Epilogue: The End of One Road May 15th 2016

"Do you, Shinji Ikari, take these women to be your lawfully wedded wives," the priest was speaking. Shinji wasn't really paying attention to him, eyes unwavering from the women in front of him. Since the "Battle of the Evas," as history books is calling it, his family has become even closer. The women didn't mind sleeping with Shinji together, and he took the time to get to know them better. Misato had stopped drinking and flaunted her body around the house, and Ritsuko had stopped smoking and her coffie binge. Maya on the other hand, is a different subject all together. Where she was on the outside looking in, she is now as close as ever to the ever-growing family. Hikari has become glued to the little family, and even though she doesn't have a child by Shinji yet, they are still close together at school.

"I do," Shinji replied. Shinji himself has changed since that battle, becoming more confident, and more willing to ask questions. With the conspiracy of SEELE exposed to the world, assassination attempts to the world's savior isn't going to be far fetched, and so constant UN security is always in sight, but he didn't care. In fact, he welcomed it. NERV's security was there to keep him in line and make sure that he went along with the "Dead Sea" scrolls, but the UN's security was there to protect his family first.

"I do," Shinji's brides said together in unison. Security sweeps are frequent, and the cameras are not installed in their bedroom. Even Hikari has some form of UN protection. That made him smile. He also needed to worry about money for the rest of his life, because the UN gave him a massive allowance, and a bought and paid for house.

"You may now kiss the bride," Shinji followed the instructions with emotion as he kissed his brides, starting with Maya and ending with Misato, getting cheers from the hundred people there watching the wedding.

March 23rd, 2024

"Daddy, where's mommy," a child asked Shinji.

Shinji smiled at his daughter. She was always close to her mother, and quite frankly, so would he if his mother was still alive. "Mommy has to go some where and she will be back in a bit," was the typical answer for the purple-headed child. The phone rang and Shinji picked it up "Yeah. What, what do you mean something happened to her? It was your job to keep her safe, damn it. You should be lucky that you are there and I'm still at the house." Shinji hung up the phone with tears in his eyes. He knew that he would have to tell his daughter something, but he was content with just hugging her.

"Daddy, what's wrong."

"Your mother had an accident, and so she is going to a far away place--" Shinji busted into tears after that, with his daughter joining in, realizing what had happened.

Misato was buried in the family plot in the few days that followed.

December 30th, 2054

Shinji Ikari is overlooking at four gravestones. The stones belong to the four women that changed Shinji's life, Misato Katasuragi, Ritsuko Akagi, Hikari Hokari and Maya Ibuki. Having touched his life in so many ways, he was temped to build three buildings to remember each of them.

"Shinji," a voice said behind him. He knew who it was, Asuka Langley Soryu. The only girl that he loved, other than Lilly, that ran with her tail between her legs to Germany when the battle ended. He wished that she had a happy life, and to a small extent, she did. Raising three beautiful daughters, she was as content as she could be.

"Asuka," he responded, "what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see how you were doing. You know that you haven't called me in the last few days, and your son was worried about you."

Shinji knew exactly who she was talking about. The only son of Shinji and Hikari was worried as always about his father, so much like his mother, the worrywart. "He should know that I'm fine, I always was. Still stay the night with me?"

Asuka smiled, "okay. I have to be back in Germany in the next few days, but I think that I could find time for you."

Shinji led her into the house where the pair stayed in bed catching up and sleeping together, not caring what anyone else thought about it.

Asuka woke up the next morning after a night of lovemaking with a still asleep Shinji. Smiling at him, she got up and made breakfast for the pair. Asuka's daughters are due to arrive in Japan today, and she wanted them to meet Shinji. Having finished with preparations, she walked up the stairs to wake Shinji up.

Entering the room that they shared together for the last few days, she walked on to the bed and shook him.

She felt coldness. She then turned the body so that she could see his face, but there was no emotion in his eyes, but a content smile on his face.

Asuka cried, knowing that she just lost her best friend and lover in his sleep, picking up the phone to call the worrywart.

The whole world cried as Shinji Ikari, Slayer of Angels, was buried on his family plot, as the proceedings were televised around the world.

Shinji Ikari spent the rest of eternity with his family, his kids when they joined him, and his descendants, content that he lived his life to the fullest, thankful of his unexpected gifts.

Author's Ramblings:

And this is the end of Unexpected Gifts. After I wrote Chapter 8, I was mulling exactly how to end the fic, and I decided to put it off until now. I know that I left plenty of questions unanswered, but I may not write a sequel to address these questions. I may write one shots here or there to address them later.

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