his teeth. Surely he hated doing such a task. A comment about 'a woman's job' landed him doing them for the night.

Ino looked down into her hands at the magazine for KINGS JEWLERS. Looking at the rings with longing, wishing that one day she would be able to wear one with pride. She sighed. It was now or never.

"Shikamaru?" she asked while taking a sip of water.

"Hmn? What is it Ino?" looking up from the sudsy hell.

"When…When are we going to get married?" at this he dropped the glass that was in his slippery grip. Surely he wasn't expecting such a forthright question.

"Tch, in a 9 more years we'll be legally married…" they had been living together for only a year.

"Shikamaru! I don't want that kind of marriage! I want…flowers and a hall! I want my friends and family to be there for it."

"Okay on the 10th year we'll invite them over and-" hearing her sigh in agitation was enough to make him stop.

"Whats wrong?" he asked now drying his hands.

"Nothing…" she mumbled as she rested her head on her fist and continued to go through the catalog.

"Something's gotta be."

"Its just…if you didn't want to marry me that's all you had to say."

"What? I never-"

"Your always avoiding the subject! What is it? What am I doing wrong that you shy away from it."

"Acting like this maybe…"

"I'm acting like this because you're a coward!" her words cut deeper than a sword. Doing nothing but cutting into Shikamaru's pride

"Ino I'm-"

"Just stop. Not another word about it."

"Oh? How about three? I am leaving." And with that he tore off towards the living room.

"Shika-!" the slamming door caught off her sentence.

End of Flash back+++

Sighing for what seemed like that billionth time that day she debated if she was in the wrong. But seriously though! If Shikamaru really didn't want to get married that's all he really had to say, and she wouldn't have pressed the issue much further. Never had he been so angry with her…it almost scared her.

All Ino Yamanaka could do is curl into a ball and cry. Cry for she would never get the husband she wanted so badly. Cry because the ice-cream was all gone and no more to comfort her. Cry because she hurt the man she loved. It wasn't in her intentions to hurt him…none in the least.

What if he didn't come back? 'Oh? How about three? I am leaving.' Echoed through her mind. What if he didn't return to her like he had over the five years they were together? Just the thought of it made her cry even more.

Then brought the question in her mind…how would she raise a baby by herself? She hadn't told Shikamaru yet…but she was two months pregnant. If he didn't return to her…if he wasn't there…Would he react the same way with the baby as he did about the marriage?

Sobs wracked her lithe body. Cramps formed in her stomach just above the slight swell that had formed over the last week. She couldn't loose him…not now…she loved him to much! She didn't need marriage if it was to much for him. Just the thought of being near him and spending time with him was enough for her.

Just as she was at the core of her sorrow her cell phone rang. Picking it up she saw she had a text…from an unknown user.

'Open your door'

What? Who was this? What did they want?

Getting up she sniffled the ever running snot that insisted of coming out. She slowly opened the door and peeked behind it. She saw nothing but the falling February snow. Her cell rang again. Another text.

'Look down'

For reasons unknown to herself she did as she was told. She looked down, and to her surprise there was a rose petal…lots of rose petals. And they looked so amazingly beautiful with the moonlight illuminating the snow underneath them. Reaching down she picked up one of the velvety crimson petals. She realized that the rose petals lead to some kind of trail. Another text came in with her realization.

'Follow the trail'

She didn't know why she kept on listening to this mysterious texter but she did…and willingly to. Hugging her dark purple sweater to her small frame she followed the roses, through the snow, through the darkness of the woods. As she followed them she realized there was a light blaze able to be seen. She rounded a bend and gasped at what she saw.

What the rose petals had led her to was beautiful! Numerous red candles were lit, in the shape of a heart. She looked at it in awe…how she always loved candles…With her staring she realized there was a little pillow inside the heart of fire. A box on top of it with a piece of paper. Curiosity getting the better of her. Carefully stepping over the candles into the ring she first picked up the note.

Could it be that I feel so all alone

Its you thats driving me mad

You wont leave me alone

You have touched my soul

Now hear me

Could it be that you feel so all alone?

If its me thats driving you mad

I'm sorry my love

For I never meant to cause you distress

You the one who's been with me through all the madness and strife

Now its time for me to ask you

The note stopped there…who was this to? Reaching down she picked up the black velvet box the note was atop. Opening it she gasped yet again. There before her was a ring she could only dream about. Platinum and silver intertwined with a vine like effect, coming up to hold a deep purple amethyst. Before she could touch it her phone rang again. Looking at it she paled at what it said

'Turn around'

Shooting up from her position she whirled around and almost screamed as she came face to face with Shikamaru, unknowingly she dropped the box. He bent down and took the ring out of the box. Twirling it around between his thumb and index finger he looked at her with anticipation. Ino knew what was coming…she could feel the tears brimming already.

"Ino…" he started. Making sure he had her attention.

"Y-yes?" she was crying already

"Will you…be my wife?" he looked so worried and excited mixed into one.

Ino couldn't talk…she was to choked up. Just when she thought she would have lost him…he came to her! All she could do is nod vigorously while the tears splashed out. If that wasn't enough, the moment he placed the ring on her finger she couldn't help but let a sob of happiness out.

Shikamaru reached up to wipe a tear away. Ino looked up and before he knew it she tackled him into the snow with a hug. He's never seen her so happy before. He could hear her whispering 'yes' while kissing his cheek over and over. All Shikamaru could do is just hold her to him. He knew what she had thought…never would he leave her. He waited to long to have her and now that he did…he wouldn't let her slip away. No, he was going to treasure her, lavish her. For now she was his.

"Oh! S-Shikamaru…" she looked down and blushed.

"Hmn? What is it?"

"Um…I have something to tell you…"

"Well? What could it possibly be that you're having a hard time telling me?"

"Something…uh…very life changing?"

"Ino…just spit it out."

"Okay okay! Oh goodness gracious how do I say this…We're…we're going to be parents! There! I said it!" with this Shikamaru looked at her and smiled.

"What?" he acted like he didn't hear her right!

"We're going to be parents…" his face paled at first. For a whole minute he just sat there wide eyed. Then he looked up at her with compassion. It was his turn to tackle her.

"That's wonderful! Oh Ino that's just…!" instead of finding the words to use he just showed her. A kiss that was a mixture of passion, compassion, fire, love, and joy.

Picking her up bridal style as he felt a shiver pass through her body of both pleasure and due to the harsh cold. Her scent made its way up to his nose. The smell of lavenders and vanilla. That smell had forever calmed him. Looking down at her he noticed then how stunning she looked. Her hair was cascaded around her face and body and it was illuminated from the moon making her look angelic. Azure eyes that were slightly red from crying looked so deeply into him, those perfect pink lips that were just beckoning for him. Grinning before crushing his lips to hers. He began the walk back to their cozy little home, soon to be inhabited by his own child. Smiling to himself as he looked down at her again.

Oh yes. She was forever his.

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