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Harry walked out to where he saw the Horntail and raised his wand. He started to say Accio Firebolt, but then a brilliant idea came to him, much more brilliant then flying.

"Accio Golden Egg!" Harry shouted the egg flew into Harry's hands, and the crowd erupted in cheers, and Harry got the full fifty points. And as he was carried back to the Common Room on the Gryfindors' shoulders, Harry wondered why he hadn't thought of Accio-ing the egg before.

After McGonagall announced the Yule Ball, Harry waited until every Gryffindor was in the Common Room. Then he shouted, "Accio pretty date!" Seconds later, Harry Potter had a date with Parvati Patil to the Yule Ball.
After hearing the clue, on the day of February twenty-fourth, Harry pulled out his wand and said his favorite spell – "Accio Ronald Weasley!" – And once again, got the full amount of points.

Harry had to admit, Accio was good.

Finally, it was the day of the third task, and they all got ready to go in. Harry strode in, waited a few seconds, then walked right back out of the maze and yelled "Accio Tri-Wizard Cup!", and was portkeyed away. What he didn't count on was for Cedric Diggory, who had not gone in yet (he had the least points), to run over and touch the cup too - but just barely.

Of course, the next summer, no one thought he made up the story of being portkeyed somewhere – but they still thought he murdered Cedric.

Years later, Harry marveled the ability of a simple Accio. If he didn't have that, he might have done something stupid to get past the dragon, like flew around it, or something even dumber, like trusting Dobby to get a strange plant to breathe underwater.

'Nah' Harry thought to himself, 'not even I'm that stupid!'

A/N:I have a very good explanation for this fic. You see, I was re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-reading the Goblet of Fire, when I was on the First Task where he said "Accio Firebolt!", and I was thinking, why doesn't he just summon the egg? I fixed the it so Cedric would be dead, cuz he needs to see the horse-things to get to the Department of Mysteries. Right. Err...Accio reviews!