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Chapter 11

Lizzy's POV

Lizzy stared at him for a long second before stammering out some ridiculous reply and turning back to Lisa. "Thank you some much for putting such thought in to everything. If you're around I'm sure I will enjoy my stay here." Lizzy tried not to glance at Darcy when she said this, instead keeping her eyes trained one Lisa smiling face.

"I'm glad you like it darling." She said smiling. Lizzy smiled back her and did not take her eyes off her as she gave Darcy a quick, motherly hug and strode down the hall. Once she disappeared from sight Lizzy gathered her courage and turned, smiling tightly, to look at Darcy.

He was looking at the spot where Lisa disappeared, a soft, affectionate smile playing across his lips. Lizzy gasped silently, the look on his face so different than any she had seen before. His full lips were quirked slightly and his bright eyes were sweet, even loving. His black hair flopped cutely over his forehead, and his usually hard face was endearing and almost, nice looking.

She gulped slightly and glanced down, clearing her throat quietly. Darcy returned his attention to her, his face thoughtful. "Elizabeth, Lizzy, I propose a truce. You know, just while we are here. After we leave you can go back to hating me. If you want to, of course. " He looked down, peering at her through his lashes. He slipped his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulder slightly. "Look I know I've been a royal prat but I need some help while here. Caroline will not leave me alone and it seems as though she already dislikes you so maybe if we spend more time together she'll leave me alone." He stared up at her sheepishly.

Lizzy looked unsure. From her brief encounter with Caroline she had already figured out that she was in fact a ruthless bitch that wouldn't stop till she got whatever she wanted. She wanted Darcy and Lizzy highly doubted that his less than appealing company would deter her. She shifted uncomfortably on her feet and tried not to glance at Darcy's earnest face.

"Look Darcy," Somehow his last name just seemed too impersonal at that moment. "William, I understand wanting to stay away from Caroline, I've only just met her and I want to be as far away as possible, " She saw slight hope light his eyes. "but," The hope dimmed and flickered away. Lizzy gulped. She couldn't just leave him hanging like that. "I don't think it will work. She'll be determined to get to you." He glanced down, his shoulders hunching just a bit more. Lizzy sighed. He looked so pathetic. He may be a jackass but, she decided, even he didn't deserve to suffer Caroline. "I will help you though. I may not be able to keep her completely off you but I will try to act like the best buffer possible. " She smiled softly, laughing quietly as his face split into a wide smile.

"Thank you!" He cried, slipping his strong arm tightly around her. "Thank you I promised I won't be such a bloody arse this time. " Lizzy gasped as his arms tightened around, trying desperately to ignore the way her skin sparked and tingled at the feel of his skin against hers. He twirled her around, before setting her down gently. He pulled back, smiling excitedly down at her. "Thank you.' He said again, quietly this time, staring intently into her face. Lizzy felt her cheeks warm and wanted to turn her gaze away from him but couldn't seem to pull her eyes away from his.

She heard his breath quicken, and shivered as his warmth washed over her face. He smelled like mint and cinnamon. She breathed deeply, taking his scent into her body. "I'm glad I could help." Her voice was shaky and maybe just a little bit husky, if she wanted to admit that to herself. He stared at her for a moment before pulling away. He shifted away from her, running his hand through his hair nervously.

"Umm…well I'll let you go explore your room and get ready for dinner." He smiled. "It usually starts around 7 so I'll come get you to show you to the kitchen around then." She nodded and quickly retreated into her room.

As soon as the door closed she sighed and leaned her head against the cool wood. He always made her so flustered. It seemed as though every moment she was with him was filled with heat and awkwardness. She shivered again as she recalled the way his breathe wafted over her cheeks and how deliciously tight his arms were around her.

'NO!' She admonished herself silently. 'Remember what he said, how much it hurt you. Don't let him in!' She shook her head, violently shaking loose any thought of William Darcy that might be floating around her mind. He was just so infuriating! She groaned banging her head against the door. She would have to put up with him while she was here so she might as well get on with it.

She gave the door one last hit, for good measure, before getting up and getting ready for dinner. She walked around her new room, running her fingers along the bright red, brocade duvet cover, gazing wonderingly at the light blue, gathered canopy above her four poster bed, and randomly opening all the doors. The first door was a large closet, complete with shoe rack and drawers. She frowned and closed it. It was a wonderful closet but it wasn't what she was looking for.

