Author's Note: I apologize this took me so long. I've had the chapter written a week, but the site wouldn't let me upload it. Anyway, here's the epilogue...possibility for a sequel, not sure yet. Thanks to all the reviewers!

Hermione's POV

The rest of the day at The Burrow had been even livelier than normal. Mrs. Weasley cried half the day, even though a giant smile was plastered on her face the whole time. Fred and George decided to initiate Viktor into the family by turning his hair pink, much to his chagrin. Ginny and Harry, of course, preceded to take nearly all the credit for bringing them together, which amused both her and Viktor.

She finally managed to extract herself from the death grip of the Weasleys and apparated back home with Viktor. She had every intention of immediately traveling to her parents' house to let them know of the engagement, but she and Viktor had ended up in bed instead after a chaste kiss went awry…not that she minded. They didn't stir from the bedroom until the next day when they both had to report to work. The look on the players' faces was absolutely priceless when they spotted her engagement ring. Naturally, all of them expressed their congratulations, even Sergei, although his was slightly stilted.

The next night, her parents and Viktor's both met at Viktor's house, where she and Viktor announced their engagement to all of them at once. His parents both had knowing smiles on their faces while her parents were utterly shocked at the announcement. Her mother had been aware of her relationship with Viktor, but she hadn't given her a whole lot of specifics. Nevertheless, the evening turned out quite well. Viktor's parents left first, of course, while her parents opted to stay a little longer.

She knew the reason her parents were staying was because they wanted to interrogate her and Viktor. Her parents trusted her judgment for the most part, but they were still a little worried about the sudden change in the status of their relationship. Her father had disappeared with Viktor for a few minutes while she spoke with her mother in the kitchen. Viktor never told her what her father asked, but both of their faces were flushed from embarrassment when they returned. Whatever he said, it must have worked because her parents gave them their blessing and immediately began planning the ceremony.

True to form, Mrs. Weasley insisted on helping out with the wizarding ceremony. Hermione and Viktor went through a small muggle ceremony for her parents just three weeks after the engagement was announced. Several of her relatives assumed she was being forced to get married because of an impending bundle of joy, but her parents thankfully quashed that rumor. Viktor didn't want to wait until after the season for the wizarding ceremony, but his mother and Mrs. Weasley practically insisted upon it. They claimed they simply didn't have sufficient time to plan it properly otherwise.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Krum got along fabulously. They wisely split the work, and Hermione was surprised at how quickly they constructed the entire ordeal. Since both of them were well-known, especially Viktor, the announcement of their engagement sparked a flurry of articles in various newspapers and tabloids. There were the same claims about her being pregnant, but they were sorely disappointed when she failed to 'start showing' after the requisite five or six months.

Thinking back to that day, Hermione still couldn't believe how handsome Viktor had looked in his dress robes. He had worn a tuxedo for the muggle ceremony, and she had thought at the time he couldn't look better, but he proved her wrong. The tuxedo was definitely flattering, but the dress robes were him. After all, he was a pureblood wizard, and an extremely attractive one at that, so a tuxedo was somewhat of a foreign garment for him. At Mrs. Weasley's insistence, she had gotten two wedding dresses, one for the muggle ceremony and one for the wizarding ceremony. She had hoped to just buy one, but her idea was immediately shot down when she mentioned it. Mrs. Weasley claimed it would be in bad taste to wear the same dress, using a tone of voice which invoked no argument.

Viktor, of course, insisted that money was no object, and that she should have the best of everything. His mother seemed to take that to heart, and Hermione quickly learned that their wedding was going to be anything but simple. In the end, it was the social event of the year, complete with numerous bodyguards chosen to protect the premises from potential wedding crashers. They had invited close to 500 people, and Mrs. Weasley still bemoaned the fact that the location couldn't hold more.

It had been the best day of her life, bar none. All of her friends and family were there, and her life, for the first time, finally felt complete. Harry, who was one of the groomsmen, had finally popped the question to Ginny, who served as Hermione's maid of honor…naturally, she accepted with an unprecedented enthusiasm. Arthur Weasley had given her away, and he didn't stop smiling the entire day. Alexei did show up to the wedding, but he practically ran away from her anytime she got within thirty feet of him (she assumed it was Viktor's doing, of course). Not to mention Viktor's team had won the IQL title for the second year in a row. It seemed there was an endless supply of things to celebrate…

Now, standing in her kitchen, Hermione was afraid it was starting to unravel. She and Viktor had been married ten months, and they had simply been delightful. They had grown even closer during that time, and she felt incredibly lucky to be Mrs. Viktor Krum. They still had the occasional row, but making up was always worth it. Hermione felt her cheeks burn a little as she realized that one of those make up sessions was the reason she was in the predicament she was in now.

Placing the batter on the counter, she took out a cookie sheet from one of the cupboards. Viktor had tried again and again to convince her to let the house elves take care of cooking, but she enjoyed baking too much to give it up entirely. Of course, she let the house elves prepare the majority of the meals, but the baked goods she handled. Running her hand over her stomach, she sighed as she took another batch of cookies from the oven. She was hoping the cookies would make a decent peace offering…she was definitely going to need one.

Viktor's POV

He apparated in his living room, and he had to resist the urge to just fling himself on the couch. Today had been yet another exhausting day, and he had barely managed to make it through without collapsing. The past week had been jam-packed with interviews, autograph signings, and photography sessions. It was the week after the off-season draft, which meant that the Vrasta team had a fresh new look for the upcoming season. Along with that came all the things Viktor hated about playing international Quidditch.

