-1-Everlasting – A Love Hina Story

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Hinata Sou - Hallway

Another cool quiet morning in Hinata, a small town on the outskirts of Tokyo, where nothing out of the ordinary ever seemed to happen.



…well, in a town where this is a common sight, it certainly isn't 'out of the ordinary'.

"Stupid Keitaro!" Naru said incensed. Her fist was still shaking after what Keitaro tried to do to her. "How dare he tried to grab a feel! Pervert!" Grab a feel of her ample bosom. Well, ample compared to just a few of the guest here granted (obviously Kitsune beats her here by a mile in this category). But still, it was something that no man should be doing to her… yet.

"You sure he tried to grab your boob Naru?" Haruka said behind her, startling the aspiring Todai hopeful. "I mean, you sure it wasn't the fact that there was a spill from Su's drink when she was doing cartwheels with it. At the very moment he came walking into the room?"

"…" Naru's anger slowly began to dissipate. However, she refused to back down from her accusation. "Well, that could be true. But… I'm sure he planned it all anyways."

Haruka took a puff from her cigarette before she raised her hand in defeat. Then, a voice spoke up behind her.

"Been a while since I've been here." An old, nearly horse, voice said.

Naru shot her head towards the sound of the voice. "Grandma Hina?"

Haruka slowly turned her head back. If she was shocked or stunned by Hina's sudden appearance, it was not shown on her face. "So, you decided to reappear now?"

Hina shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I couldn't find what I was looking for." She said as she stared at Haruka with a cold piercing glace. "But besides that, I have been putting this off for far too long. I have something to tell everyone here, particularly Keitaro." Hina swept her head from side to side. "Speaking of Keitaro, where is he?"

"Doing a little sightseeing from the air." Haruka offhandedly mentioned. "But he'll be back in a few minutes."

"Good." Hina nodded. She then turned to Naru who was still too stunned by the sudden reappearance of the Hinata Sou's true owner and previous manager to do anything. After all, she left everything up to Keitaro when she went on some wild trip around the world to try out all of the hot springs in the world. "Naru, please call everyone into the main room. I'll wait for Keitaro to arrive first before I make my announcement."

"Very well." Haruka nodded. She waited for Hina to leave before she turned to Naru. "You heard the girl, gather everyone into the main room. She has an important announcement to make."

Naru blinked a few times before she realized that Haruka was speaking to her. "Huh? Oh yeah. I'll get them…" That was when she realized something odd about the way Haruka addressed Hina. 'Girl? Why would Haruka call Hina a girl? Bah! Maybe that is Haruka's way of making Hina feel better about her age! But… she isn't in the room at the moment…'

"Well?" Haruka said, as she was tapping her foot impatiently.

"Ah!" Naru sounded, startled out of her musing. "Okay! I'll get them!"

Haruka let out a long stream of smoke from her mouth. "Well, it was going to come out eventually." She said as she made her way to the main room.


Stairway up to the Hinata Sou

"Must've caught her on an off day." Keitaro said as he moped back up the steps. "Usually I land past the park." As he slowly approached the top of the stairs, he noticed someone waiting for him. Someone that he had a major crush on, and who happened to have been the perpetrator of his flight across town. "Naru?"

"Took you long enough." Naru said with her arms crossed. She glared at Keitaro with a serious expression.

"Took me long enough? Well it took me a while to get down from the tree." Keitaro said in his defense. He picked a few leaves off his sweater to emphasis the point. "And than I fell on this wo… I mean I hit the hard ground!" Keitaro lightly chuckled hoping that Naru didn't catch what he was trying to say. While he hated lying to Naru, at the same time, he just returned from one of Naru's trips. He did not feel walking up the stairs a second time today.

"Pddt. Whatever." Naru said as she narrowed her eyes. "I noticed the ground must've somehow made that huge red mark on your face that looks suspiciously like a hand. I'm pretty sure I didn't do that."

