Kim and Tommy stood in the doorway of one of the rooms in their house. They were watching the sleeping form of their newborn daughter as her chest peacefully rose up and down. They stood there in silence, arms around each other, listening to her breathing.

Five years had passed since Tommy and Kimberly's wedding. The eighteen rangers and Hayley kept their promise to each other and continued to see each other more often than they had in the past. They visited each other for holidays and for any other vacations and special occasions. Though their lives grew more busier, they still made time to see each other.

"We should get some sleep, Beautiful," whispered Tommy. "Everyone's in town and they're gonna want to be here early to see the baby." He kissed the top of her head. "And Jason and Hayley are probably gonna be over first thing in the morning."

Kim smiled and rolled her eyes. "And they were with us at the hospital."

Shortly after Tommy and Kim's wedding, Jason decided to move back to California. He settled in Reefside, claiming he wanted to be near his friends and in short distance to spoil any children that may come. Hayley and Kim grew to be the best of friends and saw each other every day. Hayley and Jason also grew closer and got married a year before Tommy and Kim's daughter was born. They were named the baby's godparents and Kim was Hayley's matron of honor while Tommy was Jason's best man.

Kim walked toward the crib and looked down at her sleeping daughter. She looked back at Tommy. "Hey, look. Look at this."

Tommy walked next to Kim and looked down. "Amazing," he said.

They both stared down at the pink and white glow that surrounded the baby and seemed to be emanating from her heart. They watched as the spirit of the Crane and the Falcon flew around her, noticing another bird flying with them.

Kim looked at Tommy expectantly. "A phoenix, I think," he said. "One of the most powerful beings in the universe. It has tears of healing." Kim looked down at her child and smiled. Tommy took her by the hand and led her out of the room after making sure the baby monitor was on. "Come on, let's get some sleep before she wakes up again."

Kim awoke to her phone ringing. "Rise and shine, little sister, big bro and Hayley are on our way over," yelled Jason's voice over the telephone.

Kim groaned as she sat up groggily to answer him. "Where are you guys?"

"We're outside."

"I thought you said you were on your way over," said Kim as she got out of bed and pulled on a robe. She looked at Tommy who had just woken up and pointed downstairs. Before leaving the room, she pointed to Tommy and in the direction of the baby's room.

"I know, I lied. Hayley thought it would be a better idea to call first, even though I wanted to come right in with this super cool spare key that you guys gave me to your house."

"Jason, that would've been rude." Kim laughed as she heard Hayley next to him.

"I'm almost to the door," she said. "How nice to see you guys!" Kim said as she opened the door and saw Jason and Hayley standing there. "Even though it's only been how long? Less than twelve hours?"

Hayley laughed as she hugged Kim. "Sorry it's pretty early. This one--" she cocked her head to Jason, "wanted to get here early."

"What?" said Jason. "You guys need help getting everything ready."

"We're not even meeting everyone here," said Kim. "We're all going to Hayley's later on." She turned to Hayley. "Thanks again."

"No problem," answered Hayley. "Anything for my little goddaughter. Speaking of, where is she?"

"Right here," said Tommy, walking into the living room, holding the baby.

"Oh, there she is!" Hayley walked over to Tommy and took her into her arms.

"She just needs to be burped."

Hayley nodded and began rubbing and patting the baby's back.

Jason looked at Kim. "You should start getting ready. Look at the time."

Kim's eyes followed Jason's finger to the clock and widened at the time. "I've got to shower!" she exclaimed and turned to kiss the baby before running back up the stairs.

Jason and Tommy sat down on the couch next to one another. Tommy looked at Jason and nodded over to Hayley and the baby. "What?" asked Jason.

Tommy raised an eyebrow. "I want some nieces and nephews to spoil."

Jason smiled and laughed. "Someday."

Jason and Tommy remained the best of friends. After Jason moved down to Reefside, he and Tommy opened and managed their own dojo. Tommy, also being a full-time science teacher, was only able to come by half the time, but Jason usually had everything under control.

Tommy glanced at Hayley and the baby again. "Something weird happened last night, this morning, one of those."

"Good weird or bad weird?"

"Good weird." Tommy looked at Jason again. "Really good weird." He pointed to the baby. "She started glowing pink and white and the Crane and the Falcon were flying around her, with another bird." Jason raised an eyebrow. "A phoenix."

"Phoenix, huh?" said Jason. "From what Harry Potter told me, Fawkes can carry a lot of weight and they have extraordinary healing powers in their tears."

Tommy looked at Jason and laughed. "Yeah, that's what I told Kim too."

"Just wait until she finally gets around to reading those books too." Tommy and Jason laughed.

