Well long time no see. It has been almost 6 years since I started writing this, and I feel like I should not leave it hanging anymore, it was always one of my favourite stories to write, so after re-watching The O.C. again and re-reading some old fics I have written for the first time in a few years. I have no idea what my 13 year old brain ever wanted for this story, so it's probably going to go in a different direction now. I know that these don't get updated anymore, but I hope that some people are still reading at least.

Disclaimer: Even after many years of not writing, I still own nothing :(

Seth had been in the toy store for a while now, looking at tonnes and tonnes of plastic animals. He had to choose the perfect one, he didn't know what the 'perfect one' was but he was pretty sure he would know when he saw it. His eyes were wandering about all over the place until he spotted it. A small galloping horse, probably half the size of Captain Oates but probably a more traditional looking horse than Princess Sparkle. He'd found the first bit of Cohen/Roberts legacy he was going to pass onto his unborn child.

He took the figure up to the counter and while looking through his wallet he didn't even notice the cashier.

"Hi Seth," the female voice said to him. Seth looked up and immediately recognised Jodie from his English class at Harbor.

"Hi Jodie, I didn't know you worked in here." He said as he handed over the money to her.

"Yeah, well we don't all have huge trust funds waiting for us," She poked up tongue out at Seth to imply that she was joking, every time they spoke she usually made fun of him. She wasn't like the regular Newport girls, her parents had worked ever so hard to get her into Harbor and pay the expensive school fees. She worked 2 jobs to try and save at least half of what she was going to need to get into a good College after High School.

Seth poked his tongue back at her, to give the impression he wasn't mad or annoyed at the last comment she had made. "It must be pretty cool working in a toy store," he commented, choosing to not respond to her previous statement.

"I'm not 8, Seth. Why would it be cool?" She smiled.

"True, guess I'm just a big kid at heart."

"How's Summer?" She asked brightly, Summer has now 7 months pregnant and both her and Harbor's administration thought that it would be best if she did not return to school until after she had the baby. She was finishing her year from home and would then return Senior Year to graduate.

"Yeah she's good, you know, as much as you can be when you have a human growing inside of you." Seth commented, weirdly.

"Oh that's good, I'm glad she's okay." Jodie stated, she never really got on with anyone else at Harbor as they were all from different worlds, but she would always think that Seth and his friends were pretty down to Earth, she could appreciate the situation Summer was in, and was pretty impressed with the way she had handled it. "Are you guy back together yet, or…?" She trailed off.

"No," Seth stated, "Not yet at least, you know things like that take time to build." He smiled sadly.

"This for the baby?" Jodie asked, pointing towards the small horse that Seth had just purchased, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah, kind of a legacy I am passing onto him or her," Seth smiled proudly.

"You haven't found out the sex yet?" She asked.

"We were going to, but at the appointment when we could have found out, baby Cohen-Roberts made it impossible to tell, we took it as a sign and decided to leave it up to the delivery date, be surprised." Seth smiled as he rambled.

"Oh that's pretty cool then," Jodie smiled at Seth and this was returned.

"Yeah we think so, anyways, I better make a move," Seth laughed. "It was nice seeing you Jodie, happy holidays."

"Yeah was nice to see you too, Seth. If you ever want to talk or anything, just let me know."


Summer's brows knotted together as she looked at the algebra work she was having to do. As much as she wanted to finish and graduate high school for the sake of the baby, she was having a tough time even finishing this piece of work. She bit her lip and doodled absent-mindedly on the paper while she tried to think about the question at hand. Just as she thought she was close the door slammed and she looked up.

"Hi Summer," Seth said as he put the bag he was carrying down and opened the fridge to grab a can of Mountain Dew.

"Cohen," She responded and then looked back down to her work and frowned once more as well as biting her lip. Seth looked over at her and smiled, she was determined to give this baby everything, even if it meant struggling with her work so that she could one day be a role model to the baby.

"Need some help?" Seth asked as he moved the bag he had put down and put it on the dining room table and sat next to Summer.

Summer found it almost intoxicating to be stood next to him, ever since that kiss she had tried to remain his friend, attempting to prove to him that he could trust her, but she really could not handle when he was so close to her and she could smell him and hear his rhythm of breathing. God, she thought to herself, if anyone had told her this about a year and a half ago she would have freaked out, this is not how she expected her life to turn out.

"Sure, I hate algebra," She sighed as she took a sip of Seth drink. Seth didn't even bat an eyelash at this, he was so used to sharing everything with Summer now.

Seth leaned in closer to her and picked up her pencil and started to show her how to figure the sum out. She wasn't paying attention though, she knew she should have been, but all she could focus on was the smell of his hair that was right next to her and the way his lips were moving, and the way his eyes kept darting up to meet hers. Just everything.

