Tittle: Your eyes

Chapter tittle: Prologue

Character(main): Casey/others-(you got to just wait and see who she is pair up with)

I had to re-write this, cause some how it got deleted from here.

Here we are. Just me and you. The music stops, the lights go out, There's no one else here. We stand in front of each other. You look in my eyes I look in yours. I feel my chest tight my heart beat faster then normal. You smiled and put your hands around my waist and leaned in, but I pulled away..."Not here, anywhere but here." I said. You pulled my hair away from my eyes, I closed my eyes wanting to save your touch on my skin.

"I cant do this, not here." I said.

"Why are you so hesitant, why are you so afraid of what others think of you." You asked me moving closer.

I looked at you...I want to believe you but...

I know super short!

Ok this was just a little prologue thingy the real stuff begin soon.

Next chapter: Am I just another ADA.