Am I Good Enough?


Jonathan Fan

A Kiddy Clark story for "Smallville" Rated K-

Jonathan Kent stood there watching the little boy sleep. This morning Jonathan and Martha didn't have any children. This evening they did. And he still didn't know where this little boy came from.

From all indications this boy wasn't even human. He looked like a human boy, but he couldn't talk and he came in what looked like an alien ship. Martha had loved this little boy easily. As if she had given birth to him.

Jonathan saw the boy move slightly in his sleep, jamming his thumb into his mouth. The three-year-old was adorable, but Jonathan still had his qualms. If they kept the boy what if his family came looking for him? Jonathan couldn't bear the thought of his wife's heart being broken. It had already been broken when the doctors told her she couldn't ever have children.

That was another reason why Martha loved this boy so much. She said he was the child they were supposed to have. Jonathan looked over at the boy again. The boy had woken up to see Jonathan in his room and by the way his lips were trembling he didn't know if he liked Jonathan. Jonathan hadn't held the boy once since they had found him and by his loud voice he had scared the boy more than once. By the end of the night the boy had refused to kiss Jonathan good-night.

Jonathan smiled a friendly smile at the little boy. "It's all right, Kiddo. I'm not going to shout any more tonight," Jonathan said tenderly. The boy looked confused as he didn't understand what Jonathan had just said.

"Am I good enough to be your father, Son? I don't know. My dad yelled at me a lot. I don't want you to think that Daddy likes to yell at you a lot either," jonathan said, sitting down on the bed running his hand through his sandy-colored hair.

"Daddy?" The boy tried to mimic Jonathan. It was apparent that the boy knew how to talk. He just didn't know the English language.

"Daddy," Jonathan said, pointing to himself. He didn't know if calling himself "Daddy" would be a good idea. If they lost this boy he wouldn't be "Daddy."

"Daddy," the boy said, touching Jonathan's chest with his small hand.

"That's right, Clark," Jonathan said, using the boy's name for the first time since they had found him. Martha had decided that maybe using her maiden name with the name "Kent" would be a good idea.

"Clark?" The boy asked, puzzled.

"That's right, Son. Clark, you," Jonathan said, pointing to his new boy. Jonathan wondered what his son's real name was. He would never know what it was.

Clark yawned suddenly. The little boy was tired and Jonathan couldn't blame him. Jonathan laid the little boy's head back onto his pillow and kissied his son's forhead. It was the first act of affection Jonathan had shown the boy. The little boy fell asleep in a matter of seconds.

Then Jonathan knew why the little boy was so precious to his wife. He needed parents to love him in place of the ones that he didn't have. Jonathan didn't know why the boy's parents would put him in that spaceship, but Jonathan did know that he HAD wanted a son.

He remembered what he had thought and said out loud when Clark woke up; "Am I good enough to be your father?" Jonathan still didn't know the answer to that question, but he would have plenty of years with the boy to find out. At that moment Jonathan Kent's life changed forever as Clark Kent became his son.

The End