The next, and only other door, led to easily the most wonderful bathroom that Lizzy had ever seen. The bathroom had the same cream color on the walls as the bedroom, but, unlike the bedroom, the walls were trimmed in gold. The floor was deep crimson tile with sparsely placed blue rugs. There was a stand alone sink with gold faucets and an antique mirror hanging above it. In one corner there was a large marble, Jacuzzi tub, in the other a glass door, multiple head shower. Lizzy shivered just looking at it.

She sighed and glanced at her phone. 6:30. Not enough time to test the shower. Damnit. She sighed again, splashed some cold water, and left the bathroom to dig through her clothes. What would be the proper thing to where to dinner with people she barely knew? Lizzy pondered this before reaching in and grabbing a red cotton sundress with a green and white, swirled woman. She quickly slipped it on, put on a pair of white sandals and ventured, once again, into the bathroom. She did her make-up and pulled her hair back with a simple white headband.

She stared in the mirror and traced her cheekbones, her cheeks, the shape of her eyes, and the contours of her lips. She wasn't beautiful, at least not to her. Jane was beautiful. Model beautiful. Lizzy was just Lizzy. She shook her head, gazing intently in the mirror, watching as her eyes flickered with the different emotions she was feeling, and smiled. She may not be pure perfection but she was who she was and moping wasn't going to change that.

She left the bathroom and laid down on the bed, reveling in the softness of the cover. She could get used to this. Her eyes slid closed and a slow smile spread across her face. She wasn't even hungry. She could just sleep. Her breathing was slowing and her body relaxing. And, quickly, quietly, she slid into darkness.

Ten minutes later she was deeply asleep, so deep she didn't even feel the soft brush of Darcy's fingers following the same path hers had taking only a few minutes before.

Darcy's POV

He watched Lizzy's eyes widen and her mouth fall slightly open. She stared at him for a long moment and stammered. "Oh… um … thanks. I really do think it…. um…looks like me…" She trailed off and he smiled, deciding that he liked surprising her. It didn't give her time to scowl, or frown at him. He watched as she turned back to Lisa, his smile widening as he noticed the slight flush staining her cheeks.

He was too busy staring at her to hear her entire thank but he smiled when he heard the tail end of it. "….. in to everything. If you're around I'm sure I will enjoy my stay here." Will smiled. Perfectly polite. To everyone except him. This thought caused his smile to wilt slightly.

Lisa bid her good-byes to Lizzy and, seeing Will's forlorn expression, gave him a quick hug before making her exit down the hall. That brief touch made Will's slightly heartsick smile melt into something soft and sweet. Lisa was easily one of the best people Will had met in his entire life and she always knew what he needed and when he needed it. She was more than Charlie's housekeeper. She was like a second mother.

He heard Lizzy clear her throat slightly, pulling his attention away from memories of Lisa and back to the present. He looked at her for a moment, weighing the pros and cons of what he truly wanted to ask her. He needed a friend and if that meant resorting to begging he would do it.

"Elizabeth, Lizzy, I propose a truce. You know, just while we are here. After we leave you can go back to hating me. If you want to, of course. " He prayed she didn't but he knew that it wasn't likely. He hated asking people for help. It was the one thing that his father had truly instilled into his mind. Darcy's could only count on other Darcy's. He bit back a frustrated grunt before looking down and peering through his lashes at her face. She looked confused, slightly, maybe. Jesus, he didn't even know! He hunched his shoulders and slipped his hands into his pocket. He had to do this. He had to get these words out. If he didn't he would spend the entire trip to Charlie's house like he had spent all the others, fending off Caroline's outrageous advances. "Look I know I've been a royal prat but I need some help while here. Caroline will not leave me alone and it seems as though she already dislikes you so maybe if we spend more time together she'll leave me alone." He glanced up at her, silently hoping that she would say yes. She had no reason too but he was almost positive that her wonderful nature would win out in the end.

"Look Darcy, William," His heart thudded as she said his name. His first name. He felt the small spark of hope in his chest grow just a little bit more. "I understand wanting to stay away from Caroline, I've only just met her and I want to be as far away as possible, " He glanced at her. She had to know how much this meant to him. "but," With that one word any hope Will had felt was quickly diminished. He still stared at her. But he now felt the walls he had erected around himself close once more. "I don't think it will work. She'll be determined to get to you." He already knew that but maybe, just maybe, being around him will make Lizzy not want to let him go either. "I will help you though." Will jerked slightly. Had he heard her correctly? He hadn't just dreamed it? The rest of her words were a blur of meaningless sound as he felt his walls crumble just a little but more.

