-Before The Big Bang-

Hotstreak sat at his desk in his algebra class in the back corner with his head down. He wasn't asleep however. How could he sleep when his teacher has the most irritating voice ever? Her high shrieking voice that could shatter glass.

He kept changing the position of his head trying to find a comfortable position. Each time he looked forward he found himself staring at the back of Richie's head. He groaned and looked away.

"Why do I suddenly feel so angry?"



Hotstreak shot his head up and looked at the teacher. She glared at him. "Obviously you already know all you need to know about math considering you always seem to have time to fall asleep in my class."

"I wasn't sleeping! I just had my head down!"

Richie in front snickered.. "I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you, blondie." Richie's eyes widened with fear and remained quiet. Suddenly the bell rang. Hotstreak leaned back in his chair and sighed in relief. Saved by the bell. He avoided yet another lecture from his algebra teacher.

Everyone in the classroom left leaving only Richie who was still gathering up his books and Hotstreak who was relaxing in his seat. As Richie got up, so did Hotstreak. Only to have his books slapped out of his hands and then shoved on the ground by the tall red head.

Richie's glasses fell off his face as he was shoved. He looked up at Hotsteak and glared at him. "What was that for!"

Hotstreak spit on the floor. "Laugh at me again and you're finished." And with that he left.

Richie picked up his glasses and put them back on. "What an asshole..."

The red haired teen walked down the hall and made his way to the front exit. "Fuck this, I don't feel like being here today. I'm going home."

He walked outside and continued down the street listening to his ipod. He sang along to the songs in his head as he walked.

He later arrived home. "Yo pops I'm home." Hotstreak walked into his house and saw his father passed out on the couch shirtless, his jeans undone and soaked with booze. He walked over to his father and grabbed the bottles of vodka and gin from the coffee table and poured them down the sink then placed them back on the table.

His father may have been a drunkard but he is actually a nice person. He took care of Hotstreak when his mother walked out on them. However there are times Hotstreak wishes his father would just disappear like his mom did.

He walked upstairs to his room and connected his ipod to his speakers and blasted his music as loud as it possibly can. He tossed his thin napsack across the room and layed on his bed with his legs apart, his knees up and hands behind his head. He looked at the ceiling thinking about random things that crossed his mind.

Hotstreak then started feeling him self getting aroused. Hotstreak grunted a little bit and slipped his left hand down his pants and started stroking his hard member.

He thrusted his hips up a little bit and made slight moans. He started stroking faster and then came. Hotstreak shut his eyes and moaned in pleasure.

He pulled his cum-covered hand and licked it off. His body was sweating a excessively and was he breathing heavily. "Dammit that felt good..."

Hotstreak still felt hard. "What the hell? My dick is still hard? Damn, I'm horny today." Hotstreak undid his pants and pulled out his eight inch cock. He began jerking off again only this time it felt better than the previous round.

"Nnn... Dammit... Feel's so fucking good... Unnn..."

Just as he was about to cum, the thought of Richie came into his mind at that point Hotstreak shot his load all over his shirt. His climax was more powerful than ever when the thought of Richie came in. Hotstreak sat up fast breathing fast and freaked out. "WHAT THE FUCK!"

Hotstreak took off his shirt revealing his muscular and toned body and threw it on the floor.

"What the hell was that about?"