Separate Ways

"So the Tensaiga protected both of you?" Miroku asked. It was two days later and everyone was recovering slowly. Sesshomaru remained at the temple, they guessed for Rin's sake but mostly he stayed outside. Currently they were sitting in what once was a lovely garden under a tree.

"Yeah but…it also calmed me. I remained in full demon state but I didn't want to kill Sesshomaru. He gave me one of his looks and said 'wait'." They all smiled at his imitation of his brother. "So we waited until Danzaemon was done, until it was quiet. Sesshomaru took out his sword and blasted through the barrier, then I used my claws and we were free. You saw the rest."

"Well I'm just glad you two were able to work together and not end up killing each other. Do you two always have to fight each other before taking out the enemy?" Sango wanted to know.

Inuyasha shrugged as Kagome spoke. "I'm beginning to think of it as playing – two brothers rough-housing and showing off. You enjoy it don't you?" She slapped his arm.

He gave a half smirk, "Maybe."

The next day Rin found them in the same spot and gave each of them a circlet of flowers. "It's not enough but I wanted to give you these and thank you all for taking care of me. Lord Sesshomaru wants to leave today."

"Oh, okay. Do you feel alright? I can give you some medicine to take with you." Kagome reached for her backpack and got the medicine.

"Thanks again Kagome." Rin moved close to hug her neck. Sango and Miroku both got kisses on the cheek. Much to his embarrassment, Shippo got a big hug. Turning to Inuyasha, she gave him a hug and a kiss. "Lord Sesshomaru wants to talk to you before we leave."

Inuyasha's cheeks were a bit red as he nodded. Grabbing the little hand she held out, they walked around the temple to where Sesshomaru waited.

He watched them as the came towards him. Inuyasha was back in his kimono instead of that silly shirt from that girl's time. What were Inuyasha's plans? Would he join that girl in her own time after Naraku was gone? He called the girl's mother – mom and called that other time home as well. Mentally he shrugged, it didn't matter to him in the least but there was a small furrowing of his brow.

Inuyasha placed Rin on Ah-Un's back, "Be careful okay?"

"Okay, thanks Inuyasha." They smiled at each other then crossing his arms in his kimono he walked to his brother.

"So what's up? I know you're not going to say thank you." Throwing his brother a sly smile, Inuyasha said, "But you're welcome anyway."

Sesshomaru remained silent letting the comment pass. "You've changed Inuyasha. The woman, Kagome had something to do with it."

Inuyasha turned his face into the breeze, "Yeah, more than likely. My life is better than it used to be thanks to Kagome and my friends. Only thing missing is Naraku eliminated from our lives."

"Naraku is mine. He'll die by my hand."

"Yeah, yeah, so you keep saying. We're still going after him whether you're around or not. I too want to kill him – I have more reasons to than you, Sesshomaru. He tried to kill Rin and control you but he made Kikyo and I despise each other and both of us ended up dead. I won't give up on searching for or trying to kill him. If I find him first – I'll kill him. Just thought you should know."

Inuyasha looked calm but there was steel in his voice. His half-breed brother was growing up and becoming stronger. He was in fact growing more and more like father. Has he more of father in him than I do? Or does his strength come from that Kagome?

"Understood but know, I won't give up either."

"I didn't expect you to Sesshomaru. Take care of Rin; I'll see you on the battlefield." Inuyasha turned to go back to his friends and waved goodbye to Rin.

Sesshomaru's golden eyes followed his brother; there was reluctant admiration in them and a competiveness to surpass him. His next encounter with Inuyasha should be interesting. "Come." He spoke softly but Ah-Un heard and followed after his master.

"We're leaving Master Jaken, hurry up!"

"Oh, ho, ho! Wait for me!" As usual Jaken ran after them only to trip over his own feet. "Ow."

"Shippo! Shippo! Wake up Shippo!" Myoga bounced on his head.

"Huh? What? Oh, Myoga, you finally came back. Inuyasha gave up on you yesterday." Sesshomaru had left the day before.

"You were supposed to come back right after the battle Myoga! What if we had needed your medicines? We could have died!" Shippo stood and looked down at the flea.

Myoga had the grace to look sheepish. "I ran farther than I thought and when I tried to get back – it was so far! All the birds and animals had fled from the area so I couldn't catch a ride. Carrying all these herbs slowed me down! Honestly, that's why I'm late!" Myoga dropped his haul of herbs and looked around. He'd found Shippo alone in the main hall napping in the sun with Kirara. "Where's everyone?"

