The Fly Away Remedy

Abby Ebon


Full Summary: John Sheppard is captured by the Wraith; Ronon Dex does the foolishly heroic thing and gets himself caught as well. Surprise, surprise, the Wraith, in effort to find out why this is, inject John with something truly diabolical– something they say, only Ronon can save him from. Then, shockingly, they are let loose on a planet with no signs of 'Gate or technology. Whatever it is the Wraith injected into John rears its ugly head – and John in effort to 'protect' his friend, runs for it. Ronon wakes up with Aiden Ford's knife to his neck; the good news – he has a ship, bad news…seems Ford has a little too much Wraith in him and needs a mate. Ronon/John/Ford

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Dr. Weir settled back in her chair as her team cautiously entered her office. Lt. Col. John Sheppard, the military leader for Atlantis glanced around the room with some care, obviously worried this was about their behavior leading to the death of Ancients.

In truth, he had nothing to fear – the cold truth of the matter was that those on Earth that knew of this project had not truly wanted to lose ground here – and had decided to ignore their behavior in favor of being back in Pegasus Galaxy. The fact that he had the most active Ancient-genes had only helped.

Teyla walked in next – when McKay did not follow her in – as was his usual habit; the others looked among each other puzzled then to Weir for and explanation. Weir had already explained to Dr. McKay the fact he wasn't going on this particular mission.

Dr. Weir let herself smile at her team – and John, reassuringly. She did not miss Ronon's eyes glace to John then back to her – something like jealously sparked in the depths of his dark eyes.

Elizabeth ignored the not so subtle hint of possessiveness in favor of telling her team what mission she was sending them on next. It was rare they had such meetings – usually they went out to "see where the 'Gate took them" as one report had complained, or explore, as she preferred.

"The mission I'm sending on, must be carried out carefully, I do not know why – but the Wraith seem to have taken a keen interest in this planet. You are to go there, and see to the recon – if you run into trouble, I trust you to take the appropriate measures." This meant – in not so many words, that if things went sour she expected them to get back to Atlantis ASAP.

"Where is Rodney?" Teyla, a slight frown on her face, asked Elizabeth.

"He is working on another project, so, will you do it?" Weir asked, phasing it as a question, John glanced around at his team and finally nodded, if a bit excited by the prospect.

"Of course..." Teyla answered, having decided a verbal answer was needed as well.

"Then I expect you to be ready in half an hour." Elizabeth told them, they left – and Elizabeth wondered if this was as necessary as Caldwell seemed to think it was, for she had a dire feeling about this.


-Before Arrival to HEX6-


On a world far away from Earth, in the Pegasus Galaxy, a circular ring- much like an old phone dials on Earth shifted many times, and a sudden torrent of light and sound arched out of the ring and promptly resettled into a calm surface – save that the ring was vertical it could be said the substance acted as if it was water.

The Wraith Dart had surveyed this area numerous times – there were no survivors (they had just culled the last of the humans who had resided here). So it could be said that this was a planet was uninhabited.

There was no reason for the activation of the Stargate – this world's allies had long ago disbanded, so the activation was a mystery. One the Wraith Dart pilot intended to solve.

It watched as an Atlantis team of three, led by one Lt. Col. John Sheppard- enemy of the Wraith, came through the Stargate. The pilot reported the sighting and location, and studied the group of three. Usually, they traveled in a group of four, none the less the pilot knew them on sight.

They were three very different people – from very different backgrounds, although they all wore the same basic uniform of sorts- the uniform of Atlantis's teams when they left Atlantis.

This entrance, they pilot knew, was watched by a dart for two reasons - to ensure that no humans escaped, and to warn if 'help', however misguided, came for the humans.

This was clearly 'help', although far too late to do anything but interfere, having filed the information the dart followed procedure and raced back to the Hive ship hovering in space above the planet, awaiting its return.


-The Arrival to HEX6-


John, on general principal, did not believe in "bad feelings" – he believed whole-heartedly to gut feelings, however. John's 'gut-feeling' of this place was that it was creepy, and that made John nervous, because, for some reason - this perfectly peacefully innocent planet gave him the creeps; as if he was being watched, although he could see no one.

"What is it?" Teyla, ever the perceptive one, asked him. Sheppard shook his head, and shrugged his feelings off- they had a job to do. Elizabeth wouldn't take kindly to having to write a report that a mission was canceled because of John's "feelings".

"Nothing, just hang close to the 'Gate, got a feeling we won't be sticking around long." John told his one man short team, it struck him then, that the familiar presence of Rodney was gone – because Rodney was not one to take a comment like that one… and not respond to it with sarcasm.

Throughout their missions together, Rodney usually talked for the sake of it, but John hardly paid it much mind anymore; the scientists babble had become routine, and something John was so used to he didn't pay much attention to it. In effort to distract himself he glanced to Ronon, who was being just as cautious as he was, if not even more so.

John appreciated that more then anything, it meant he could afford to relax once in a while on a long mission - though in truth, John never relaxed till he was on Atlantis - and sometimes not even then.

