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Shaggy blue-black hair shined under the sunlight from the windows as the slightly long hair rested in front of deep blue eyes that held boredom and a hint of insanity from the way the sapphire orbs kept darting around every so often. A plastic pen from the Muggle world was twirling in between long, nimble fingers that were like a pianist's as it tapped against the antique, mahogany desk in a moderate beat once in a while.

"Master Sinclair! Are you listening to me?" The young man around sixteen years of age looked up with a blank expression on his handsome face to meet with dark onyx eyes. The teen sat up slightly, leaning against the black wooden chair with the top three buttons of his black dress shirt parting, revealing a toned chest and cleared his throat before he replied to his teacher.

"Of course, Eclipse. I am definitely listening to this interesting lecture on wizarding history because it's so fascinating that even a rodent would stay still and listen intently on their own free will." The teen's statement was dripping with heavy sarcasm like acid melting a piece of metal but the tutor was too naïve to pick it up and continued on with his lecture. Sinclair stared in slight amazement at the dense but intelligent man and almost growled out of frustration but purebloods do not growl. The boy bit back a sigh, letting his head drop onto the desk with a soft thud due to the padded leather notebook resting in front of him while the man talked about famous wizarding people that his student could care less about.

After three hours of the enthralling speech about a man who's been dead for over four centuries, the teen practically ran out of the library but the only thing stopping him from actually running was his image. Once he was sure the coast was clear, he ran like he was chased by a pissed off hippogriff who was after him because he tried to steal a piece of its food. He jumped over the railing that overlooked the foyer of the manor and landed on his feet with the grace of a Harpy. He ran toward the kitchen through the dining hall almost colliding with another person but dodged in time. Unfortunately for the teen, he dodged into the long dining table that was in the middle of the room.

"Sin!" A feminine looking man reached out and helped the boy up as navy blue eyes met with sea green with hints of blue that were framed with long platinum blond hair.

"Hey, Mum." Gabriel Lucas Von Hellfire smiled down at his son as he helped him up shifting his head up because of the teen's height.

"It looks like you've gotten taller, Sin." Sin smirked at his birth giver's compliment, looking like his cousin and uncle slightly, but stopped when he felt the throbbing pain in his side when he connected with the piece of furniture. He clutched his side slightly, gritting his teeth a little in agony.

"That pain is a reminder of your ignorance, Sinclair. Your mother and I have informed you not to run around in the house." The two males looked up toward the entrance of the dining room to see a man with long jet black hair that shined a deep navy blue in the light that was in a half ponytail. The silver orbs held a hint of annoyance as they looked at the 6'5" sixteen-year old. The intimidating, first male Harpy walked over to the heir of the Von Hellfire name who smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, Dad. But I was hungry. You know how it is." Damian shook his head but let his son leave. Sin smirked before he ran toward the kitchens, leaving his parents behind in his wake to discuss whatever they wanted. The two men watched the teen disappear behind the swinging door of the kitchen, one with a smile while the other was impassive.

"You are taking him to the up-coming Harpy Celebration, correct?" The taller man at 6'7" loomed over his lithe mate who barely stood up to his chin at 5'7", a foot shorter than the older man. The Harpy's eyes showed a hint of warmth and love when he met with the ocean orbs.

"Yes. I will. He has come into his inheritance. It's time for him to meet with the other Harpies." The elf-looking man nodded, agreeing with his husband when a thought popped into his head.

"I think he should go to Hogwarts after the Celebration."

Damian looked down at the blonde who was smiling at him. "He's doing fine with home schooling."

The empath countered, "But how is he to find his mate if he is trapped here? His mate could be a wizard just like yours. Also, he needs to make friends that are around his age." Damian frowned slightly at his mate's logic but disliked the idea of sending his son to the wizarding world due to his past experiences with the blonde's family.

"You can't keep me here forever. Besides, I'll die if I don't find my mate before my seventeenth birthday and you know that's coming soon in April." The older Harpy looked at his son who was standing by the entrance of the kitchen with a smirk on his face and holding a half eaten apple.

"Besides, I wanna spend some time with the little dragon. I haven't seen him since the summer. I have to and I mean have to catch up with him." Sin had an almost malicious smirk form on his face but his parents knew he would never hurt his younger cousin. He would just embarrass him a little…in public. "Also, I wanna know how Mum got sorted into Slytherin when he's nothing like a snake."

Damian smirked, showing pride in Gabriel's secret characteristics. "Oh, I believe I know why that happened…" The hybrid was slightly confused for a brief moment before he put a face of mock disgust and pretended to gag.

"Ugh! I didn't want to know that!" Sin was only joking since he smiled at his parents when he was done with the melodramatics. Gabriel chuckled while Damian refrained from rolling his eyes at his own son's behavior.

The man snorted as he said, "I barely said anything. It's that slightly disturbed imagination of the young that all youth have." Sin shrugged nonchalantly with a smirk on his face.

"You have no idea, Dad."

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