She was staring right at him and didn't even notice when he stopped talking about the math problem and was looking at her back with a puzzled face. "Are you okay?" He asked.

She snapped out of it. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine," She smiled and then looked on the table. "Hey, what's that?" She asked pointing to the bag.

Seth blushed and figured he may as well show her. "This is little baby Cohen-Roberts' first Christmas present," He smiled and touched her stomach. Electricity jolted through her just at this touch.

"Ooo, what is it?" She asked as if it was a present for her, she knew Cohen would be the only one to buy a present for the baby.

Seth pulled the small plastic horse out the bag and lifted it up and down as if the horse were actually galloping, he also neighed as well, and Summer giggled at his awful neighing impression.

"This is either Princess Oates or Captain Sparkle, I thought we could combine the names of Princess Sparkle and Captain Oates, and change it for if it's a boy or girl. Though I understand that Captain Sparkle may be a bit minty if we end up having a boy, so maybe I need to rethink the whole name thing, but I thought it would be pretty cool if the baby had his own plastic horse," Seth smiled as he finished his ramble.

Summer could feel the tears welling up already, was she really about to cry at a plastic horse? "Seth this is the most thoughtful present ever, for the baby, I love it, and I love the name idea, maybe he could just be Captain Oates Jr if we have a boy? Captain Sparkle is extremely minty." Then her hand flew up to her mouth and she groaned. "I did not just say Minty." She laughed.

Seth started lightly tickling her sides, "Oh yes you did." He laughed as well.

Seth and Kirsten were both wearing overalls covered in paint and painting a wall. Or more Kirsten was painting the wall and Seth was trying to help. "Seth, you have to paint in the same direction." His mother warned.

"Yeah, but my hand huuuuuurts." He moaned.

"If you want to get this apartment finished for tonight then we've gotta hurry up." His mother willed him.

"Okay," and with that he sped up a bit. He had been planning this for months, it would seem a waste not to get it finished now. It was the 22nd December and him and his Mom were painting the small ground floor apartment, it was 3 bedroom (or 2 okay-sized bedroom and 1 box room), 1 bathroom, it had a small yard but a pretty impressive kitchen and an average sized living room. It was nothing compared to what him and Summer had grown up in. But it would do. He had figured he could not live in his parents' house forever, he knew how uncomfortable Summer felt and how she felt she was 'mooching' so to speak from his parents, even though his parents would never think that. He had approached him Mom a few months beforehand and offered to put all of his yet to be gained trust fund money into buying somewhere small. Kirsten had been more than upset at the thought of her baby leaving her, but understood he was being very mature about it and had offered to help. She hadn't told him though that she had paid for it and his trust fund was untouched, as she knew he wanted to do it alone. But she knew once the baby was a bit older and she told him his trust fund was still there, he would be grateful as it would be a great starter towards the baby's future.

He was planning on showing Summer tonight her Christmas present and they needed to get every room finished. They would both have separate bedrooms and the box room would be the babies for the time being. It obviously couldn't be forever, but Seth figured they would either move by then or they may be able to share a bedroom together, leaving the baby a bigger room. He knew that Summer would be grateful, but he also felt bad that this was all he could really afford, he knew she had dreams of living in her own McMansion someday, but this was far from it. He just hoped she could appreciate her own space.

Ryan and Sandy came in, they had rented a truck and had some bits of furniture that Seth had bought and been keeping in the Pool house, much to the dismay of Ryan.

"Finally, you guys are here," Kirsten said, "He's been driving me crazy." She smiled and pointed to Seth.

Seth feigned hurt towards his mother but knew she was kidding. "One of you guys wanna help Mom?" He asked, pleadingly towards Sandy and Ryan.

Sandy raised his eyebrows, "Sure, me and your Mom have fixed up worse places," he said taking the paint brush from Seth. "You gotta help Ryan unload the truck though."

"Great…" Ryan said jokingly knowing Seth would be less useful than a piece of paper.

"Actually, I should probably go and get Summer, she'll start freaking out if she can't find me."

"Sure," They all replied, knowing he would be no use to any of them, and they could put the finishing touches onto the apartment. For Summer. Not Seth.

"Summer," Seth called as he ran into the house. "Summmmmmeeerrr."

"Here, Cohen," She said as she waddled down the stairs, she was getting pretty huge and feeling majorly uncomfortable, she couldn't believe she still had 2 more months of this left.

Seth immediately ran up the rest of the stairs she had to climb down and looped his arm through her arm and helped her the rest of the way down the stairs. "Thanks Cohen," She said when they got to the bottom, "I feel like an old lady."

"Aww you're not an old lady, just a pregnant lady," He smiled and received an infamous smack on the shoulder from Summer.

"Where is everyone?" Summer commented noting at how empty the house was.

