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Tiger: "grunt" Me

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Red Strings

It's been a long time since the seven of us came together on our quest for the Phoenix. Twelve years to be precise.

We're settled now, back in Holly's village. It was strange at first. The place was empty and abandoned. It didn't take a fool to see how deeply Holly and Suezo were affected by it. But Genki was there for them. Everything has a way of working itself out when Genki's around, Mr. Energy. It gets me thinking about why the kid came here in the first place, or more to the point, how. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought about the possibility of Genki being the Phoenix's soul. I guess sometimes you can't explain everything with science. You just have to feel.

That's how our adventure changed me. I've turned from a rabbit that thinks with his heart instead of his head; a big fool, like fools before me with an ordinary dream.

To be honest I didn't think any of us would adapt to this quieter way of life at first. Our first adventure was over and we were embarking on a new one. Turns out this one's just as dangerous as the old, what with Golem's experimental cooking. Yeah, he made his dream come true alright - head chef in our restaurant. The Inn we took over was a dilapidated old ruin, abandoned after Naga's assault on the village all those years ago. We spent a year working on it, transforming it into "The Phoenix" (naturally that was my brainchild). Now we have folk travelling in from all over just to get a look at the seven who battled Muu! I still get a kick outt've it. Tiger calls me a swindler for charging for autographs. Well hey, every little helps!

So I guess you could say everything's perfect, a real fairytale ending. At least, that's what I try to convince myself of.

I suppose you could say I'm well experienced in matters of the heart. That would come as a surprise to many. Everything about me says I don't get too close. But I fell into the old trap again.

There's no reason to push you away by telling you how I feel. Maybe you already know, but I doubt it somehow. You're always peering over my shoulder when I'm working. You weren't exactly thrilled that I became treasurer here. I guess you still don't trust me. Not entirely.

Perhaps you're right not to. After all, if you even had the slightest clue what I'm really thinking when you press against me, what it means to me feeling your breath on my neck, you'd never want to look at me again.

It amuses me to think you don't have a clue. I don't know how I manage to hide it. It's the biggest thrill coupled with the hardest loss.

You call me a thief, but you're the biggest hypocrite. You took my heart and you don't even realise what you've done.

People get suspicious about us, you know. All these years together, we're the only ones who haven't settled down. Genki and Holly will be starting a family soon. Even Suezo's met his match (that was an ugly slap in the face if ever I felt one).

You tried it once, settling down. It didn't work for you. It didn't work for Granity either. You never told us why. Those days were hard for me. I could barely look at you, let alone talk. But you kept pressing me, asking me 'what I was up to'. That's when I flipped. We had a real argument that night. There were no petty remarks or name-callings, not even a blizzard. We didn't speak for a week afterwards and true to character neither of us ever apologised. It wasn't long after that you and Granity went your separate ways.

Now things are back to normal. But not to worry, that's sure to change with the coming of Holly's son. At least it had better be a son. I've got thirty golds riding on it.

They say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Guess there rings some truth to that. I don't mind, not really. As long as we're together, I don't mind.

And it's not like you can get rid of me now, you hound. Cause let's face it, we're Soulmates.


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