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Katara didn't like soccer. She never did. The practices were alright—she was rid of her brother for a couple of hours—it was the games she hated with a passion. Her parents always dragged her away from whatever she was doing (or woke her up at unusual hours of the morning) to go watch two teams kick a ball up and down a field, half killing each other in the process. Good thing this field was close to a park. Katara set down her stuff and set off for the swings, where she did most of her day-dreaming/ thinking. She looked up at the sky.

I hope it rains…

Zuko stretched out with his red and black clad soccer team, the Wild Fire. The opposing team, the Windriders—they were orange and white—looked fast and agile.

'Good', he thought confidently, 'this will be a challenge.'

He watched the players as they painted arrows on each others hands and faces. Wondering its meaning he laughed silently.

"You focused today Zuzu?" his best friend, teased him bringing him back to earth. Zuko glared at the usage of his hated nickname but nodded all the same. He glanced up at the sky, overcast and cold.

I hope it gets warmer…

Katara swung her legs back and forth, propelling the swing into motion. She closed her eyes, her back to her brothers' game, letting the coolness in the air pull her into a temporary calm. She just jolted abruptly from her sanctuary when an object crashed with the side of her head, causing her to fall off the swing.

"Oh my Agni! I'm so sorry!" said a masculine voice rapidly heading her way. She sat up—noticing that the object causing all of this was a soccer ball, go figure—and rubbed the injured side of her head. "Are you alrigh— Katara?" She looked up at the causer of said pain and was surprised. She saw the one person she really wished wasn't there.

"Zuko!" her crush. "I-I didn't know you played soccer…" she stood up and tried to compose herself.

"Um…yea…we're playing the Windriders today…" he mentally slapped himself.

"Oh…my friend is on that team…" Katara said as if in a trance.

"Really?" Zuko asked with the same trance-like tone. She nodded.

"Zuko!" his friend broke the semi-trance jolting the two teens back to earth, "quit flirting and get your butt over here!" Zuko turned red and made a mental note to kill him later.

"I…gotta go…" Zuko reluctantly turned around and started walking back to his team. A grip on his wrist stopped him. Katara stepped in front of him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "Good luck…" she whispered.

"What…was that?" Zuko was dumbstruck.

"It's a Good Luck Kiss, one you give someone when you are wishing them good luck," Katara stepped around Zuko—or would have—if Zuko hadn't pulled her back in front of him. Zuko leaned his head closer to hers, and kissed her full on the lips.

When they broke apart Katara subconsciously raised a hand to her mouth.

"That was a Kiss Kiss, one you give someone when you try to show affection," Zuko walked back to his team—who greeted him with 'oohs' and 'kissy faces'—leaving a shocked-beyond-comprehension—not to mention cherry red—Katara to stare after him.

She lowered her hand and smiled, 'I guess soccer isn't all that bad…'


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