"But but but…" Keitaro frantically waved his arms ahead of him as he realized he had been exposed. "I didn't mean it! It was Chizuru anyways! She, you know, doesn't well… not interested in…"

Naru slapped her forehead. "Stop before you dig yourself an even deeper hole Keitaro!" Naru took a deep breath before continuing. "Anyways, that's not important right now Keitaro." Naru's deadly tone was replaced with a more somber one. "Grandma Hina is here."

"Grandma…?" Keitaro's terror was quickly replaced by at first hope. Hope that maybe, some questions about his situation could finally be answered. "Than that means that she… she…" Keitaro than saw Naru's expression, an expression that did not convey joy. A sinking feeling washed over him. "Naru? Why is she here? What did she say?"

Naru quickly frowned by Keitaro's questions. "Hey! Don't look at me like that idiot! Besides…" She turned her head back. "She hasn't made her announcement yet since she was waiting for you."

"Oh." Keitaro simply said as he gulped. 'What could Grandma Hina want? The last he heard of her was when she wanted to give Keitaro the management duties of the Hinata Sou while she was away. There has been speculation that she would give him ownership of the dorm if he gets into Todai. But, well, that part has yet to be fulfilled and...'

"Well? Don't you want to hear the announcement or not?!" Naru said in a dark tone. "Hurry up and get in!"

"Ah! Yeah! Yeah! I want to hear it!" Keitaro said as he raced up the last remaining steps and entered the Hinata Sou, awaiting his fate. In the back of his mind, he had a bad feeling about what was to come. But whatever Grandma Hina had to say, it could not be as bad as pissing off Naru for the second time today.


Hinata Sou - Main Room

"What do you think is going on?" Kitsune whispered to Naru.

"I don't know." Naru whispered back. "I mean, out of the blue, she comes back and tells everyone to meet up here in the main room."

"And who's that girl behind her?" Kitsune continued to whisper into Naru's ear, indicating to the Goth girl with the strange cat. "I mean, I've never seen her before."

"Beats me." Naru whispered back in as low of a tone as she could make. "She entered right after Hina did. Maybe she's one of her servants or something."

"You know girls, if you want to talk about me and my 'granddaughter' like that…" Hina grinned at Naru and Kitsune. Both stiffened at the sudden sound of her voice. "Do it when I'm not in sight."

Naru and Kitsune began sweating. "Okay!" Both quickly nodded.

"Well we know her hearing hasn't deteriorated any." Motoko whispered to Su.

"You know, even I can hear that." The longhaired Goth girl said. Causing Motoko to stiffen. "Really, are you all really that dumb?"

"Yes! I mean NO! I mean…" Motoko's composure began to falter. "I was just um…"

"That's enough." Hina said waving Motoko away. "And yes, my hearing is excellent for my age. But…" Hina began quivering.

The girl standing behind Hina looked at her watch and narrowed her eyes impatiently. "The red headed girl, you said that oniichan has arrived at the Hinata Sou. So where is oniichan?"

Naru raised her arms. "Something about cleaning up a cut on his forehead. He'll be here in a few minutes."

"Anoooo…" Shinobu let out slightly worried. "I hope it isn't serious!"

"Of course it isn't serious!" Naru quickly crossed her arms and fumed. "This is Keitaro we're talking about!"

"Cleaning a cut?" The Goth girl frowned. "I wonder how he got that?"

"It doesn't matter!" Su said doing cartwheels on the floor. "He's indestructible!"

"Hehehe. Yup!" Kitsune raised her fist in triumph. "That's our Keitaro!"

The Goth girl's frown suddenly shifted to a smirk. "Really?"

'Something about that smile is pissing me off.' Naru thought as she heard the sound of someone coming down the steps.

Keitaro apprehensively stared into the room. Sure enough, everyone had been assembled. Motoko, Kitsune, Su, Shinobu, and even Naru were all bunched together in one corner of room. Apparently they were all too scared of Grandma Hina's presence to sit close by her. Keitaro wasn't sure why this would be the case. It was just Grandma Hina right? Sure Keitaro himself was scared being in her presence since, she is his grandmother. But they have no reason to be scared of her right? With that being said, Keitaro gulped when his eyes made contact with his grandmother. Something about them was… different. 'Whatever she had to say, must be pretty important. Maybe she came to her senses and decided to NOT make me the manager of the Hinata Sou! Oh please don't let it be bad! Don't let it be bad!' He then scanned the room again and noticed that Haruka was standing on the opposite corner of the room. He also noticed his 'sister' standing just behind Grandma Hina.