"I'm going to get her changed and ready," said Hayley.

Tommy nodded. "Thanks Hayley, Kim'll really appreciate it."

She glared at him. "And you won't?"

"Hayley, Kim won't let me near her dresses if it involves my picking out what she wears. I think she trusts your judgment a lot more."

Hayley laughed as she went up the stairs, holding the baby. "That's cuz all you'll dress her in is green, white, red, and black!"

"Ooh, let me see her!" exclaimed Kira as she ran into the cafe. She ran to Tommy and Kim and gave them each a hug and a kiss and leaned over them to look into the bassinet that they brought along. "She's so cute!" Kira began to play with her. "And what are you gonna be when you grow up? White? Pink? Or yellow like Aunt Kira?" She leaned into the bassinet and started whispering, "yellow, yellow, yellow!"

Trent shook his head as he followed Kira. "She's gonna be white. Right, Dr. Z?" He grinned as he gave Tommy and Kim a hug. "It's nice to see you guys again!" Tommy smiled at the nickname. It's been about five years and the nickname still hasn't ceased.

"How are you, Trent?" asked Kim. "How's the art show going?"

"It's good," he answered. "I'm opening another gallery in New York City soon, so Kira and I will finally get a chance to have an actual relationship as opposed to a long distance one."

Kira stood up from the bassinet and walked over and hugged Trent. "You guys have to come to one of my shows."

"How's a singer's life, Kira?" asked Tommy.

"Tiring. But I'm doing what I love and that's what matters." She looked around at all the other people in the cafe. "And I still get to see you guys all the time, so I'm glad."

After graduation, Kira, Trent, Conner, and Ethan went their separate ways. The four of them vowed to keep in touch with each other and the other rangers, all of whom had come back to Reefside for the graduation ceremony. Tommy gladly noted that they did a better job at keeping in touch than he and his high school mates did. Kira moved to New York, looking to break out in the music business. After a hard couple of years, she finally landed a record deal with a minor company, but was really happy since she didn't have to change what she was really about. Trent went to art college in Los Angeles and soon became one of the most celebrated artists. He painted and even made comic books in his spare time. Kira and Trent began dating shortly after graduation. Conner became a soccer star at UCLA. He went back to Reefside during the offseason and summer breaks and opened a whole bunch of soccer camps across southern California. He was looking to expand over the entire United States. Ethan went to college and developed numerous computer programs. He was in constant communication with Billy who helped him out with all his knowledge of the Aquitan systems.

Tommy laughed as he saw Conner and Ethan arguing over something.

"Aisha!" exclaimed Kim. "I'm so glad you're here!"

"Of course, girl!" replied Aisha. "I would not miss seeing the first ranger baby. Especially with two of my very best friends."

Adam rolled his eyes as he followed Aisha. He turned to Tommy, Rocky, and Jason. "Every time we all see each other, those two act as if they've never seen each other for how many years and talked for how many days." They laughed. "It is really good to see you guys, though!" Adam hugged each of them.

After Aisha moved back to Angel Grove, Adam moved back there from LA. They got married a couple years after Tommy and Kim and opened a veterinary clinic for Aisha. Adam opened his own dojo in Angel Grove and when Rocky moved back from New York, he helped manage them.

Rocky looked around. Kim, Aisha, and Hayley pointed to the bar. Rocky followed their fingers and his eyes rested on the food there. He smiled at them. "You guys read my mind." He walked over to the bar.

"This place needs some music," Zack said. He looked around and turned on the stereo. Zack was still working at the United Nations, but still managed to see his old friends at every chance he got. "Hey Billy, come here!"

While on Aquitar, Billy developed a teleportation machine that enabled him to travel to and from Earth whenever everyone got together. Fortunately, this also enabled everyone else to travel to Aquitar also. Ethan was especially excited and couldn't wait to see the Alien Rangers and this planet.

Billy looked around. "You know, traveling to and from Aquitar has really developed. No longer is there that slight ringing in my ears."

Zack shook his head and grinned at Billy. "You must really love us to go through that each time you came back."

Ashley was holding the baby, and looked around for Andros. She glared at him for a moment and nodded down towards the baby and smiled. Andros' eyes widened. Ashley and Cassie laughed.

"Still the red space ranger, aren't you?" said Tommy.

"Yes!" answered Ashley. "I think he's got you beat, Tommy." Everyone laughed.

"No, I don't," said Andros. "I've only had one color in my whole time being a space ranger. And besides, Zhane's still one too. And so are all of you guys!"

"Hey, I'm just the protector," said Zhane as he took Karone's hand. "I don't go looking for trouble." Karone laughed and nodded at her brother.