Shippo scratched his head; it seemed as if Myoga was telling the truth. He sat again and sighed. "Off kissing and whatever. Thankfully none of us were hurt badly but after a few days of rest, Sesshomaru took off and now Inuyasha and Kagome and Miroku and Sango are off doing things.

"Really?" Myoga grinned. He might have to do a little spying. "Miroku and Sango too? I thought she was still putting him off.
"I don't know, something changed. I've seen them holding hands and kissing and then today after Inuyasha and Kagome left, they did too."

"Yes, I must say you missed something. You're only a child, though. More than likely you wouldn't have noticed anything."

"At least I was here to miss something and not off hiding!" The two continued to bicker as Kirara yawned and curled up again to sleep.

They had wanted to be alone so Inuyasha carried Kagome away from the temple where they found a secluded little area by a waterfall. Stretched out on a blanket they held each other. A light spray of water touched them from time to time with the blowing of the wind.

"You're feeling better?" Inuyasha asked stroking her hip.

"Yes. I suppose we should get on our way too. I hate to leave, this is a nice spot to relax." Kagome listened to Inuyasha's heartbeat.

"We can come back. It's a nice private spot – forgotten. It'll be good to come back from time to time."

Kagome's head popped and she rested her chin on Inuyasha's chest. "There was something different between you and Sesshomaru this time. Maybe he's softening his attitude towards you."

"Not likely, he still wants me dead. It was just…we worked together to help Rin and then Danzaemon attacked all of us – it was just the situation, that's all." Truth was he'd actually felt closer to Sesshomaru than ever before – almost as if they were like regular brothers but he didn't want to get to used to that idea, that feeling because it probably wouldn't last.

Kagome could see him thinking. They had worked together and even their fight wasn't as serious as previous ones. It seemed like they were enjoying themselves. She wouldn't press him but hoped that one day the brothers would stop trying to kill each other.

"So we're here all alone in this beautiful spot and we're not going to make-out? You're not going to let Miroku show you up are you? Oh!" Kagome gasped then laughed when she found herself on her back and Inuyasha over her.

"Don't tell me you girls have been comparing us?" Inuyasha growled as he pulled off her shirt.

"Kind of, maybe – a little bit." She rose a bit so he could unclasp her bra.

"You know since I'm half demon, I've got more stamina than humans. I could hurt you." Inuyasha grinned wickedly as he removed her skirt.

Kagome's eyes were bright with anticipation; she didn't think she'd mind his extra stamina. No, not at all. "So you've got stamina but are you any good?" She teased.

Inuyasha slipped one long finger under the leg of her panties and felt the wetness. "If you don't know by now then you shouldn't be so ready for me." He teased her back.

Kagome opened her legs a bit more and arched her back asking for more of his touch. She got it then felt his mouth on her breast. Warm slivery white hair caressed her stomach and she couldn't stop her hands from burying themselves in it.

Inuyasha lifted his head to see her flushed face, lips opened to let out a soft moan. Kagome was so beautiful and she was all his. Smiling he leaned up and kissed her moist lips.

"I don't hear any complaints so far." He said nibbling on her lips.

"You've still got your clothes on Inuyasha." They both laughed and he stood to strip for her.

Kagome so enjoyed him stripping for her, to see that hard, lean body being revealed to her from the cloaking kimono. She sat up, curled her legs to one side and let her eyes take him in.

He used to blush but now he enjoyed her watching him. It just made him want her more. Inuyasha took off the last piece and stood proudly before her. Suddenly he felt a cold spray of water against his back and shivered. Turning back to Kagome he saw she was hiding her laugh behind her hand.

Grinning her stepped forward and scooped her into his arms. "Thought that was funny, huh? Why don't we see how you like it?"

Kagome squirmed in his arms but knew she was going to be dropped in the cold water. Standing next to the water, Inuyasha used his claws to rip apart her panties. She felt a thrill now that she was naked, then she was falling. Splash!

Inuyasha stood there laughing as Kagome sank then came up spitting water. She was adorable.

"Inuyasha! It's cold!" Kagome had goose bumps everywhere.

"Don't worry, I'm coming. You won't be cold for long." With a wicked smile he jumped in next to her.

Only the birds and animals were witness to their love play. Each moment was savored, every touch gave pleasure and love was shared. They enjoyed themselves for soon the hunt for Naraku would continue…

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