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Slight Hatori x Ayame x Shigure, mainly slight Ayame x Shigure. As well as some Hatori x Shigure.
Ayame convinces Shigure and Hatori to set aside a day for a fun-filled time at his shop—during which they make calendars for one another. Hatori winds up in a dress, Shigure's all over the place, and the lofty snake that planned it all feels some unexpected emotion.
Note: Last chapter! And it was so much fun to write, too.

Challenge: Mabudachi Calendar! Our favorite trio sets aside a day for playing, posing and picture taking, leading up to the creation of the calendars they will give each other for Christmas. Each of the three is responsible for the making of a different person's calendar. Harmless flirting and lots of fluff. I would love it if at least one of the photos involved tickling.

C-day: Outcome

The following day was when Hatori, Shigure, and Ayame all began to work on the calendars.

Hatori locked himself up in his office and set to work diligently. He shifted through the pictures that had been taken—Aaya had kindly given both he and Shigure copies—and thought about how to do this properly.

On the other hand, Shigure scurried into a little hidey-hole in his house, away from Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo, and set to work on Ayame's calendar, designing it in a way that he knew his friend would love the most. On the cover, he stuck a picture of the Mabudachi Trio, arm in arm, that had been taken at the restaurant the previous evening. Next to it, he glued in Yuki's most recent school photo.

Unlike his friends, Ayame worked on Hatori's calendar with Mine's help, instead of alone. They chatted animatedly as Aaya plastered the calendar with photos and Mine drew small little curlicues in the corner.
Only an hour or so into Hatori's work on the book, Ritsu phoned in a complete panic. It turned out that he had forgotten about the appointment.

"I'm so sorry!" he wailed into the phone, and Hatori patiently waited until he quieted down to tell the poor boy that he wouldn't have been there even if Ritsu had remembered.

"Oh," said the younger Sohma once Ha'ri had finished his tale. There was a pause, and Ritsu squeaked yet again, "I'm sorry," before hanging up.

As the doctor expected, Ritsu phoned back only moments later to apologise for hanging up without saying goodbye. After calming the scattered, jumpy boy down and politely excusing himself, Ha'ri finally set back to work on the calendar.

It must have taken him at least two hours to finish it, and though the doctor would never admit it—especially not to the other members of the trio—he enjoyed every second. But, as he pasted the last few pictures into the colorful project, Hatori found himself looking at one of the many pictures of Shigure and Ayame together; in this one, they had their arms around each other's shoulders playfully, and were grinning in an unabashed way at the camera.

And Hatori found himself smiling.
Meanwhile in Shigure's hidey-hole, the dog had not only filled it with pictures of the trio, but of Yuki as well. Shigure didn't think it would be enough of a special occasion to text Hatori on his mobile, but the novelist knew Aaya would appreciate it.

Just as the dog was checking over Ayame's calendar for the last time, he checked the time and started in surprise, shocked at how time had flown. He was running late already. What's that old saying? Shigure wondered. Time flies… when…?

Unable to recall the words, Shigure closed Ayame's finished calendar and stood up to go.

Akito was waiting for him.
Ayame, on the other hand, was still working excitedly on the doctor's calendar even an hour after both Shigure and Hatori had finished. The snake, done with the picture-pasting side of it, was spending his time filling in the corners with colourful things and little notes to make his dear Hatori smile.

Unlike earlier, he was alone in his shop, as Mine had gone home a few minutes before. The snake, feeling lonely and perturbed by the silence in his store, picked up the phone and dialed one number almost automatically.

Hatori picked up almost immediately, and Ayame beamed into the receiver. "Oh, I wish you could see how well this is coming along, Tori-san!" Aaya bubbled enthusiastically into the phone as he applied more unneeded curlicues and other such fanciful touches to the doctor's calendar. On the other end of the line, Hatori held the receiver away from his ear and sighed.
Author's Notes: Now it really is done! I hoped you liked the (very short) epilogue. It just shows that Hatori has softened a little, Shigure hasn't changed in the least, and Ayame still hasn't come down from that life-long sugar-high…
Well, I hope you enjoyed this fanfic. Littlefiction, I hope it was as good as you might've hoped!
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