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Wake up

The Longest Journey


See how we are…


Two years had passed since the Dreamer had been thrown to business and there isn't anybody who is not connected to this or not already addicted, but however people started to wonder, where some people gone.

Such as Zoe Castillo or April Ryan, though they were not important celebrities, a secret, undetectable website was created on the WIRE, by those who were friends with the two girls.

On the site people discuss their opinions and their solution to their weird "deaths". Some might even give a lead to those friends or to those who wish to find them, but it seems impossible.

Jericho's style of writing had changed from opposing society and looking behind of things such as JAVA or the Syndicate, people started not liking his articles since they become more like a new voice of advertisement for WATIcorp.

Since we are at WATIcorp, they pretty much sell the best entertainment in the world and with the dreamer in the shops they hit the stars.


The rebellion was crushed by the Azadi, those who were caught now either dead or waiting for their public execution, while the skies grow darker and the Six waiting for the cleansing of the Goddess.

The most important people who survived the rebellion are Kian, Brynn and Chuwan.

People in the ghettos arew more afraid than ever, there are nore raids, more killing, more homelessness and less food, people there are either escaping back to their homeland or just anywhere better.

"The Undreaming is coming"

Let us see how the Longest Journey, becomes the Never Ending Story!

End of Chapter.

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