Not Supposed To Be This Way…

Abby Ebon

It's not often in my life that I had been as scared as I was just then, my best friends turning into monsters before my eyes – trapped in a cabin, with no weapons of any sort.

I think I would have preferred to be back in that mall, fighting Scarlet…

It's only half an hour till sunrise, but you'd be surprised how much can happen in half an hour…

It only took a few minutes for them to be attacked – and no less then twenty to be changed into werewolves.

I wonder how much longer I could last if they got inside somehow…

I find myself winching in pain, whenever I look out the window and see one of them, it didn't seem to feel pleasant to turn into a werewolf.

I find myself fishing for a topic to talk about, something to distract us both…

"Why Scarlet…?" I find myself asking, Seth looks up at me, he's been looking to the door every few minutes – wondering what I am, when are all those big bad wolves outside gonna come a knocking?

"What?" Seth asked; focus switching to me, even if he does look twitchy about the door.

"What happened between you two?" I let it settle between us, a waiting game. Seth, not surprisingly, brakes first.

"Met her in a bar, few years back…" Seth started, and why wasn't I surprised to hear him say that?

"Got drunk, had sex – told her about what happened to us." I think he's just trying to annoy me now…

"She…believed me." Way too much awe for a vampire - bitch from hell, can we say 'jealousy'?

"We hunted for a while together…" Apparently we can say jealousy…

"Then there was an accident, I ended up pinned down, and Suzy was turned…she was the only one I let escape." Was that, regret?

"She changed her name to Scarlet after being turned…I've been tracking her ever since." Seth finished; apparently, he'd noticed the look on my face.

I don't think I was hiding my jealously very well. He looked amused.

"What about you and those twins?" He asked then, his voice carefully void, and his eyes going between me and the door – then to the window.

"They are my friends; we met in the village I grew up in after we parted ways." I mentioned, flinching at the sound of a howl.

Outside – they started to fight over the new pecking order, I wondered what would happen if the twins lost – or won…

Seth grunted, and sat down next to me, his arm over my shoulder.

I didn't protest, I knew I needed to know on a basic level that I wasn't alone in the world, that I had people out there I could, eventually, learn to trust.

I wondered at my – our?- future, sitting there with his arm around me, and werewolves howling; would Seth and I part ways again, like last time?

Or would we travel together, fighting the good fight against vampires.

I heard snarling, waking me from a half-sleep, thoughts of fighting vampires with the werewolf twins swimming in my mind. I looked outside to see the twins had turned most of the pack into their bellies, they, for worse or better, were alphas.

"Do you think they'll be alright?" I found myself asking Seth, I felt him shrug, the scent of him filling my nose.

"Well, some say werewolves change completely back into humans – or that they can control the change after their first full moon…" Seth trailed off, and I knew why, vampires we knew – we could predict, werewolves were an unknown.

We could only hope for the best.

I leaned into him, enjoying the closeness, perhaps a little more then I ought to have, there was a knowing look in his eyes, and he reached up a hand, brushing back the hair from my face.

I caught a glimpse of us in the glass – we looked in love, a picture-perfect cover for a good romance book.

My lips twitched at the thought, and I didn't stop myself from leaning into his rough hands. His thumb brushed my bottom lip, the edge of my ear, and I shivered, lust, a strange tingling in my lower belly, crept up my spine.

I was more aware of him then I had ever been of any man before, and as he leaned down to kiss me, the feather touch of his lips against mine sent a sharp jolt of need shuddering over me; I could tell, looking into his eyes, he felt just the same.

The rest of the night was ours, and as the dawn etched across the sky, the pack of werewolves – and Seth and I, slept off our night.


"You look like you enjoyed yourselves." Mark mumbled, amused, as he came into the cabin around noon, taking in the sight of me and Seth – he didn't seem objectionable to the idea, so I took it that he'd accepted my choice.

"Oh, I could get used to it…" Seth murmured next to me, his eyes glinting knowingly up at me – he took in the sight of Mark, the torn up clothes, just barely enough to keep him properly covered.

"You two gonna be alright?" Seth asked him, Luke entered then, he didn't have a shirt, and I knew why – he'd torn it to shreds trying to change in them.

"Were human enough…the others though, they are almost half-animal." Mark told him, and Luke, seeing my alarmed look, explained. "They are born werewolves, they like the wolf form though – their leader died a few months back, and they've been trying to change a new one."

"Apparently among the born-werewolves very few leaders are born – and most werewolves, as far as they know, are born in these parts." Mark continued where his twin had left off.

Seth frowned, not liking the thought of so many werewolves without leaders.

"I know what your thinking - don't, we've decided to round up all the werewolves we can, and head for protected land – that way we'll not be a danger…" Luke assured Seth, his eyes wary.

I had to remind myself that they weren't human – even now, newly changed, they'd think along the lines of the two – the human part, and the beast.

Seth nodded, accepting this, I bit my lip.

"So, Seth and I go hunt vampires; and you two are going to be leaders of your…wolves?" I asked my voice shaky, I liked Seth – but I'd never imagined Mark and Luke not having our backs against the vampires we would fight in the future.

"Hey, hey, it isn't like that…we'll be around if you need us – just give us a call." Mark assured, glancing at Luke for support in dealing with 'the girl/woman'; the thought amused me, smooth Mark, unable to deal with an upset female.

"Not a howl, eh?" Seth teased, and Mark snorted, Luke's lips twitched.

We stayed in the cabin for two nights after that – getting used to the new Mark and Luke, who weren't all that different from the other version, just supernaturally stronger men, who liked their meat bloody, and turned furry every once in a while.

We saw them a few years later – interestingly, they walked in on us…they've never let us live down what they heard either;

"You know, Kate, it's not supposed to be this way…"

"Oh? And why is that, Seth?"

"I'm supposed to be on top…"

…It was perfectly innocent – I swear.

The End