It amazed him that he could fly for hours on end without being exhausted, but if he spent more than an hour with a photographer, he could barely keep his eyes open. He dropped his things on the couch, and made his way slowly to the kitchen. Judging by the delicious smells wafting from the room, his wife of almost a year was baking again. He had been worried at first that she felt obligated to cook for him, but he soon realized she enjoyed it. More than once, he had found her in the kitchen after they had had a fight.

Not that they had too many fights these days. He had managed to control his temper and his jealousy…for the most part. He knew he was still a little possessive when it came to Hermione, but he was making a little progress. She lost patience with him every now and then, but she always forgave him. He smiled as he thought about the last fight they had…it was two weeks ago, and he could still remember how much fun it had been 'making up' with her.

He walked into the kitchen, expecting to see a harried Hermione bustling about the kitchen like he had seen the Weasley woman do. Instead, Hermione was quietly standing near the counter, placing what looked like his favorite kind of cookie on a plate to cool. She was softly humming under her breath, and he didn't think she could have looked more beautiful than she did at that moment.

He suddenly remembered the daydream he had had when he first saw Hermione's flat. He had imagined her baking cookies, waiting for him to come home from Quidditch practice. It suddenly hit him that he was, in fact, living out that fantasy in just under a year. Seeing the love of his life standing in their kitchen…it was breathtaking. He watched her silently for a few more minutes before slowly walking towards her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

Surprisingly, she flinched a little when his arms snaked around her waist, but she smiled as she turned to face him. "Hello, Mr. Krum. Have fun with all the interviews today?" she said in a teasing tone. She knew just how much he hated all the peripheral aspects of playing Quidditch for a living.

"It vas…typical," he said, thankful he had the next two days off.

"Why were you standing over there so long? The cookies don't smell that bad, do they?" she asked, a look of concern flashing across her face.

He smiled as he shook his head. "Cookies are vonderful. I vas just thinking about how I used to dream finding you in our kitchen, baking cookies for me vhen I returned from riding broom," he said as he placed a gentle kiss on her temple. He wanted to do a lot more, but she always scolded him if he interrupted her when she was baking. "You looked so beautiful, I did not vant to disturb you."

"Oh, that's so sweet," Hermione said, biting her lower lip. He nearly frowned before he caught himself. Something wasn't right…he wasn't sure what, but she seemed nervous.

Tipping her head up to meet his eyes, he said in a soft voice, "Vhat is vrong, loff?"

"Well, Viktor," she began, letting her eyes drift downward, "when you were dreaming about me baking cookies in the kitchen, exactly how many people were in the kitchen?"

Viktor looked at her quizzically. "There vas just you and me, Hermione." He glanced around, checking to see if someone was hiding. "Is there someone else in kitchen?"

She bit her lip again before answering, "Well, in a way, yes." As she spoke, she moved his left hand to rest on her stomach. "Or, at least, there will be in about seven months."

He stared at her confusedly, not registering what she was saying. He glanced down at his hand, finally realizing what had happened. "You are…vith child?" he asked, hesitantly, not wanting to get his hopes up.

Hermione didn't speak, she just nodded her head slowly, looking like she was afraid of his reaction. He immediately let out a whoop of joy, lifting her off her feet in a crushing embrace. She was pregnant! He was going to be a father! The idea of being a father was terrifying, but incredibly exciting at the same time. He had always wanted a family, and now he would have one with the most amazing woman in the world.

He finally managed to set her down a few moments later when he realized she was having trouble breathing. "Y-you aren't m-mad at me?" she asked in a small voice.

"No!" Viktor said vehemently. "Vhy vould I be mad? You haff given me best gift possible," he said as he led her to the table to sit down. "A year ago, I haff nothing, now I haff family of my own."

"Oh, Viktor!" she cried, moving over to place herself in his lap. "I was so afraid you would be upset. I know you wanted to wait a few years before we had children, and I didn't want-"

"I did not vant to vait," Viktor interrupted, sending her an apologetic smile. "I am fine vith haffing a child now. I thought you vanted to vait."

"Me?" Hermione questioned, before letting out a little laugh. "I am okay with having children now, I just thought you weren't." She sent him a sheepish smile before continuing, "So I guess we're happy about this then."

"Absolutely!" Viktor exclaimed, placing a tender but firm kiss on her mouth. "I think maybe our parents vill be even happier than ve are," he said, chuckling against her lips. He knew for a fact that her mother and father were anxious for grandchildren, especially since Hermione was an only child. "Ve vill tell them tomorrow," he said, wanting to have her all to himself for the evening.

"They'll be delighted, I'm sure," she agreed, laughing. "I'm just so relieved that you aren't upset. I've been nervous all day, wondering what you would say or do," she confessed.

Cupping her face in his hands, he said, "I could not be happier, loff," he said as he leaned forward to rest his forehead on hers. "Vhy don't we go upstairs and I vill show you how happy I am?" he asked, giving her a suggestive wink.

Her face broke out into a smile at his suggestion. "What about the cookies, Viktor?"

Viktor glanced back at the cookies still sitting on the platter. "I think ve can find a use for them. Cookies will come vith us," he said as he gave her bum a small pinch.

She squealed in response, and quickly moved from his lap to the door. As he headed upstairs, chasing his lovely wife to their bedroom, he realized that everything he had ever wanted in life was finally his.