Title: It Wasn't Worth It
Fandom: xxxHOLiC
Characters: General (Kimihiro Watanuki)
Prompt: 032. Sunset
Word Count: 119
Rating: G
Summary: Normal people make Watanuki's life all the more miserable.
Author's Notes: This is a small drabble that just came to me. Un-betad.

Watanuki hated horror movies. Not because they scared him...shadows on the screen rarely gave off the same palpable menace of the spirits that haunted his everyday and tried to EAT him!
No, Watanuki hated the fans of horror movies. They always ended up in charge of organizing class events and they always arranged for seances or courage games in graveyards or abandoned houses. And Watanuki was the one who suffered, dealing with the supernatural creatures that his STUPID horror fan classmates couldn't see and, frankly, didn't really believe in.
By the time he started high school, Watanuki refused to participate in school events after sunset. Even when they weren't organized by horror movie fans.