Woo. More writing. Yay.

He reminds me of fire. Strong and swift and silent and wild all at once. And at the same time, he can be kind, gentle, even tame. One moment a roaring wildfire, the next a gentle flickering candle, with hair of pure silver and eyes of pure hate.

He burns. Oh how he burns. I've been burnt by him many time now. One would think that by now I would've learned not to get too close to the fire lest I a stray flame strike me. But no. I continue to do so.

Hoping that one day, maybe I will be fire proof, at least against this particular fire. I know it's a foolish thing to wish, but I do anyway. I'm in love with my fire. I must be insane.

Ah, but what the hell. I always did like fire.

It's reeeeeeally short, but yeah. It's still all I've got.