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First Degree Murder


Silence hung heavily in the air as the sun settled just beyond the horizon.

Seconds later, a flash of green illuminated the sky and the sun was gone, leaving the surrounding area in a heavy mist of darkness

Walking in the haze of the evening a dark figure made his way through a scarcely lit alleyway, ducking around a corner to stand in front of a large warehouse. He gulped. It was all or nothing, he guessed. This was his last chance.

With a heavy sigh, he reached a hand out and grabbed the handle bar of the door, using all his weight to push the door aside and creep in through the small space it provided for entrance. Taking a few cautious steps farther into the seemingly abandoned warehouse, he jumped slightly when the door closed behind him with a resounding 'bang'.

"A little jumpy tonight, aren't we?" a slithering voice sneered from behind, causing the brunette to jump again, turning to stare into a pair of snake-like eyes laced heavily with malice. They glowed evilly in the shadows, causing the poor boy to shudder involuntarily. He always wondered about the man's eyes… He was pretty sure that they were contacts, though.

"Sorry, sir. It's just kind of dark in here."

It was true. All that kept the warehouse from being completely engulfed in darkness was the single lit lamp that swung hazardously from the center of the ceiling. Stacks of large crates stood towering around him, casting sharp shadows around the room, and the rare sound of squeaking rats added to the eeriness of the entire situation.

He would have given his right arm to leave right about now, but he was on a mission, and he couldn't fail. Not when he was so close to gaining the one thing he'd desired most. But, dammit, it was scary in here!

"Scared of the dark? That's a bit cowardly considering your line of work." A second figure emerged from the shadows, startling the already fearful boy into quickly turning around, locking gazes with a lifeless ruby pair. Now he couldn't decide which eyes scared him more.

The boy, having no response to the accusation, stayed silent, watching from the corner of his eye as another two figures stepped into the light, a tall raven-haired man with midnight black eyes, and an even taller man whose complexion seemed to shine pale blue in the light. His nervousness doubled instantaneously. What the hell where they doing here?

He didn't have time to voice confusion, though, because he was turned around again by the same snake-like voice from before, addressing him in a deceptively calming tone.

"Did you bring what we asked of you?" Stepping into the light in one graceful stride, an older-looking man stood in front of the frightened brunette, sending him an evil grin.

Stuttering the burnette dug a hand into his coat pocket, fishing around for something, "Y-yes sir. Right here-" Fingers brushing against a large envelope, he pulled it out of his coat, holding it out to the other man.

With a smirk, the snake-eyed man snatched the envelope and with great care, opened it up, turning it up side down to dump its contents into his awaiting hand.

Now, he clasped a total of four pairs of gloves, but these weren't any old gloves. They had taken almost three weeks to make, each digit of each finger imprinted with the corresponding fingerprint of an actual person's hands.

Hands that belonged to one specific person.

"They're exactly what you ordered, sir. Four pairs of identical gloves with his fingerprints." He was still nervous, but willed himself to relax as he addressed the smirking man. The job was done, and it was about time to get out of there.

"Good work." A nod towards the boy, excusing him, and the man turned to examine the gloves, handing the other three pairs to his other companions.

"Thank you, sir. I'll be going now." Walking quickly towards the door, the brunette grabbed the handle bar almost desperately and started to push the door ajar. He was almost out of there before a sinister voice spoke up behind him, causing him to halt in his escape as he turned to glare at the red-headed man.

"What?" He knew he was being disrespectful, but he really wanted to get out of there.

"We'd like you to do one more thing for us." A deep chuckle escaped the ruby-eyed man as he stepped forward, placing a hand on the boy's shoulder and pulling him back into the middle of the light.

The expression on the boy's face was priceless. So scared… He licked his lips in anticipation.

"W-what's that?" Nooooo. He'd been so close! What the hell could they want now? Taking a deep, but not so calming breath, he glanced up, catching sight of something glinting from the other man's pocket, but ignored it.

"It's just a small task. Stand there for a second."

That didn't sound too hard. He could do that, no problem. But why would they need him-

A flash of metal and the killing end of a double-edged knife struck the brunette across the throat before he could finish his thought. Staggering, he clutched at his neck with both hands, gasping loudly for breath. Eyes wide with fear and confusion, the dying boy fell to his knees and collapsed onto his stomach seconds later.

As the scene faded into the night, the quiet chuckle of the four men could be heard as they watched the body of an innocent die slowly, every second an agonizing wait for the end to come.

"Why-" A tick away from seeing the end of his tunnel, a silent gust of wind blew through an open window, taking the brunette's dying word with it.

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