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Harry sighed, staring up at the ceiling from his bed. The Dursleys were as bad as ever, if not worse. He barely ate food, and most of the time, Harry spent his time thinking. Suddenly, something Voldemort said and did stuck out in his mind.

Or rather, something Peter Pettigrew did. Oh yes, he remembered so well. . .

"B-Blood of the enemy . . . forcibly taken . . . you will . . . resurrect you foe." After saying that, Wormtail had taken a dagger and dragged it down Harry's arm,and catching the blood in a vial.

'Wait a second' Harry thought to himself, sitting up abruptly. 'If Voldemort has my blood, why would the blood wards even work? He could get past them, no problem! I could leave any time, and be just as safe anywhere else!'

(This is the point in most stories where Harry leaves, goes on a major shopping spree and buys clothes from 2006, goes on a major adventure, bashes Dumbledore to the extreme, and, oh yeah, defeats Voldemort.)

And then, Harry left the Dursleys, got training from ninjas around the globe, and beat Voldemort.

And March 23rd became the official 'Harry Potter Day'.

Because Harry's cool like that. Oh, and he found his true love to beat Voldemort. Yep, it couldn't be love for his friends, or his surrogate family, the Weasleys, no, not platonic love at all.

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