Keitaro weakly raised his hand and waved at his grandmother. "Grandma Hina! It's… been a while since I've seen you. And um… you too Kanako."

"It has been oniichan!" Kanako smiled.

"Oniichan?" Naru blinked. "Wait, Keitaro, you had a sister?"

"We'll fill everyone in later. However, there is something I must address Keitaro about. It's been a whil…" Cough CoughCough! Hina's dry bone shaking coughs rang echoed through the Hinata Sou.

Keitaro's heart began beating rapidly. "Grandma?"

Hina slowly sat down on the couch behind her with Kanako helping her sit down.

"Thank you Kanako." Grandma Hina took a deep long breath.

"Grandma!" Keitaro loud voice was laced with fear. "Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"I can hear you perfectly Keitaro, and I've already been there..." Hina quietly said.

Keitaro froze when he heard. "GRAND…"

WHACK! Haruka whacked Keitaro over the head. "Listen to Hina, Keitaro. She said she could hear you perfectly. You don't want to 'scare' her to death now do you?"

Hina quietly laughed. "You certainly have a way with words Haruka." Her smile quickly fades. "Yes you do."

"Hmph." Haruka said, retracting the fan from Keitaro's head. "Now Hina, continue. I'm sure everyone is eagerly awaiting what you have to say."

Keitaro rubbed the back of his head as he slowly sat down on the couch across from Grandma Hina. He held his breath as he waited for the announcement Hina was going to say.

After recomposing herself, Hina looked directly into Keitaro's eyes, and began to speak. "Keitaro, as you, and everyone else here was well aware, I've been on a trip around the world, visiting every hot spring I came across."

Keitaro quickly nodded.

"That…" Hina lowered her head before she continued. "Isn't the full truth."

"Eh?" Keitaro gulped.

"You see Keitaro I've…" Hina paused before continuing. "I've also been looking for the fountain of youth."

"Fountain of youth?" Keitaro repeated. "Well, I guess you want to recapture your youth and all… heheheh." He quickly rubbed the back of his head agitated. "But what does…"

"Let me continue Keitaro." Hina sat back quickly. "You see, my time is short…"

"Huh!" Keitaro's breath was caught in his throat. This was the one thing he was dreading. He knew his grandma was getting up there in age. But he did not want to believe that this time would have arrived. "Gr…gr… grandma?"


Keitaro can feel his heart beat faster and faster.

"You see Keitaro…"

Any faster and his heart would've exploded.


Keitaro closed his eyes as he prepared for the worst possible news to hit him.

"…your cousin."

Keitaro's eyes were completely shut as the room fell silent. 'Oh grandma! I can't believe it is true! I mean, I know you can't live forever but…HUH?!' The words finally sunk into his being. And the words that hit him, were certainly not what he had expected. "Grandma?"

"You can stop calling me that Keitaro since I am not your grandma."

"Oh is that all!" Kitsune said, the girls too were all holding their breaths awaiting for the possible bad news. Of course…

"WAH!!!" The girls all face faulted when the words slammed into them like someone whacking them with a mallet.

Keitaro eyes continued to blink in bewilderment. "Gran…"

"I told you, I'm not your grandmother." Hina repeated.

"Um… eh… Hina?" Keitaro was completely dumbfounded on what just happened. "You're kidding right gr…um… Hina? I mean, you're my cousin? Hehehe. Wow! You really had me worried there grandma! I mean, you certainly have a great sense of humor! Which is great! Hahahahahaha…"

"Yeah… that's… pretty funny! Hehehe…" Naru followed suit and started to lightly chuckle.

"Yeah! I mean, Hina is Keitaro's cousin?" Kitsune sputtered a bit before laughing. "Good one Hina! Wish I thought of something like that! Hahahahahaha!"