Seth stopped. "Uh…" Think, Think, he was willing himself "Christmas shopping obviously, you know us Cohens, love the holidays, leave the shopping to the last minute." He smiled.

Summer eyed him suspiciously until she looked down at her stomach and touched it. She grabbed Seth's hand and put it on her stomach so he could feel the giant kicks she was getting, it was always like this when she and Seth were in conversation, the baby just loved to hear both their voices. Summer had to admit, every time she was with Seth when the baby kicked she kind of hoped that it would be like the first time the baby had kicked and he would take her up in his arms and kiss her again.

Seth just smiled and kneeled down to be eyelength with Summer's stomach, "Hey baby, I hope you're not going to become a soccer player and put the Cohen name to shame by playing sport." He murmured.

"Shut up, Cohen, if he or she wants to play sport, they can play sport." She commented as Seth came back up to her height.

"I will do everything in my power to make that not happen," Seth muttered. He looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh look at the time, it's time for 'Introduce Baby Cohen-Roberts to Death Cab time'," Seth said grabbing the headphones from the counter and the iPod out of his pocket. He had decided to start early in introducing his child to the wonders of Indie Rock. Summer had put up a fuss about it and they had agreed he could play one song to her stomach a day, but she secretly liked his music, and she was obviously thrilled about his investment in their child's musical tastes.

"Setthhhh, where are we going?" Summer moaned in the car as she looked around. They had just gone for a burger on the pier and finished it off with a short walk and some ice cream, as Seth tried to give his parents and Ryan enough time to finish off the apartment so he could take Summer to see it.

"It's a surprise. It's your Christmas present." He smiled at her, and hoped she love it.

"But Christmas isn't for another few days; I would prefer my presents then, Cohen." She sighed and slumped in her chair like a child.

"Trust me you'll love it, plus we're almost there, and I know how much you love surprises…" Seth trailed off.

He pulled up outside and Summer looked at him quizzically. "We're here." He stated and got out of the car.

"Where is 'here' exactly?" Summer asked as Seth opened the door for her and helped her out of the car and towards the ground floor flat.

"You'll see." He led towards the door and opened it, she was really confused now, were they picking something up? Coming to see someone? Her mind was all over the place until she heard a unanimous "SURPRISE!" and saw Sandy, Kirsten and Ryan all stood in a small but nice living room with minimal furniture in it.

"Wha…" Summer still didn't really understand what was going on.

"This is where we're gonna live, Summer," Seth said as he put an arm on her shoulder, in a friendly way. "Me and Mom have been decorating-," Kirsten coughed very loudly with a smile on her face, "Mom mainly did most of it, and Dad and Ryan have been sorting furniture out."

Summer was in shock, she never in a million years would have thought Seth would do this, she assumed they would live with his parents until they decided what they were going to do about College… and them. She let her hopes rise for a minute when she thought that maybe this meant she and Seth could be an item again, he could finally forgive her for her infidelity and they could raise the baby as the quirky couple they had always been.

"It has three bedrooms, one for each of us," Seth smiled; he didn't want Summer to feel like she had to share a bedroom with him. "And one bathroom and a kitchen, and a very small yard. I know it's not like either of our houses, but it's good enough," Seth offered her a smile; this was all he could do at the moment.

Summer's heart broke a little when he mentioned separate bedrooms. "No Cohen, it's really great, thanks so much, and Sandy, Kirsten, Ryan," She said acknowledging them all. "It's everything I could have hoped for… given the circumstances," She laughed cupping her hands over her stomach.

Sandy, Kirsten and Ryan all gave her a hug and left her to Seth to show her round and get used to the idea and the house. "See you in a bit Seth, Summer," Kirsten said finally letting Summer and Seth out of her grip.

"Thanks for all your help, Mom. I'm sure we'll be back in about an hour." And with that they left.

Summer smiled at Seth when everyone left. "You're so sweet, Cohen. Thanks."

Seth was worried, Summer seemed a bit distant and he was sure it was because it was nowhere near to the expectations, she wanted to marry rich and move into a huge McMansion and be married before getting pregnant. She didn't want to be 17 and pregnant with his kid and about to move into an apartment was probably smaller than the biggest bathroom in her Dad's house.

"I know it's not what you expected per se, but I just hope we can be happy here and bring up the baby well enough, just until we can afford somewhere bigger, or you know, if you met someone else or something…" Seth trailed off and kicked his shoes a little bit.

Summer gasped, "Cohen, it'll always be you," She said simply, copying his last year Valentine speech he had made to her before they had lost their virginity to each other. "I am going to wait for as long as I need to and don't worry, this is perfect, so much better than living in someone else's house, we can finally be a family." Summer grabbed Seth's hand and put it on her stomach. They stood in their apartment, fingers interlinked over their unborn baby, not a couple, but not friends either, and just enjoyed their weird and quirky situation.