"I don't look for trouble," protested Andros.

"And we're not active rangers anymore," added Carlos. He looked at Tommy. "Not even him." Tommy glared at him while everyone laughed.

Cassie, Carlos, and TJ stuck with their lives in Angel Grove. TJ often helped out at Adam's dojo, acting as a teacher for some of the classes. Carlos made the national soccer team and helped Conner set up the different soccer camps. Cassie helped out at Aisha's clinic whenever she had the time. Andros and Ashley also got married a year after Tommy and Kim. Everyone had traveled to KO-35 for the wedding. A sight to see. Sixteen people from earth on KO-35. Karone and Zhane got together shortly before that. She moved back to KO-35, not wanting to be left vulnerable to evil, and wanting to be with her brother and Zhane after being away from them for so long.

"Hey, you all still have your powers!" said Andros. "You guys could still morph." Everyone was laughing at Andros. He looked at Tommy for help.

"Sorry, man, you're on your own," said Tommy. "They just now got off my back, and even then, they still make fun of me all the time."

"Calm down," said Hayley. "Calm down, you all. Come on, all the food's ready now. In the words of our dear Rocky DeSantos, I'm hungry! Let's eat!"

Everyone laughed as they sat down. They pushed together a few tables to make room for everyone, like they did so long ago. Hayley, Ashley, Tommy, and Jason walked around, setting down platters of food. Everyone dug into the food.

Tommy reached over Rocky, filling up two plates of food. "Gosh, Tommy, and I thought I was hungry," he said with his mouth full.

Tommy furrowed his brows at Rocky and laughed. "One's for Kim, you doofus." He nodded toward Kim next to him, who was holding the baby on her shoulder. Kim started laughing. She set the baby down in the bassinet next to her.

She looked down at the table. Everyone was eating and making small conversation amongst themselves. She smiled, looking at her friends. Some of them she had known since she was a child, others since high school, others after high school, and others, she just met a mere five years ago. 'Has it just been five years?' she thought. Kim looked over at her daughter, at Tommy, and again down the table. 'I'm the luckiest person alive.' She smiled to herself and began to eat.

"So, Kim, Tommy, how'd you guys come up with the name?" asked Ashley.

"Well, when she was pregnant, I always said that I was gonna name my kid after Jason," answered Tommy.

"But when she was born," Kim gestured towards her daughter, "there was no way, my girl was gonna be named Jason." Everyone laughed. "So we decided on Hope Trini Oliver."

"Hope," repeated Andros.

"Yeah, that sounds about right," said Zhane.

"What?" said Ashley sharply.

"Well, you know how five years ago, you asked us if there was anything else to the cave scripts?" Everyone nodded slowly. "Well, we lied when we said there wasn't."

"Andros!" Ashley slapped his shoulder playfully. "What did it say?" Tommy and Kim looked at them, expectantly.

"Ow," said Andros, rubbing his shoulder. He looked at Tommy and Kim. "It also said that the first born of the Crane and the Falcon would be the Hope of the world if ever the need arises." He gestured towards the baby. "And you guys named her 'Hope', coincidentally."

"I think it's a little more than coincidence," said Zhane. "And she's the Phoenix, isn't she?"

Tommy and Kim smiled and nodded. "Now, is there anything else that we should know about the cave writings, Andros? Zhane?" asked Tommy.

"Would you want us to tell you?" responded Andros.

Tommy and Kim looked at each other. They smiled and shook their heads as they looked back at Andros. Andros nodded.

"Well, could you tell me?" asked Ashley.

"Me too!" added Aisha.

"And me!" said Jason. Andros laughed and shook his head.

"So, what is Hope gonna be when she grows up?" asked Conner. "Red, you think?"

"No," said Kira and Cassie simultaneously.

"Yellow," said Kira.

"Pink," said Cassie.

Kira and Cassie looked at each other.

"Yellow, her name's Trini."

"Pink, her mom's Kimberly."

"Red, I get to teach her the handshake," chimed in Conner. Tommy, Rocky, Jason, and TJ burst out laughing as Conner brought up the handshake again. Conner looked at them, confused. "What?" he asked. "You guys always start laughing whenever I bring the handshake up. You were the one that taught it to me."

TJ, Jason, Rocky, and Tommy continued laughing. "Nothing, Conner, man," said TJ between breaths. "You teach Hope that handshake."

Conner nodded, more sure of himself. "I will."

Everyone laughed again.

Seventeen years later, Hope stood in the kitchen of her house in Reefside. 'I'm so bored!' she thought. "Jason!" she yelled. Her fifteen-year-old brother came running into the kitchen.

