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Sheeta and Pazu had never felt so tired.

They had been in the air for weeks, maybe even months. Their quest for Laputa was a nonstop job, and Dola certainly had not given them any time off.

But now… they were so close. All Pazu had to do was maneuver through this terrifying lightning storm, and their journey would be complete.

As they broke through the final cloud layer, a wondrous sight greeted their eyes. A huge building floated in the sky before them, bigger than anything they had ever seen before.

Pazu glanced at Sheeta, "I didn't think Laputa looked like that, but I guess it's the right one."

They flew up to it, crash-landing on a hard surface outside the doors. They walked through doors that mysteriously opened when they drew near.

As they entered, a man with a creepy smile came up to them, "Hi. I'm Bob. Welcome to Walmart."

Author's note: This is a completely random thing that me and my friend came up with one night. No relation to any real-life stuff, except that we have seriously overactive imaginations.