That was just how John was, it made sleep hard - but it was necessary. It was also necessary to put on the fools mask - so they wouldn't see he was always tense - always ready for danger. Although, only Teyla seemed to sense this – and had the nerve to tell him she disapproved.

Yet, John couldn't help this bad habit; it had always been that way for John - even before Atlantis and O'Neill. John tensed suddenly as Teyla shivered – they looked up to see and hear the steady humming of an incoming Wraith Dart.

"Retreat!" Sheppard hollered, even as he noted that Ronon and he were the furthest from the 'Gate; Teyla had near the 'Gate as John and Ronon had made a sweep of their surroundings. John only hoped she dialed before the Wraith Dart was too near.

He was also hoping, without much conviction, that Ronon, who was ahead of him – would with Teyla, would only shout a warning, and leave without waiting for him. John pretended to be an optimist, but he knew if he was a betting man, he wouldn't be betting on his getting through the 'Gate in time.

Regardless, even as Sheppard fell back to guard his teams six; he noticed Ronon wasn't leaving his side. John motioned for Ronon to go on ahead, but the man either didn't see, or didn't care, what John wanted.

John thanked God when Teyla yelled, just as he heard the 'Gate open, he turned to glance behind him. Five feet till he was at the 'Gate; Teyla was shooting up at the Wraith Dart – defiant.

"Come on, John!" Teyla yelled, even as she fired off a few rounds at the one Dart became two, as they swept over. "Just go, I'll get there in a few!" John took the time to yell even as Ronon and he advanced toward the 'Gate - Teyla had gone through after a near miss.

Now, it was just Ronon and him. Ronon was closer to the 'Gate though; the darts were back though; they fired, and Sheppard was about to yell for Ronon to go on through the 'Gate – he was only a few inches compared to John's three feet.

Then the dart picked him up.

"John!" Ronon was faced with two choices - one going through the 'Gate without John. Or go after John. He knew John would want him to go through the 'Gate, but, for the moment, it was Ronon's choice.

To Ronon it wasn't a choice- John was needed in Atlantis, and it was Ronon who intended to bring him back.

Ronon who'd secretly vowed to protect the man who gave him a second chance.

With a yell, Ronon dived into the dart's light after John.


When Ronon came to, they were in the same cell, opposite sides, but the same cell. He was thankful for that, he wasn't thankful for the Wraith watching him curiously from the other side of the cell door.

"Why?" The Wraith questioned him, curious despite itself, but Ronon only glared, then shrugged, playing dumb. The Wraith snarled, probably thinking him dim-witted, and waved a hand at John.

"Why did you go after him, Runner?" Ronon raised an eyebrow at the Wraith's question; it wasn't like them to wonder at the loyalties of humans, so why had they started now? Ronon grunted and decided to answer; it wasn't like there was anything else for him to do.

"He's my friend." The Wraith snorted, and mockingly echoed the word - knowing that was only part of the real reason, it wasn't stupid either, after all.

"Runners don't have friends. Those you abandon as soon as you see our 'Darts." The Wraith hissed. Ronon had no answer to that, it was true that in the past he had done exactly that- it wasn't something he was proud of either.

"Perhaps you will be more cooperative once I tell you what we've done to him," the Wraith smirked, and then continued- gloatingly, and Ronon hated him for it, "the Queen has injected your…. Friend…with something…something only you, Runner, will be able to save him from. To let things play out… naturally, we've gone to the trouble of taking the 'Gate from the world you arrived on – there is no technology there, and really, I hadn't thought you stupid enough to take the bait, but don't hold hope for rescue. We intend to stay until we have gathered the data from the experiment. After that…you both might be glad to die." The Wraith purred, and Ronon watched helplessly as he flicked a switch and walls sealed around the cell, separating it, and flinging it from the Hive- down, down to the planet – when it settled upon the ground, and the cell door opened – freeing them onto their prison planet.


When the same Wraith reported to his Queen that her will had been carried out, both were unaware of Aiden Ford hearing, they thought him asleep. Ford had been rescued from the Hive ship that exploded by this Queen, a Queen who took much… interest in the workings of humans.

Especially how they mated, and why he, her 'pet' - had reacted so badly too the breeding season of the Wraith. While the season had long ago left them, it still stirred inside of Aiden.

Aiden Ford decided then to escape the Hive ship, and go to the planet where John, and Ronon, waited- helpless. Aiden would to win his place back in Atlantis by bringing back John and Ronon, with a Wraith Dart, one which he would use to get to the planet- the Wraith thought him quite helpless and had not bothered to hide the location from him.

To ensure success, he would bond with them.


Authoress' Note: This is not abandoned, I intend to write it as slash, and make no mistake it will be finished in five chapters, with some plot, guaranteed. Why, exactly, has it taken so long for me to get back to this fic? Well, I needed to learn to write slash, didn't I? Seek out; ' Envious Ways' (A Ed/Envy slash fic) and 'For You' (a Harry Potter/Hiei from YYH fic) for examples, I guarantee you won't regret it.