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Slight Hatori x Ayame x Shigure, mainly slight Ayame x Shigure. As well as some Hatori x Shigure.
Ayame convinces Shigure and Hatori to set aside a day for a fun-filled time at his shop—during which they make calendars for one another. Hatori winds up in a dress, Shigure's all over the place, and the lofty snake that planned it all feels some unexpected emotion.

Challenge: Mabudachi Calendar! Our favorite trio sets aside a day for playing, posing and picture taking, leading up to the creation of the calendars they will give each other for Christmas. Each of the three is responsible for the making of a different person's calendar (example: Aaya makes Ha'ri's, Ha'ri makes Gure's, Gure makes Aaya's, or in a different order, you get the idea). Harmless flirting and lots of fluff. I would love it if at least one of the photos involved tickling.

Snakes, Dogs and Dragons, oh my!

C-day: Preparations

"I," announced Ayame into the receiver, "have a plan."

On the other end of the line, Hatori barely glanced up from where he had been, as usual, examining clinical records. Ayame had called Hatori from his shop, and the doctor could practically picture Aaya, lounging in the overstuffed yellow armchair as he twirled the phone cord around his fingers and beamed. Nonetheless, Hatori asked patiently, "What is it, Ayame?"

"We can do it at my shop!" Ayame babbled loudly, and Hatori winced and held the receiver away from his ear.

"Yes," the doctor said patiently, "but what can we do at your… shop?" By the sounds of it—just the prospect of actually having to spend time at Ayame's shop—this didn't sound good for Hatori and he put his records down and sat back in his chair, apprehensive.

"Oh, that's right," clucked Ayame. "My genius plan is, my dear Tori-san, to make a calendar!"

Hatori was surprised. That was all? Surely not. "Yes, easily done," replied the doctor in a monotone. "But, Ayame, remember that we could always buy them at a shop, rather than going out and—"

"No, you misunderstand!" Aaya boomed, smiling confidently into the phone. "It would be a calendar of us! The famous Mabudachi Trio! You see, Tori-san, we would each be responsible for making a calendar for a different person!" As Ayame continued, he became totally and utterly carried away, and sighed, "Yes, yes, we would have to draw straws to choose, isn't that right, Tori-san?"

Hatori tried again to speak, but was drowned out.

"We shall set aside a day for this—perhaps tomorrow! I am free! Gure-san must be free; I'll call him after, but what about you, Tori-san?" Aaya didn't wait for the answer before he plowed onward: "Yes, tomorrow must be Calendar-day, except we mustn't say that! We must refer to it only in code! How does 'C-day' sound, Tori-san? Wonderful, yes? So tomorrow is C-day, and we shall all gather and my shop and pose and dress up and then we will make calendars for each other! Oh, doesn't that sound fun, Tori-san? I can't wait. I think I'll call Gure-san now!" And thus, without any further ado, Ayame hung up and, on the other end, Hatori placed the phone back in its cradle and resumed working.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, Hatori thought, and massaged his temples wearily.
"Good morning all!" exclaimed Shigure happily as he walked into the main room of his humble abode with a towel over his head around the same time that Ayame hung up on Hatori. Shigure saw that lunch lay forgotten on the table, and that Kyo, Yuki, Tohru and, he noticed, Kisa—who was sitting plaintively in Tohru's lap—were all placed in front of the TV, watching Mogeta.

"Good afternoon," corrected Yuki, not glancing away from the television. Finally, however, he looked back over his shoulder at Shigure.

Tohru immediately whirled around, inadvertently dislodging Kisa's place in her lap, and beamed. "Hello, Shigure-san!" she exclaimed, and stood up next to Yuki. After apologizing to Kisa, who stood up to follow her, Tohru asked, "Do you want some lunch? There's more in the kitchen."

"You are indeed a flower," sighed Shigure romantically as he danced away into the kitchen. Just then, the phone rang loudly.

"It's for you," said Kyo and Yuki in unison, to Shigure, and then glared at each other fiercely before turning away with a simultaneous, 'Hmph!'

"You don't know that," Shigure complained, moving over to the phone nonetheless. Picking it up, he sang, "Hello, Sohma Shigure's residence." There was a muffled reply and Shigure's eyes lit up. "Aaya!" he exclaimed, and his three housemates looked up in surprise. "Yes, of course I'm free tomorrow," Shigure said after a pause, and then listened closely as Ayame broke the news of his calendar idea.

"Gure-san," squealed Ayame, "tomorrow is C-day and you must meet Tori-san and I at my shop!"

"C-day?" questioned Shigure.

