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Opening starts with Drake on camera
"You know Josh always makes fun of my quote, 'attention span'…. un- quote…'" says Drake using the quote gesture.

"You know how Drake has the attention span of a squirrel." says Josh nodding to the camera.

Ice cream music plays in the background

"Like there was this time when Josh was working and I----Oh, is that the ice cream man?" Drake says with excitement completely losing focus.

"Like, he can't even go 5 minutes without going off somewhere for no reason----" Josh says frowning then turns around as he hears Drake come in the door.

Drake walks through their room rooting around for something while Josh turns around and looks on in confusion

"Drake? What are you doing?", asks Josh in confusion looking where Drake came in the door and following him to the right.

"Getting yo---uh my wallet." replies Drake turning around hiding the wallet from Josh's sight.

"Oh, okay. Wait…what for?", asks Josh turning around again.

"Ice cream." he quickly replies as he goes out the door.

"Oh, I'll come with you," says Josh going to get his wallet then shouts for Drake, "Drake have you seen my—", he pauses and looks at the camera, "He took my wallet didn't he? Fine, two can play at that game." he grins and goes to the drawer to get Drake wallet.

Outside with Ice Cream Man

Drake is standing at the ice cream truck ordering his ice cream, "Yeah, I'll have…. uh, Rocky road.", Drake says with a smile and hands the ice cream man his money.

"Drake you took my wallet!", shouts Josh in anger running up to his brother.

"…", Drake says nothing and just stands there liking his ice cream.

"That's not nice." Josh says slowly hoping to get a reaction from Drake.

"………", Drake raises an eyebrow.

"Someday you're going to get what's coming to you." Josh says with a sigh turning to face the ice cream man, "Yeah I'll have pistachio.", pauses and gets out Drake wallet looking inside for money, "There's nothing in here…Drake you have no money?"

"Why do you think I took your wallet?" replies Drake rolling his eyes

"Give me that!" shouts Josh while trying to grab his wallet back from Drake

"What are you----" exclaims Drake flinching away from Josh

While the boys are fighting over the wallet a random lady walks by and sees Josh grabbing at what she thinks is Drake's wallet

The random lady goes over to Josh, "Hey, leave that young man alone!" she yells beating Josh with her purse.

"Ow ow! Hey, lady he's the one who took my wallet!", protests Josh as he fends off the ladies attack.

"This will teach you to be mean to nice young men!" she replies with anger continuing her beating on Josh.

"Ow ow!" he shouts in pain and falls to the ground covering his head from the relentless attack.

"Hey lady it's okay I did take his wallet." says Drake trying to reason with the lady.

The Lady turns around, "What? Then this is for you." she replies sweetly

"What is it?" Drake asks to stop licking his ice cream

She doesn't reply only starts beating Drake with her purse.

Drake recoils and drops his ice cream, "Ow ow! Hey you made me drop my ice cream!" he exclaims frowning at the lady

The Lady stops for a quick second then starts beating him with her purse again

"Ah hey!" Drake yells then falls to the ground next to Josh

Josh lifts his head up to look at Drake and replies with a shrug, "…Told ya."

Next scene Josh is running around the house frantically

"Mom have you seen my bubble bath!" asks Josh with frustration as he paces back and forth through the house turning over couch cushions.

"Who takes bubble baths?", snickers Drake from his place on the couch.

"Hey! They happen to be very soothing!", Josh yells turning around

Mrs. Parker Nichols walks down the stairs frowning, "Josh what are you yelling about?" she asks walking up to Josh.

"I can't find my bubble bath!", he says pacing back and forth

"Megan used the last of it just today." she replies with a shrug.

"…Megan." Josh says with a gasp then frowns when he says Megan's name.

Drake puts the remote on the couch and walks through Josh and his mom to go to the kitchen.

"Hey boob." Megan says walking in behind Drake opening the refrigerator

"Don't you get tired of that?" he asks leaning on the counter taking a bite of a red apple.

