Title: The Sense of Taste
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Characters: General (Watanuki Kimihiro and Domeki Shizuka)
Prompt: 039. Taste
Word Count: 111
Rating: G
Summary: Domeki concerning his bento.
Author's Notes: Set somewhat after Volume 6.

Everyday without fail Watanuki brings Domeki a homemade bento. It always contains exactly what Domeki had asked for.

Despite Watanuki's repeated protests, shouted threats, and express refusals, he still makes what Domeki had insisted on getting. The bento tastes absolutely superb, of course (not that Domeki will ever tell Watanuki this). But this is not the reason Domeki feels, deep in his heart, secretly grateful. Domeki relishes every mouthful of these daily bento as the only real proof he has that Watanuki thinks of him as more than monster repellent. More than someone Watanuki is stuck with and tolerates due to hitsuzen.

Domeki appreciates these bento because they are confirmation of their friendship.