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Lonely Christmas

It was just the usual Christmas for Jack Spicer, and as usual he was spending it alone. His parents had business over the holiday, (I don't know if that's possible) so he was alone. He sighed as he looked around the empty lair. "Just anther Christmas for Jack Spicer evil boy genius" Jack said the enthusiasm drained from is voice. He flopped down in his chair, and began to rock back and forth on the hind legs of the chair.

The door to his lair swung open. He didn't fall out of his chair or even look up, which was a first. "Hey, Ash" Jack said with a heavy heart. Katnappe was surprised; Jack's excited idiocy had become something she counted on in an odd sort of way. She walked around and sat in the chair across from him, "what's wrong with you?" she asked trying not to sound like she cared. "What do you care?" he snorted. "I don't but I'm bored and curious" Katnappe said casually. Jack sighed, "Well, for one thing they canceled teenage mutant ninja turtles" she rolled her eyes, "and its Christmas and my parents won't be around for the third year in a row. So I'll be here by myself" Jack explained the lack of enthusiasm in his voice worried Katnappe. "Well you have to do two things. One, get over the ninja turtle cancellation and two stop acting so depressed. God, I'm going to regret this but I'll stay with you for Christmas" Katnappe said. "Really?" Jack said hopefully. "Yes" she said. "YAAAH!" he shouted leaping into the air his old enthusiasm returning. Katnappe rolled her eyes but smiled. "Come on we have to go decorate" Jack said grabbing Katnappe's hand and dragging her upstairs.


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