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- This was designed to be fic 8 of the Traces series, but as I was writing it, it took a life of its own and this is chapter 1 of the result.


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An Evangelion fan work

Unexpected Gifts


Chapter 1: Depression and a New Father

"If you are hearing this message," a recorder was blaring the bad news to the person who pressed the black button on the machine. This person knew who it was, Kaji, the unkept, laid back man who wooed her and left her only to return ten years later only to suffer this fate. She knew what this meant, her lover was dead.

The message continued as she bursted into tears, banging her hand on the table, speaking incoherent sentences.

That was the scene that a 14 year old boy saw when he entered the room to prepare dinner. Dropping the bags, he walked over to her and rubbed her back, hitting all of the pressure points to help relieve her stress. Sensing the ministrations, she turned around and saw his face, the face that always gave her hope, the face that she wished that she saw every morning, the face that held the comfort that she was seeking at this very moment.

Shinji Ikari

Giving away more tears, she hugged him like an anchor keeping still a ship in a raging storm. Continuing to rub her back, he continued to help her calm down, giving her the peace that she justly deserved. Parting, she straightened up his shirt, and dried up her remaining tears.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"For what Misato," Shinji replied with some enthusiasm.

"For just being here. You know, if you didn't entered when you did, I would have shot myself."

"You don't mean that," Shinji replied with shock in his voice.

"I do, and for what you just did, I'm going to give you a present. I'm off to NERV so that I can get it for you. Stay here."

When she left, Shinji went into a panic. He knew that his birthday was some time away, nine months away, and Christmas was four months away.

He continued the thought for sometime until she returned with a smile on her face. Patting her stomach in a unorthodox manner, she bolted for her room. Figuring that it was nothing, however, it didn't hurt to check with Dr. Akagi. He picked up the phone when the door bell was heard.

Opening the door, ironically it was Dr. Akagi. "Shinji, is Misato in," she asked.

"Yeah. She is in her room," he replied. Doing the unasked request, he retrieved Misato and escorted her to the living area.

"So Misato, how does it feel being pregnant," Dr. Akagi asked as Misato entered the room. Knowing that he was missing a few pages out of the book, Shinji remained quiet.

"You aren't one to ask, especially that you got me pregnant with his child," she told her.

"True, however, due to my pregnancy, I guess we will both learn together."

"Excuse me," Shinji interrupted, "What is going on?"

"Shinji," Dr. Akagi responded. "Do you know the samples that we took from you?"

How could he not forget, he gave every possible sample that one can give, blood, hair, skin, salvia, sperm. He stopped. He knew from health class about reproduction, and his face turned white.

Misato noticed this, became blunt saying, "there was a project that was to produce even stronger pilots for the Evas. By collecting sperm, from you, and egg samples from Asuka, the MAGI have determined that a stronger pilot would not have resulted in putting the two together."

Dr. Akagi continued, "Misato came to me with the unusual request to make her pregnant with your child, Shinji. On a hunch, I processed her egg sample with the same test, and it would have made a stronger pilot."

Shinji understood, but asked, "Why did you get pregnant, Dr. Akagi?"

Dr. Akagi answered, "Your father doesn't love me. I found out that he slept with my mother. You know how much I hated my mother, and after finding out about this, I wanted to give him a slap in his face for doing what he did. When Misato came to me, well, I knew I had my chance to get him back."

"So you used some of my left over sperm and got yourself pregnant," Shinji finished for her. Dr. Akagi nodded in the affirmative.

Shinji took this as well as any new father would. He fainted.