Soon the other girls joined in laughing.

"Cousin? Is it something good to eat?" Su jokingly said.

"Hahahahaha…" Keitaro was certainly enjoying this joke. I mean, Grandma Hina his cousin?

As Naru began eying Haruka, Hina, and the girl apparently named Kanako however, her laughter started to die off. "Hahahah…eh…"

Kitsune followed suit. "HAHAHAHAHhahahahah…eh…um…"

Followed by Motoko, Su, and finally Shinobu.

Soon, only Keitaro was laughing. When Keitaro realized he was the only one that found this funny, soon his laughter began dying off. "Hahah…haha…" Keitaro looked straight into Hina's eyes and realized they were dead serious. "Hahahah… you're serious aren't you?"

"Afraid so Keitaro." Grand… um, Cousin Hina said. "I am your cousin."

Keitaro could only stare at his… cousin with a wide-open mouth.

"Wait, wait, WAIT a second!" Naru's voice shattered the silence that had descended into the room. "How can you be his cousin?! You're so… old?!"

Hina glared at Naru with murderous intent.

Naru took a few steps back. "I mean, you're so… young! Yeah. Young! But… Keitaro appears to be so much younger than… you." Naru gulped hoping that would appease the… woman.

"That?" Hina noticeably calmed down, and lightly shook her head. "That… you can blame on grandma. Your real grandma Keitaro."

"Re… re… real grandma?" Keitaro repeated, still stunned by the earlier news. "Who's my real grandmother?"

Hina raised a shaking hand and pointed to someone behind Keitaro.

Keitaro slowly followed where the finger was pointing until he saw who it was that Hina meant. His mouth flew open at the sight.

Haruka stared blankly at Keitaro. Smoke continued to rise from her slowly disintegrating cigarette. "Well, I always told you that I hated being called 'old'."

The girls' mouths also flew open when they saw who Keitaro's apparent grandmother really was. Even Su couldn't believe her eyes. For the next few minutes, along with Keitaro, they divided the times staring at Haruka, then at Hina. Back to Haruka, then at Hina. They were like spectators watching the back and forth of a tennis ball at a tennis match.

"Myuh?" Tamachan, who appeared out of nowhere, sounded before fainting. Apparently his tiny mind couldn't comprehend this turn of events.

"How is this possible?" Motoko said. While she has been taught to expect, paranormal occurrences, her training in the Shinmei Ryu, as well as living at the Hinata Sou alone would make you a believer, this was still beyond anything that she could have imagined.

"I can take it from here." Haruka said as she stepped forward from the corner that was leaning against. Haruka stared down at Keitaro who was still trying to wrap his mind over the idea that Haruka was his grandmother and not his aunt.

Never mind the apparent age difference between her, and… her granddaughter?

"Tell me Keitaro…" Haruka said, snapping Keitaro out of the recesses of his mind. "Do you know why you're immortal?"

"Immortal?" Keitaro raised an eyebrow as a seemingly completely different topic was raised. "What do you mean immortal? I'm not immortal!" Keitaro was about to lightly chuckle when he realized that Haruka was being deadly serious. Much like everything else in the world. "Um… well… uh…" Now that Keitaro really thought about it, he was quite durable. And certainly the other residences have noticed it. However… "I… never thought of it as anything special! I mean, I thought it had to do with the magic of Hinata Sou!"

"Hmph." Haruka said as she sucked the cigarette down to the filter. "Hinata Sou? Keitaro, the source of your immortality is from a stone from an old gypsy selling magical colorful stones that she claimed did everything from cure deadly diseases to summoning dragons and unicorns. Anyways, she claimed that one gave long life, and so you and I touched it. Voila, instant immortality."

"Dragons and… unicorns?" Keitaro stared at Haruka after she made her, claim. "But… I thought I was immortal because I made that promise here at the Hinata Sou! And that the magic of this place kept me alive all this time until I fulfilled it!"

Haruka glared at Keitaro. "You actually believed that nonsense?"

