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Chapter One

"Lizzy" a shrill voice screamed up the stairs, cutting through the morning stillness. "Lizzy, wake up this instant, Jane, Lydia, and Kitty are already awake. Lizzy!"

Elizabeth Bennet groaned into the pillow, her messy auburn hair tangled around her head. "Okay mother, I'm up, I'm up. I'm just gonna go take a shower." She yelled.

"Well hurry up. We have new boarders coming today. They are very rich and I know my Jane will snag one." Mrs. Bennet crowed happily.

"If their so rich than why are they staying here? Also if you know Jane is going to snag one why should I be there." called Lizzy as she shoved down the covers and forced her legs over the side of the bed.

"Even though I know you will not get one of them to fall in love with you, it will make a good impression if we are all there. As for the rich par..." Mrs. Bennet was cut off by the sound of an upstairs door slamming and the shower turning on. "Ooo that girl, one of these days her plain looks and attitude will get her in trouble."

Jane sighed and shook her head at her mother's narrow mind.

Lizzy sighed happily as the hot water cascaded down her body. Her smile turned to a frown as she remembered what her mother had said.

"It's always dear Janey." She sneered, then sighed again less happily. "That's not fair." She chided herself. Her sisters were all perfect compared to her in her mother's eyes. Lizzy took after her father, in attitude and looks. Jane was tall and willowy with dark blonde hair and a personality to match her beautiful looks. Kitty and Lydia, both with white blonde hair and both of them were spoiled, boy-crazed brats. Lizzy had dark auburn fly away hair she, like Jane, was tall but had more curves, she looked soft but her sharp tongue and even sharper mind made you stay on your toes.

Lizzy groaned as she heard the doorbell ring downstairs. She stayed in the shower for another couple of minutes before stepping out and wrapping a towel around herself. She opened the door and bumped into a hard muscled chest. Lizzy stumbled and looked up into the most intense green eyes she had ever seen.

The man looked at her and said in an incredibly sexy British accent "Sorry miss, I didn't know there was anyone in there. Do you need any help?"

"Charles what are we doing here?" questioned an irritated mister William Darcy.

"Darcy we are going to our boarding house." Replied the happy red headed man.

"I know that, but what are we doing here?" he said disdainfully. "It looks like hick central."

"It's a small town that does not mean it is hick central." Charlie said.

"Ya, wel..."

"We are here." Charlie said excitedly.

Darcy looked up from the street sharply. A large Victorian style house loomed in front of him, blocking out the sun's rays. Darcy unconsciously ran his hand through his sexily messed up black hair, staring up at their boarding house in awe.

"It's okay I suppose." Sighed Darcy indifferently. "It is definitely not hick central."

" See I knew you would like it here. It reminds me of Pemberly and it's so close to the school too. We can almost walk to it."

Charles smiled and rang the doorbell. They stood there and listened as the sound of the bell echoed throughout the house. Suddenly the door swung open and a middle aged woman wearing a white sundress, which did nothing to hide her ample figure(means she's fat), shooed them through the door.

" Welcome, you must be William Darcy and Charles Bingley." She said all the while steering to what he thought was the living room. As Darcy walked through the door the first thing he noticed were the three girls on the couch, one reading and the other two giggling incessantly. " These are my daughters Lydia," One of the giggling girls waved briefly before going talk to her look alike, " her twin is Kitty." Said Mrs. Bennet referring to the other giggling girl. " and this is my darling Jane. My other daughter Lizzy is upstairs." Darcy looked around at the two blonde girls that kept starring at him and the other darker blonde girl starring at Charlie and realized he desperately needed to escape.

Darcy cleared his throat and asked, "Mrs. Bennet where is your bathroom?" 'Please be away from here' I thought despretatly.

" Upstairs and to the right." she replied while staring at him like he was a piece of meet 'or a free bank account'. He quickly excused himself and raced up the stairs. He saw the door she had mentioned, when it opened by itself. He felt a soft body slam against his and as he looked down he saw the most beautiful being in the entire world. As he stared down into molten chocolate he realized first, that the chocolate was her eyes and second, that she was staring at him the same way he was staring at her.

"Sorry miss, I didn't know anyone was in there. Do you need any help?"He asked his voice husky.