"What's up, Hopie?"

"Where's mom and dad?" Jason shrugged and ran back out of the room to the living room. Hope sighed. They heard the doorbell ring. "Jase, get that!" She heard Jason groan as he walked back up to open the door.

"Hey guys!" She heard him say. Hope walked to the door.

She saw some of their best friends at the door. "Hey guys!" She said as she hugged each of them. "Tom, where's Uncle Jason and Aunt Hayley? I called them earlier to find out where our parents were, but they weren't answering."

Sixteen-year-old, Thomas Scott shrugged. "Mom and Dad said they were going with your parents up to Angel Grove because they had some business thing going on up there."

"A karate tournament?" asked Jason.

Ann, Thomas's twin sister shook her head. "They said it was some business dealing with Uncle Adam and Uncle Rocky's dojo. I think them, Dad, and Uncle Tommy are merging or something like that. But I thought they did that before."

Thomas shrugged. "We just came over to hang out since Mom and Dad weren't home. They said they'd be home in a couple hours."

Hope extended her arm into the house. "Come on in, amigos." The phone rang. "Hang on a minute, let me get that." She walked to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?"


"Yeah? Aunt Ashley?"

"Yes, are your parents there?"

"No, they've been gone for a couple hours now. I think they went with Uncle Jason and Aunt Hayley to Angel Grove for some business dealing or whatnot."

"Oh, okay, then. Thank you."

"Are you and Uncle Andros visiting?"

"Of course! We haven't seen you all in a few months."

"Okay, cool. Tell Meredith, Patrick, and Lexie that I said hi and see them soon."

"Will do, Hope. See you soon, Phoenix."

Hope smiled as she heard her nickname. She didn't understand where she got it, but she liked it. "Alright, Aunt Ashley. Uncle Zhane and Aunt Karone, too?"

"Yup. We'll all be there soon."

"Okay, see you soon. I'll tell my parents that you're looking for them, next time I talk to them."

"Alright, thank you. See you soon."

"Bye," said Hope as she hung up the phone.

"Who was that?" asked Jason.

"Aunt Ashley," answered Hope. Ann and Thomas turned around to look at her. "She said that they're all coming to visit soon and we'll see them and all that good stuff." Ann, Thomas, and Jason nodded. She turned to Ann and Thomas. "Uncle Jase and Aunt Hayles brought Lisa and Monica with them?"

Ann nodded. "Mom said that we could have the day off from babysitting. Thank God. I mean, Lisa's almost twelve years old. And Monica just turned nine. I'm glad it's just us without them."

Thomas was looking at the miniature replica of a tyrannosaurus skeleton on the counter. "I will never understand why your dad always forbade us to touch this."

"Me neither," said Jason. "Usually Mom and Dad keep it underneath some glass case that Hopie and I couldn't take off. I wonder why they took it off."

"Mom was cleaning it," said Hope. She pointed to the sink. "She must have forgotten to put it back on."

"Too bad we're not six years old again," said Ann. "Maybe it would interest us more like it did before." Hope, Ann, Thomas, and Jason laughed.

Jason looked at the skeleton again. "I used to always want to play with it, but Dad never let me." He put his hand on the head of the tyrannosaurus. The floor of the kitchen began to open, leading into a secret lair underneath the house. "Whoa."

"Well, now we know why Uncle Tommy never let you play with it, Jase," said Ann.

Hope looked at them and then back down into the lair. "Let's go." She led the way into the basement, with Ann, Thomas, and Jason following. "Whoa," she said, looking around.

A thick layer of dust covered everything. There were computers all around, but they looked like they haven't been touched in a long time. The couches were covered with white sheets. Ann, the computer wiz of the four, made a beeline to the main computer and sat down. She looked around for a rag and saw a small sheet that she used to wipe all the dust off the screen, keyboard, and desk. "Still works!" she exclaimed. Ann typed a few things, looking around at the files on the computer. "Hmm, what's this?" she said aloud as she double-clicked. A video file opened and Tommy's face showed up on the screen. "Hey, look at this, guys!" She turned around to the other three. "Uncle Tommy's made some sort of video file."

Hope, Thomas, and Jason gathered around Ann at the computer. "Play it," said Hope. Ann nodded and proceeded to play the video. She looked around for the volume and turned it up.

"I'm Tommy Oliver and if you're not me, then something is seriously wrong." The teenagers looked at each other with wide eyes and then back at the screen. "This video diary is a confidential record. Only to be viewed in case of an emergency."

"Something wrong with Mom and Dad?" said Jason.

Hope shook his head. "No, they can't be." She looked at Ann. "Keep playing."