"………" Megan doesn't reply only roots through the refrigerator

"Hey, are you ignoring me?" Drake asks with cockiness

"Oh, what? Sorry I don't speak boob." replies Megan with a smirk as she walks out the kitchen with an apple

"…That girl is not human." Drake says as he bites down on the apple.

Megan appears behind a corner startling Drake, "Remember boob I have ears and eyes in the back of my head…. so it's like I'm watching you double." she says with an evil glare and walks out the door

"……….." Drake's eyes are wide and he blinks in surprise.

Living Room

"Megan! I got a bone to pick with you!" Josh yells as he sees Megan walk out of the kitchen.

"Josh! You shouldn't yell at your little sister!" shouts Mrs. Parker Nichols in shock at her son's outburst.

"She used my bubble bath!" he protests strongly putting emphasis on several words pointing at Megan

"What did you say dear brother?" she asks innocently sitting down on the couch eating her apple

"Admit you stole my bubble bath!" Josh shouts as he comes up behind her

"…Josh she knows she used the bubble bath and so do you so stop playing lawyer." Mrs. Parker Nichols says with a sigh.

"First of all it's my bubble bath! Second of all I put my name on it because of this families flagrant disregard of my personal things! And third I am not playing lawyer!" Josh replies with much enthusiasm and anger.

Drake walks out licking ice cream apparently finished with his apple

"See! He used my wallet to get that ice cream!" Josh yells in frustration signaling Drake.

Drake stops in his tracks at his brother's statement and turns to face him, "No I didn't. Helen gave me a whole box of ice cream and cones for free yesterday cause she heard you pushed me and took my ice cream." he says with a smile.

I did not push you!" Josh protests strongly

Megan turns around to look at the bickering brothers, "Josh you really need to stop using big words when Drake is not around. He needs to learn things." she says with sarcasm

"Like I'd listen." scoffs Drake taking another lick of his ice cream.

Mrs. Parker Nichols turns around to her son and glares, "Now Josh what is up with you today?" she asks with obvious confusion and disappointment in her voice.

"I'm sick and tired of you people using my stuff even when I've labeled it! And I'm sick of Helen liking Drake more than me!" shouts Josh in complete anger.

"You know what Josh, if you take a minute to stop acting like a big baby maybe we would listen to you!" Drake says with sarcasm narrowing his eyes at Josh.

"Oh yeah! I bet you couldn't listen to me for one whole week! And that your attention span would get the better of you!" Josh shouts in reply eyeing Drake warily.

Drake stands up to show he has had enough turning to Josh, "Okay knock it off! I'm not doing any more bets with you! The last time we did I got a horrible hideous rash all over my body!" he shouts angrily

"Ew" replies everyone but Drake in unison

"That was rude." says Drake with anger glaring at everyone.

"Sorry…. I bet you two boys couldn't go on one week without fighting, or getting into trouble." Mrs. Parker Nichols replies nodding her head to each of the boys.

"I'm sick of Josh always getting mad at me and insulting me about my attention span!" Drake says jumping back on the couch for a sec.

Megan turns around and replies, "I'm sick of boobs." in mock sadness to get her mother's attention she walks up the stairs sorrowfully, then stops in a corner of darkness cackling. "Maybe this time this bet will pay off." she says then laughs maniacally but stops when she hears evil music playing. "…..Sheesh, gotta go and ruin my moment." she says as she walks into her room.

Back to Drake, Josh, and their mom

"You know what no! No!" yells Drake obviously fed up with the argument, he turns to walk upstairs.

"Lalalala!" Josh says in a singsong voice putting his fingers in his ears ignoring Drake.

Mrs. Parker Nichols stands alone in the living room and sighs, "Boys…" she is met only by silence, "Boys!", She yells a second time still receiving no answer, "BOYS!" this time she yells at the top of her lungs following the boys upstairs.

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