"Yes, C-day," echoed Aaya. "Also known as—shh, shh—Calendar-day, where we shall all gather and pose at my shop and make calendars for one another! We will, of course, draw straws to see who is doing whose calendar! Yes, yes… perfect, right, Gure-san?"

Shigure decided this sounded like fun. And why not? thought Shigure. I've nothing better to do tomorrow. "Perfect," he then agreed, and then Ayame said something about having to set 'C-day' up, and promptly hung up after only a hurried good-bye.

When Shigure returned the receiver to its cradle, he had acquired many a curious, suspicious gaze, but a very apprehensive Kyo was the first to talk. "What's 'C-day'?" the cat asked skeptically, arms crossed over his chest as he gazed levelly at Shigure.

"It's nothing," Shigure said gaily. "Aaya is planning a get-together with Hatori and I tomorrow. We're to meet at Aaya's shop, it's nothing to worry about—"

"What's 'C-day'?" Kyo repeated.

Shigure flashed a smile. "Aaya wants us to make calendars for each other. 'C-day' seems to be a code for 'Calendar-day'." The dog laughed when the faces of the people around him relaxed and said, "See, I told you it was nothing.
Unfortunately, Ayame failed to specify what time the Mabudachi trio was to meet at his shop, so, the following day, Hatori dragged himself over at noon, while Shigure was still fast asleep, and Ayame was nowhere to be found.

The dragon arrived at Ayame's colorful shop and, with his pack of books and records to study on his back, walked up to the door. He was unsurprised to see a 'closed' sign on the entrance after seeing the shop's dark windows, and with a sigh, sat down on a nearby bench to read as he waited.

Meanwhile, in Shigure's house, Yuki finally got his older cousin up with the reminder that he was due to go to Ayame's. At that time, it must have been about half past noon, and, within another half-hour to forty-five minutes, Shigure was dressed in a boring robe and completely ready to leave his house. But before he went, he had some questions.

"It's the weekend," the dog exclaimed to Yuki, Tohru and Kyo—for Kisa had gone home the day before. "What are you three doing today?"

"Nothing," was Kyo's reply.

"I have a meeting with the school council," responded Yuki, to which Shigure questioned, "On a Sunday?" At this, Yuki shook his head and sighed. The mumbled answer to his cousin's question was, "Kakeru…"

"I'm going to visit Uo-chan and Hana-chan!" said Tohru, beaming. "They're taking me swimming."

Shigure smiled at her. "That's sounds nice," he said, and then raised his eyes to the heavens and said sorrowfully, "But do not spend too long in the water, for fear that our precious flower might wilt—"

He didn't get any further before both Kyo and Yuki threw something at him—in Kyo's case, it was a rock that he had picked up the garden; Shigure ducked and avoided it, only to get hit in the face with the rolled blanket that Yuki had thrown. Once the dog had recovered, he laughed loudly and vanished out the door, leaving Kyo and Yuki mumbling darkly as Tohru tried, flailing around desperately, to dispel the fury in the air.

It took half an hour for Shigure to reach Ayame's shop, and when he got there Hatori was still sitting outside.

"Haa-san," said Shigure, surprised to see his old friend sitting alone. "What are you doing outside?"

"Ayame hasn't arrived yet," replied Hatori in a clipped tone as he set his book down and rose. "I've been waiting here for an hour and a half, now—"

"Mes amis magnifique!" came a cry as Sohma Ayame bustled around the corner. Shigure and Hatori glanced up in surprise as Aaya, with Mine in tow, made his way toward his dear friends, a large bundle of clothing in his arms. "I apologize for being so late, but I had to collect the proper attire for C-day!" Ayame beamed and twirled for his friends. "What do you think?" he asked. Aaya was wearing a full-length robe of bright purple, with pink flowers decorating the hem. "Beautiful, no?"

He then jerked his head at the door and said to Mine, "Do be a dear, Mine, and open the door? These wondrous clothes are heavy."

Mine immediately hurried to do Ayame's bidding, and Hatori, glancing over at the many heaps of brightly colored cloth in Ayame's arms, asked suspiciously, "Who are those for, Ayame?"

"You two, of course!" Aaya exclaimed. "I couldn't have you two looking like that," he gestured to Shigure's green-grey robe and to Hatori's black and white doctor's ensemble, "on C-day! You must dress appropriately! I had to search through the whole shop before I finally found something for Gure-san, but I had to go to my own closet for yours, Tori-san!"

Hatori blanched, and the cigarette he had just lit fell to the concrete. "You found—my outfit—in your own closet, Ayame?" Hatori couldn't stomach the idea.

To the dragon's horror, Ayame merely grinned and he and Mine led the way inside. And thus, "C-day" began.
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