He felt a smile start to grow on his face. He glanced and her and he felt his heart swell at the light smile that was tingeing her lips. Unable to express his thanks completely with words he wrapped his arms around her, with a desperate, and wildly excited, "Thank You!" passing his lips.

He tightened his arms around her and picked her up off the floor, twirling in his happiness. "Thank you I promised I won't be such a bloody arse this time. " She felt light and perfect in his arms. His skin was heated and raw where ever it touched hers and he soon felt himself responding to that heat. He set her down gently; pulling away from an awkward, yet excited, smile playing across his lips. "Thank you." He said again. His voice was quiet now, husky and soft. This girl, woman just did the strangest things to him.

He stared into her eyes, her breath wafting over his face. He wanted to close his eyes and breathe in the scent. Vanilla, and something else, something uniquely Elizabeth Bennett. He wanted to bottle it up and keep it only for himself. He saw her shiver slightly and tried not to smile. Maybe he wasn't the only one affected by their proximity. "I'm glad I could help." The slight huskiness of her voice sent darts of fire through Will's blood. He pulled away from her quickly and glanced down, running his hands through his hair so she wouldn't notice the way lust had clouded his eyes.

"Umm…well I'll let you go explore your room and get ready for dinner." He smiled. "It usually starts around 7 so I'll come get you to show you to the kitchen around then." She nodded at him and rushed into her room, closing the door firmly behind her. Will sighed. He turned and went back to his room. So lost in his thoughts that he completely missed the strange banging noises coming from Lizzy's door.

He slipped inside his room closing the door softly behind him and threw himself on the bed. He stared up at the golden canopy and tried not to compare the color to the flecks in Lizzy's eyes. 'I'm completely and totally whipped by a girl who hates me more than anyone on Earth.' He frowned now that wasn't quite true. She certainly seemed to loathe Caroline even more than she loathed him.

He flipped over, burying his head in one of hi pillows. He just couldn't work her out. One second she was staring up at him with those wide brown eyes, her lips slightly parted and his body pressed intimately against hers, and the next she's smacking him and staring at him with complete disgust, the gold in those brown eyes flashing brightly. He groaned. Desired coursed hotly through his veins. The thought of her body pressing against his and the thought of those golden sparks flashing brought back the lust he felt shoot through him in the hallway. His pants tightened and he groaned again. A quick, cold, shower shouldn't cost him much time. He can be in and out and still have plenty of time to show Lizzy how to get to the dining room.

He got up, staggering over to his bathroom and going immediately to his shower. He turned the knob fully to cold, stripped and stepped into the freezing jets.

Ten minutes later he stepped out of the shower, his teeth chattering slightly but otherwise clean and erection free. He toweled off, shaking his black hair so violently water droplets splattered against almost every surface in the bathroom. He draped one towel around his waist, scrubbing another one through his hair to get rid of any drops he may have missed, and stepped out of the bathroom.

Once he was completely dry he slipped on a red, long-sleeve, button up shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He toweled his hair once more, just in case, before slipping on his shoes and walking over to Lizzy's room. He knocked softly on the wood. He waited a few minutes and did it again, hard this time.

"Lizzy?" He called, hoping his voice carried through the wood. "Lizzy I came to show where the dining room is." He glanced at his watch. "Lizzy it's almost seven, they will start without us, and if we don't get there before Caroline I'll most definitely be seated next to her." Still silence reigned from the other side of the door. Will sighed and firmly placed his hand on the doorknob, twisting and let himself in to her room.

He peaked his head around the door, once again calling out softly. "Lizzy." No answer. He sighed again and walked fully into the room. He glanced around the bathroom door was closed and the light was off and she wasn't at the desk. He turned to the bed and his breathe caught.

Lying on her back, once hand gently cupping her cheek while the relaxed on the blanket, was Lizzy. He held his breathe as he moved closer to her. Her legs were tangled up in the fold of the red dress she wore and her feet dangled off the end of the bed. Her body was curled slightly towards the doorway, as if she meant to get up but found herself to tired to move. He took another step toward her, silently commanding his feet, and the old floorboards to be quiet. Another step, and another, till soon he was standing at the edge of the bed, barely three inches from her peaceful face.

Her lashes lay across her smooth cheeks, small black fans against her soft, white skin. Her nose was smaller and her lips were fuller, he noticed now that he was given a chance to really study her face. He had time in the car on the way here but the angle was off. Now he could look as long as he wanted, or at least until someone came to find them for dinner.

Impulsively Will reached out and slid his fingers across her cheeks. Marveling at the shape of her mouth, the arch of her brow, the light tickle of her lashes. She was simply ….wonderful.

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