own nothing.

Chapter 1

Mei was astonished at the beautiful landscape that hadn't changed from her childhood. Her beautiful long red hair was licking at her face as she bumped down the road in a big black truck.

Although she was returning to the land she once lived at with her deceased father, it brought back so many memories of the totoro and dust sprites. She smiled at the thought of Granny, a nice older woman who had taken care of her and her sister. Her mother, who was also dead and had been sick in the hospital for many years, and her father, who had been so wise and keen to everything that happened.

She turned onto a dirt road and down a path, passing a huge tree, and finally to her old house to claim the things she wanted.

"MEI! It's been too long!" Her older sister, Satsuki, screamed wrapping an arm around Mei and walking her to the house. Mei was annoyed by this; her older sister had become something of a slut. All Mei wanted to do was get in, get the things she wanted, and get out.

"Hello. How's the husband?" Mei asked as she stepped inside the door.

Her sister turned to look at her, "That's not important." Her words were sharp and stung Mei.

After a few hours of signing papers they went up to the attic to see if anything was left. There was a couch, an old table, scattered books, and soot everywhere.

Soot Sprites! Mei cried to Satsuki in her mind, begging her to remember.

"My, Papa must not have swept up here very often!" Mei was disappointed, yet nodded anyways.

Mei looked around for any trace of them, those little soot sprites that they had grown up with. Then she spied a crack, just big enough for a family of birds, or maybe, a colony of soot sprites. Satsuki caught her stare, "We should mend that whole… You know, to honor Papa."

"But," Mei tried to protest but the person with them, who helped settle things, cut in, "Now, what up here would you girls like? Mei how about those books, you said you liked to read? Satsuki what about the couch? Huh girls? Anything catch your eye?"

But just then Mei made a big move that she shouldn't have made. "I want… I want to buy the house."

The man looked at her and laughed, "MEI! You know this place is cursed, why would you want to do that? Silly girl, get your head together, now what do you want? Those are some nice books."

"No, I want the house! Satsuki can have everything in it but I want the house."

"Mei, dear, the house is being demolished in three weeks, we can't sell it now." The man explained.

"But I need this house! Please, I'll buy it double the price!"


"Triple! Please sir I've got to have it!"

"Mei, triple the price is twenty thousand yen."

"Please, I'll pay two million yen if I must!" Mei threw her arms and they landed on the mans shoulders, "I must have this house." She pleaded.

"Fine, if you can come up with twenty thousand yen, you may buy the house, but you have to come up with the money by the fifth day of the second week or the house will be smashed to bits." The man had a hat that tipped aver his eyes but Mei nodded.

"I will have the money by the fifth day."

When they were done Mei turned off the light and was the last to go down the stairs, she heard a shuffle and walked to the crack in the wall. "I'll be back." She promised the soot sprites.