"And what you're about to see, is a history of my life."

"A history of Uncle Tommy's life?" said Thomas. He looked at Jason and Hope. "Can't be that interesting. Your dad's a science teacher." Hope and Jason nodded and giggled.

"My history as a Power Ranger."

"WHAT?" yelled Hope. The four teenagers looked at each other in wide-eyed excitement. They had heard of the Power Rangers, though they haven't been seen in about twenty years. There was nothing left for the Rangers to fight. The teenagers had heard about the Power Rangers, by studying them in history. She recalled her father reading over her history assignment in amusement. He read parts of it out loud to her mother, who laughed. It was about the Power Rangers in Angel Grove.

"My story begins in Angel Grove, when five teenagers with attitude were recruited to fight the evil space sorceress, Rita Repulsa."

"That's Dad and Aunt Kim!" yelled Ann as she paused the video and pointed to the screen.

"Mom and Dad were Power Rangers?" said Hope.

"Dad was a Power Ranger?" said Thomas. "Keep playing it, Annie."

Ann pressed play. "Uncle Zack, Uncle Billy," the four of them said in unison.

"Intergalactic being, Zordon?" said Jason. "Do they mean Grandpa Zordon?"

Thomas nodded with wide eyes. "I think so."

The four teenagers burst out laughing. "Look at Dad's hair!"

"He had a mullet!" exclaimed Thomas in between .

"Mom still looks the same," said Hope. They all gathered closer around the computer. "Evil green ranger? Dad?"

"Aunt Kim and Uncle Tommy were together since high school? Man," said Thomas.

"Aw, he lost his powers," said Ann.

"No, he got it back!" exclaimed Jason, excitedly. "White."

"Hey, Uncle Rocky, Uncle Adam, and Aunt Aisha," said Hope. "And Uncle Jase and Uncle Zack left."

The teenagers started laughing again. "Dude, your dad had hair longer than your mom!" exclaimed Thomas.

"Ninjas, too?" said Ann.

"Mom left?" said Hope. "Katherine? I think I've heard Mom and Dad talk about her."

"Now Dad's red," said Jason. "And Uncle Jase is gold!"

"Uncle TJ, Aunt Cassie, Aunt Ashley, and Uncle Carlos!" exclaimed Ann. "Uncle Tom's not a Power Ranger anymore."

"What are you guys doing down here?" A voiced laced with anger was heard from behind them.

The teenagers' eyes widened. "Uh-oh," whispered Jason. They all turned around, facing Tommy, Kim, and Jason.

"I asked a question," said Tommy. He looked angry. "What are you guys doing down here? You all know you weren't allowed to touch that skeleton, meaning that you guys weren't allowed to come down here."

"Dad...I thought you guys weren't gonna be home from for another few hours," said Hope.

"I asked a question and I want an answer." He looked at each of them deep in their eyes. "What are you guys doing down here?"

"It said you were in trouble and we wanted to help?" started Ann.

"Finding out why you always wear red, green, and white?" said Jason. "And still trying to figure out the black?"

"Laughing at your hair in high school?" said Thomas.

"Finding out that you guys were all Power Rangers?" said Hope.

Tommy looked at each of them, a menacing glare in his eyes. Kim looked angry, though she smiled. She walked forward and looked at Tommy and Jason. "I think it's time to tell them." Jason shook his head. "Come on guys, the four of them are about the age we were when we became rangers. They should know their history. And why we're all such good friends." She went and took a sheet off of the couch and sat down and motioned for the four teenagers to follow. They walked cautiously around their fathers and joined Kim. Kim glared at Jason and Tommy. "They already found out, we might as well tell them the whole story. That video only goes up to Kira, Ethan, and Conner."

"Aunt Kira, Uncle Ethan, and Uncle Conner, too?" asked Ann.

Kim nodded. "And your Uncle Trent."

Tommy sighed and looked at Jason. Jason returned his gaze and said, "I guess I'll go tell Hayley what's up." He ran upstairs and returned a short time later. Tommy looked at him. "The girls are watching tv."

Kim waited until Jason sat down. She looked at Hope, Ann, Jason, and Thomas. "Well, what do you guys want to know?"

Three of them were silent while Thomas blurted out, "I wanna know why Uncle Tommy thought his hair was cool." He looked at his namesake and laughed.

Tommy glared at him with a hint of a smile. "It was the style then."

"Well, how'd it start?" asked Hope.

Kim looked at Jason, who nodded. "There was this big earthquake one day..."

The End

Thank you to all those who stuck with reading this. I've really enjoyed writing it and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Please, tell me what you think!