By nautika

Summary: Completely AU, character death! Remembering silences of the past. Short.

A/N: I say all my stories are AU, but this one really is. First, I write that Aragorn's mother died with his father. In addition, Aragorn never was feeble or frail in the way he is here. He chose to depart Arda first.


As he lie with his senses failing, he found that instead of fearing the final silence brought by death, he was looking forward to it. He no longer had the strength to grip Arwen's hand or even to murmur sounds of comfort to her to try to ease her pain at his departure from Middle Earth. His lungs still drew breath, his heart still beat and he could still hear. Nothing else was physically left to him. His mind, still alert, drifted back to previous silences.

The silence that was broken only by his own childish cries after the battle that claimed the life of his parents.

The silence of the elves themselves as they moved.

The disappointed silence of Elrond when he had discovered some prank his three sons had engaged in that resulted in one or more of them being injured.

The silence while holding his breath, waiting to jump out and surprise Legolas when he arrived for a visit.

The silence of shock and grief in the Healing Rooms after an immortal life was lost.

The silence of a morning so early the birds were not yet awake.

The silence of the animals and birds when they sensed danger was near.

The silence in the moment before a newborn babe's first cry.

The eerie silence just before the start of a battle.

The silence when he and Arwen shut out all else but each other.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn and Elrond, beloved King of Gondor, friend to many, father to Eldarion and his sisters, husband to Arwen, realized he no longer heard the sobs of his family. Wrapped in a warm cocoon of silence, he drew his last breath and with a smile on his face, departed Arda.