Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman


Jonathan Fan

This is my first attempt at "Batman Begins." Please Review and no flames plz!

Summary: Set during the movie. What if Bruce Wayne found out about a secret Rachel had kept from him.

Rated: PG

Megan Dawes Wayne waited as her mother's taxicab stopped in front of the private school Megan attended as a student. With her mother as a well-known lawyer, Megan was able to go to a private school.

Of course the girls and boys at the school made fun of her because of the circumstances surrounding her birth. Her mother had said she was 17 years old when Megan was born, Rachel Dawes had regretted what she had done with Megan's father to have Megan, but she had never regretted Megan's birth.

Rachel Dawes stepped out of the car. Megan all but ran to her, throwing her backpack in the backseat/ "Hi, Meg! How was school?" Rachel asked, kissing Megan's cheek warmly.

"Fine, I guess. How was work? Are you going to be able to put Mr. Falcone in prison?" Megan asked, referring to her mother's recent cases.

"Not yet. Jonathan Crane has stopped me again from convicting another of Falcone's men," Rachel said, tightening her fingers on the leather back of the seat in front of her. So tight it turned her knuckles white. From what her mother had told her Jonathan Crane was a few fries short of a happy meal. He would say that the criminals her mom was prosecuting were criminally insane and then have them moved to Arkham Asylum, the loony bin that was in the Narrows.

"Can he do that?" Megan asked. It may have sounded like a really dumb question, but Megan had to ask.

"There has to be something wrong here. Professor Crane has done that to all of Falcone's thugs," Rachel said contemptuously.

"So what are you going to do?" Megan asked.

"I'm going to see Carl. He might be able to give me some ideas," Rachel said, softening her tone for her daughter as she looked at her. Carl was her mother's boss. Megan thought he was a pansy when it came to the criminals of Gotham, but Megan knew also that he was scared for a reason.

"That sounds good," Megan said, twirling a dark-brown braid with her finger. Both her mother and father had dark hair so she had inherited it also. It was very thick and long.

"Megan would it bore you if we went to my office for a few hours?" Rachel asked, sounding as if she were apologizing.

"No. I have homework and it'll take awhile," Megan said. Megan rarely complained and was quiet by nature. Very often her grandmother would tease her by saying she was just like her father, Bruce Wayne. He was quiet like her. Of course being rich must have made her father that way too.

From her mother's recollections, Bruce Wayne was hot-tempered. Megan had heard the story countless times of how he had gotten a gun to kill Joe Chill, the man who had gunned down Megan's grandparents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, when her father was just a boy.

At that point in time Rachel Dawes had wisely not told her father that Megan existed. She also hadn't told him when she was pregnant or when Megan was born. He wouldn't have taken responsibility for his daughter. With the way he was feeling during and after the trial Rachel had felt that Megan didn't need that kind of role model. She also didn't know if Bruce was ready to take care of his daughter.

Megan and Rachel stopped in front of the offices where Rachel worked. It showed an impressive view of Wayne Towers; the business that was started by Megan's grandfather. Since her grandfather's murder it was run by a board of trustees. Megan loved looking at the building and wondering if Wayne Towers should have gone to her since her father died when Megan was six.

Megan stepped into her mother's cool office and pulled out her English, Math, History, and Science books. She picked up her Math book and turned to the page for multiplying fractions. Megan hated Math, but at least she wasn't failing and it would take her awhile to solve the 15 problems on this page.


Two hours later Megan closed her history book, feeling exhausted. History was her favorite subject. So if she had history homework, she always did it last; doing the awful stuff first. Most people didn't understand her method of homework, but at least she was able to finish it and not care what people thought.

Megan rested her head on her arms, relaxing for the first time since she woke up this morning. Megan was an early riser. She had woken up every day at five O'clock for as long as she could remember and didn't really slow down until 4 O'clock or five in the early evening.

Most people said she would die young if she didn't make an effort to slow down, but Megan, being stubborn, just wouldn't listen. That was another way she was just like her father. Both were, in her mother's opinion, hopelessly stubborn.


"Megan, time to go," her mother's soft voice whispered in her ear. Rachel had her trench coat on and her free hand on Megan's shoulder. Her other hand held a briefcase. Megan flipped open her cell phone. It was nearly 7 O'clock. Megan had slept for nearly two hours.

Megan yawned as her mother helped her put her jacket on. "How does Chinese sound tonight?" Rachel asked as they went to the elevators.

"Sounds good. Did you get the mess straightened out with Professor Crane and Falcone's thugs?" Megan asked.

Rachel drew an exasperated breath. "No. Carl won't let it happen," Rachel ground out. Megan wasn't really surprised that the D.A. said no. Life in Gotham was different than most places. Unlike her mother there were a lot of crooked law officers.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Megan said sadly. Unless there was a big miracle life in Gotham wasn't going to change much And Rachel knew that as well as Megan did.

"I also found out something today about your father," Rachel said, changing the subject abruptly.

"What about him?" Megan asked, surprised. Bruce Wayne wasn't mentioned that much between her and her mother. Sure Megan had a picture of him from seven years ago and the Wayne Towers were an important fixture in Gotham that brought rich and poor together, but Bruce Wayne had been announced dead.

"Your father is… alive," Rachel faltered slightly.

Megan felt an icy chill in her chest. Her father was alive? How was that possible? He was supposed to be dead! "Mom, are you going to tell him about me?" Megan asked, barely able to control her hands from shaking.

"I don't know yet. Your father may have changed. I hope he has," Rachel said almost in a whisper. Megan knew what her mother meant. That he had changed from a vengeful person to someone that Rachel could let her be with.

Megan was quiet all through dinner. Now that Bruce Wayne was alive she hoped that she might be able to talk to her father. She wanted him to be more than some picture. She wanted to call him "Daddy."