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Summary: "Drake and Josh are at it again with a new bet and this time maybe Megan will get this one to pay off. But, will the bet come to an end once something bad happens to the boys?"

Scene with Josh at the movie theater working and Drake on his bed

"I am so mad right now!", said Drake angrily

"I am steamed! STEAMED!", Josh said putting emphasis on steamed

"You want to know why?", shouts Drake in anger

"You want to know why I'm so mad?", Josh shouts angrily

"Because of Josh!", yelled Drake picking up his guitar pick

"Because of my idiot brother Drake!", Josh yells angrily startling a few customers

"Uh sir, could you tell me how much is th---", tries to ask a timid Customer

"Not now buddy!", growls Josh

"I'm sorry! I'm too mad right now! I can't do this!", Drake says then tries to play his guitar but breaks a string out of anger

"I need to use the restroom….", Josh said in a monotone voice

Drake jumps off his bed and walks up to the camera turning it off

Josh dances around a bit and runs to the restroom, but in his rush runs into the girls bathroom

"It was an accident ladies! ACCIDENT!", yells Josh as he runs past

Next scene Drake and Josh are sitting on the couch watching TV
Drake is sitting on the left side of the couch glaring at Josh, while Josh glares at Drake from the right side of the couch he tries to change the channel.

"…I'm watching that.", Drakes says vehemently

"What else is new? You should be doing your homework.", Josh replies picking up the remote

"Don't start with me Josh!", yells Drake turning to face Josh

"You want to tussle?", shouts Josh

"…" Drake says nothing only stares at Josh

"…" Josh says nothing either

"You are such a dork.", laughs Drake shaking his head in pity

"Yeah well you…you! You--- ", stutters Josh apparently in complete shock

"Ha! Yes! I got you, you can't even think of a comeback!", yells Drake triumphantly

"Yes I can!", Protests Josh

"Now I'm starting to think that this bet is a good idea.", Drake says with a grin laying back on the couch crossing his arms in satisfaction

A disembodied voice from across the room says,"Yes!"

Drake and Josh both turn around in different directions looking for the voice

"…Weird.", they say in unison

Josh looks around for a minute then grabs the remote from off the table and changes the channel to Oprah

"I told you I was watching that! No one likes Oprah!", cries Drake jumping across to the other side of the couch grabbing the remote back from Josh

Josh gasps,"Take that back!"

"No!", snaps Drake

"Fine! I'll change it to something even your small brain can comprehend!", shouts Josh turning the channel.

Drake glares at Josh and gets up off the couch turning to walk upstairs.

Josh startled, puts the remote down to look at Drake.

"Pfft…you couldn't' even think of a comeback and you're calling me dumb.", Drake said walking upstairs.

"At least I have a job!", Josh yells.

"…THAT'S IT!", screams Drake.

"What's it!", Josh shouts in confusion.

Drake doesn't give Josh a reply and continues stomping up the stairs angrily.

"Hey, don't ignore me when I'm speaking to you!", shouts Josh running after Drake.

Next scene Josh is following Drake up to their room
"Okay, I'm gonna have to move into the living room again!", Drake yells climbing up his bed.

"Oh, you don't have to do that Drake there's a perfectly good interstate for you to live on!", shouts Josh sarcastically.

"Are you saying that I should live on the highway!", growls Drake in a mix of confusion and anger.

"That's what I just said, good thing the bet is not on otherwise you would have lost!" replies Josh with full sarcasm.

Mrs. Parker-Nichols hearing the commotion comes upstairs.

"Can you please not fight, whenever you two go at it it's like this whole family is in your fight!", she yells in disappointment.

"Sorry mom but I will not share my room with an imbecile! That means stupid!", Drake says vehemently.

"…I know!", Josh shouts turning to Drake.

"Mommy are they fighting again?", Megan asks in mock innocence.

"Yes Megan I'm afraid so.", replies her mom shaking her head.

"You know what! I'll take you up on that bet, as long as I don't have to be in this room…with you!", Drake shouts flinging a nearby pillow at Josh

"Fine! I bet that you couldn't even listen to me or that your squirrel attention span would get the better of you!", replies Josh angrily flinging the pillow at Drake but missing hitting his lava lamp and breaking it for the second time.

"You see what you do!", asks Josh angrily

"I didn't do anything! Fine! I bet that you won't stop insulting me about my attention span and always get mad at me! Which by the way is why we're having this fight! You start stuff!", shouts Drake making hand gestures of Josh.

"I do not start st----", gasps Josh taken aback by the statement

Megan steps in front of Josh,"Ah ah ah, Josh the bet has begun, and you can't get mad at Drake, or insult him.", she says evilly at Josh.

From on his bed Drake snickers and folds his arms.

"Don't get so cocky Drake, you have to pay more attention to Josh, and…. don't let your…. attention span wander or something like that….", says Megan shaking her head.

"But how am I supposed to know when my attention span wanders! If it wanders how will I know!", asks Drake in complete confusion.

"I don't know I just confirm the bet and make money on the Internet.", Megan mumbles

Mrs. Parker-Nichols steps in front of Megan, "…What?", she asks with a frown.

"O-oh, I tell underprivileged kids how they shouldn't fight like Drake and Josh.", stutters Megan with an innocent voice and looks at her mother with big eyes.

"That's a good idea Megan.", aggress her mom.

"Fine, I have to calm down.", says Josh

"Yeah you might want to do that crabby.", Drake replies lying down.

"Grrrrr!", growls Josh seething and trying to hold back his anger.

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