"Well, um… eh…" Keitaro said suddenly unsure of his answer.

"Like I said, it was due to a magical stone that street peddler sold me. When you and I touched it, we became immortal." Haruka reiterated. "I thought it was crap to be honest. Never mind the fact that the stone was one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. But I can't argue the price. It was free, if I bought this other stone at least. Two for the price of one. The other stone had a beautiful shiny torque color, with, in the right light, appeared to have a faint aqua color hues to it."

"Guh!" Hina shuddered at the memories.

Haruka eyed Hina before she continued her story. "Well, it turns out that this stone was the aging stone."

Everyone in the room, except Haurka, Kanako, and Hina gasped.

"Than that means…" Keitaro started when Haruka slowly nodded.

"Hina is only thirty eight years old." Haruka raised her arms in a defeated pose.

"Hmph!" Hina glared at Haruka. "You say that now while you don't look a day older than twenty!"

"I'm thinking more like thirty but yeah." Haruka crushed the used cigarette, and removed another one from her pocket. "Those are the breaks I guess."

"Wait!" Keitaro suddenly shot up from his seat. "This is all a joke! Yeah that's right! You're all playing a joke on me!"

Haruka rolled her eyes at Keitaro's comments. "Keitaro, this is not…"

"No!" Keitaro said quickly. "I mean, I have pictures of you Haruka! And you Grandma!"

Hina lightly shook her head. "Kei…"

"I'll show you!" Keitaro rushed out of the room and headed towards his room.

Once Keitaro was out of the room, time seemed to stand still as everyone stared at the doorway as they awaited Keitaro's reappearance. With the only indication of the passage of time was Haruka's cigarette slowly turning to ash on her lips.

A few moments later, Keitaro returned to the room holding a picture with him, middle-aged woman that looked a slightly younger version of Haruka, and a much older woman all smiling back at the camera. It was apparently taken when Keitaro was around seven or eight, and it was taken sometime before the infamous promise was made.

Keitaro eagerly showed the current occupants the picture. It was one of the few pictures that, didn't simply contain him and so, he was eager to show it off to everyone. "See? Here is you Haruka, and Grandma right here!"

Haruka took the picture and looked at it. Her expression softened as she fondly remembered the girl in it. "Ah, Yoko. I hadn't seen this picture of her before."

"Yo…ko?" Keitaro stared at Haruka dumbfounded.

"That's the girl that looked like me Keitaro." Haruka eyed Keitaro. "Your aunt, and my daughter."

Keitaro's mouth felt dry. "But that's you! I remember…"

"Keitaro…" Hina spoke up behind him. "Do you know who the promise girl is?"

"…" Keitaro's mouth continued to move, but no words were coming out as a daunting, and bizarre truth began to set it. "Um, well…"

Haruka crossed her arms while still holding onto the picture. "Besides, fifteen years down the road, Yoko would still look older than me anyways. You see, the reason why you haven't heard of Yoko is…" Haruka's stern expression gave way somewhat as she recalled the memories. "She died in a car crash a few years after Hina finished college." Haruka wiped a few tears from her eyes. "Todai of all places. And this was before Hina came into contact with the aging stone. When we realized what was happening, we, Hina and I, made a pact to keep this a secret between us. With all this aging, de-aging stone business going on, well, we didn't want your young mind dealing with the idea that the person you thought was your cousin, was some old hag in just a few short years."

Hina grumbled at Haruka's last comments.

"And the person you thought was Hina, was really me before I apparently… de-aged."

"De-age?" Keitaro blinked confused.

"That's right." Haruka nodded. "You see, the stone doesn't simply grant a person 'immortality'. It also ages, or de-ages in my case, to their prime of their life."

"Then that means…"

"Yes." Haruka nodded again. "In your case, you continued to age like a normal kid until, well, around now, now that I think about it."

"Wait!" Motoko raised her voice trying to get attention to the, apparently MUCH older woman. "How do you know you're immortal? Are you sure that you can't be killed?"

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I can't die. I tried jumping off of buildings, shooting myself in the head, heck, I even I ran into this sword welding weirdo screaming 'there can be only ONE' who tried to cut my head off." Haruka said as she took a long drag. "But all that accomplished was my headless body decapitating him instead."

"But… but… but…" Naru's chin was quivering. "You… you can't be immortal! Keitaro can't be immortal! I mean… maybe you only look young and…"

Haruka took out a long knife, and ran it across her left forearm. As soon as the blade penetrated the skin, the wound that it left instantly healed, leaving no sign of trauma.

Naru kept opening and closing her mouth at the undeniable demonstration. "Well, but Keitaro… Keitaro still bleeds see?!" Naru said pointing to Keitaro's forehead. "So that means he isn't immortal!"

"So did I when I first touched it." Haruka noted. "And it is why I thought it was all crap. Ugly useless stone I thought."

"And you threw it away!" Hina growled.

"Well, it was more like I threw it down a volcano." Haruka offhandedly added. "But that's not the point. Anyways, the effects of the stone do not fully appear until many years later. How long? I'm not sure. But… Keitaro, mind checking your cut?"

"Huh?" Keitaro said as he looked up with eyes. While he obviously could not 'see' the bandages that were on his forehead, he knew it was there. "Well, um…"

"If it is still bleeding, you can just replace it." Haruka said impatiently. "Now Keitaro…"

"Okay." Keitaro said, taking off the bandages.

"Huh!" The girls' in-front of Keitaro all stared stunned at his forehead.

Keitaro rubbed the area where his cut used to be. "It's… gone?"

Haruka handed Keitaro a small mirror. "That's not the only thing…"

Keitaro viewed his face in the mirror in amazement. "It's… gone! Not even a scar!" 'So, I'm really immortal! I'm really…' Keitaro then looked at Naru with an extremely concerned look in her eyes. 'Immortal?'

"But, but that means…" Naru tried to hold back the tears that seemed to be welling up in her eyes. "That means…"

"Yes." Haruka eyed Naru. "It means Keitaro will outlive all of you."

"Eh?!" Keitaro said as the truth dawned on him. "I, I'll outlive all of them?"

"Yes Keitaro. You'll still be a strapping twenty year old, when Naru, Motoko, Kitsune, heck, even Su and Shinobu are all gone and buried."

Keitaro imagined standing over their graves. Him, still alive while everyone he has ever loved are long gone and buried. Everyone. "No. I, I don't want this!"

"How do you think I feel about it?" Haruka said as her eyes soften. "Watching my own co-workers, friends, lovers, and even my children age around me? I already buried one husband. Do you think I want to go through that experience again, and again, and again?"

"I…" Keitaro began to view Haruka in a whole new light. "Au… Haruka…"

"And then of course, my granddaughter…" Haruka eyed Hina.

"Oh my." Motoko viewed the older 'looking' woman. "I'm sorry that this has happened to you. That means that your lifespan was greatly reduced."

"Greatly reduced?" Hina eyed Motoko suspiciously. "What do you mean? I'm a strapping forty three year old with plenty of life in me!"

"Huh?" The girls' all said confused.

"But, the aging stone…" Keitaro noted.

"Oh that?" Hina jumped up from her seat. "It only made me LOOK old. It didn't age my body any."

"But then, what was with all that hospital stuff?" Kitsune added, scratching her head in wonderment.

"Oh that?" Hina yawned. "I just had case of over exhaustion and needed a place to sleep."

"But the…"

"The coughing?" Hina said catching what Kitsune was about to say next. "It was probably due to all that smoke that occurred when the hospital had a kitchen fire." Hina smiled as the rest of the occupants of the room now seem to get it. "Don't worry about me. I probably have a good forty of fifty years ahead of me. The problem is… you try convincing a sexy young man that I have plenty of kilometers ahead of me?"

The girls', including Keitaro but minus Haruka and Kanako, all deadpanned at Hina's comments.

"Of course, none of which would have been any concern whatsoever if you didn't throw the stone away, grandmother!" Hina venomously spat.

"Oh would you get over it already? I already said I'm sorry." Haruka took another deep drag from her cigarette. "Besides, according to that peddler, there are plenty of immortal stones out there. You just have to find it. Wonder where that peddler is anyways?"


Hawaii – On the Rim of the Volcano

"Ah! Twenty years into my three hundred year vacation." The winged 'gypsy' woman said. "No more stupid stones that I have to worry about either!"

"You sure you got rid of them all?" A certain dark skinned goddess flew down to see the gypsy woman.

"Oh please! Just because you convinced Kami-sama that it was partially my fault…"

"Correction." Urd said, crossing her arms. "It is ALL your fault. If you didn't break into my lab…"

"Blah blah blah." The gypsy woman said. She mocked Urd by moving her hand like a mouth. "Can we let this all lie in the past? After all, all the stones are gone and so I have nothing to worry about now."

"You sure all the stones are gone?" Urd narrowed her eyes at her. "I'm sure giving one to a mortal doesn't constitute destruction."

"Bah!" The gypsy waved off Urd. "So a mortal now has to deal with it. Big deal! As long as I don't have it, then I don't have to deal with it right?"

"You mean that stone right there?" Urd said as she pointed close to the gypsy's feet.

"Huh?" The gypsy followed where Urd was pointing, and began to grit her teeth. "DAMN IT!"

-Back at the Hinata Sou

"What do you think I've been trying to do all this time?" Hina said, crossing her arms and crashing to the sofa. "I can't even find any trace that this peddler woman ever existed!"

"Inconsiderate brat as usual." Haruka said as she stamped out another cigarette. "Looks like I'll have to get another pack soon."

"Another one? But isn't that…oh." Keitaro said as realization dawned on him.

"Yeah. Maybe I'm hoping against hope but who knows? They say smoking kills. Wouldn't hurt right?" Haruka shrugged.

"So um, does Seta know about this?" Kitsune asked apprehensively.

"Nope. Not yet at least." Haruka answered. "Besides, I'm sure he's just happy to be with someone with plenty of experience."

"Plenty of experience?" Naru shakily repeated.

"Yup!" Haruka grinned. "I have more experience than a hooker in Kabukicho!"

"Ha… Haru… Haruka!" Motoko stuttered, her face flustered red. "We have children here!"

"They will learn the facts of life one of these days." Haruka nonchalantly said. "Better sooner rather than later right?"

This resulted in Shinobu going bright red. "Anoooooo."

"So, you really are immortal." Su reiterated, showing none of her playful self since the revelation.

"Yup." Haruka nodded. "Just me, living on and on and on, watching everyone I ever loved pass away." Then a smirk appeared on her face. "Well, almost everyone."

Keitaro gulped. "Um, why are you staring at me like that?"

Haruka grinned. "My life has been full of change. Why not have one thing that will always be constant?"

"Ehhhhhhhhhh." Keitaro began to sweat. He was feeling really uncomfortable with where this conversation was heading.

"Eh hem." Kanako coughed as she tried to get everyone attention. "There is one thing you have forgotten grandmother."

Haruka eyed the Goth girl. "What would that be Kanako?"

"You and Keitaro weren't the only one to come into contact with the immortality stone." Kanako smile began to widen.

Keitaro stared forward, completely dumbfounded. "What?"

-------End of Chapter 1

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A few things to note in closing: When Haruka mentioned that she didn't like being called 'old', this was in reference to when Keitaro calls her "Aunt Haruka". While in English this might not make much sense, in Japanese, the word for Aunt, "Obaasan", has nother meaning, "old woman". Hence this is reason why Haruka hits him over the head. Not that Haruka is related to him, but that she sees him as calling her 'old'.

And one last thing… this chapter is now FIXED grammatically (supposing I didn't miss another one). Man, when I re-read this, ouch. Definitely need to pre-read this better… or get a beta reader.

-Next Chapter, now that the truth is out, what will the Hinata Sou gang do? Will they seek out this 'gypsy' person? And what will Keitaro do now that the secret to his durability has been finally revealed? What will Naru, Kitsune, Motoko, Shinobu, and Su do? Mutsumi? Until next time, later!