Hello! This is my first time in the One Piece story section. I am a familiar face in the Smash Bros. section and my stories there are quite well known.

One Piece is my number one favorite anime/manga, so I have decided to make a story about this awesome series here. I'm sure you will all like this action/adventure story, which is also a crossover with Zelda series.

Yes, you heard right, the well known ZELDA series! This is a 'what-if' crossover story. What if the Straw Hat Pirates are sent to the Dark World to support Link in his quest to defeat Ganon and save the world?

This story takes place after Link has fought Agahnim in Hyrule Castle and is sucked into the Dark World, and that is when he encounters the SH Pirates, who are brought here to help him. I will make it so that Link cannot return to the Light World; he will remain in the Dark World, so therefore, this story will not 100 percent follow the game accurately, but at the same time, it will stay true to the game's plot.

This story will also feature Franky. If you have been reading the latest OP chapters, then it's quite obvious that he would become the next SH Pirate. They will also be using a new ship since Going Merry is R.I.P. I know, the new ship isn't shown yet, but let's just assume that it is shown and we know what it is. But then, this story won't be talking much about their ship at all, so it doesn't really matter.

Finally, I am inspired to write this story after reading Patriot1776 Noah Wood's The Greenclothed Warrior, a crossover of Inuyasha and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you're a fan of OOT and Inuyasha, I highly recommend you to check out that story, even though it's not complete. If it weren't for that story, then I would probably never come up with this.

I hope you like my story! Enjoy!


Chapter 1: A New Adventure Begins! Arrival in a New World!

It is a peaceful and quiet night for the Straw Hat Pirates. Everyone is deep asleep in the cabins, except for Nami, who is sitting in the front deck keeping watch for the night. And despite having to keep watch, she fell asleep anyway. Who can sit up all night and watch what's going on without falling sleepy anyway?

In the male cabin, everyone is asleep. Wait, I mentioned that already…

While in his sleep, Luffy suddenly mutters out, "I'm hungry…"

Sanji, who is also asleep, responds to him in his dream, "Then I'll make food for you…"

"Thank you very much…" replies the sleeping Luffy.

"I'm hungry too…" mumbles Usopp, who is also asleep.

"Help yourself…" says Sanji.

"You're so heartless…"

Yes, they are having a conversation even in their dream talks. Incredible, isn't it?

Okay, so enough of this. If we are to talk about what they are doing the whole night, this story will take forever, so let us skip forward to morning.

When the clock struck 6:00 A.M. and the first sunlight shines forth from over the horizon, Nami slowly opens her eyes and yawns. "Ah… That was a good sleep… I hope nothing happened while I was asleep. I was supposed to keep watch…" As she stood up to stretch, she caught sight of something in the distance. "Eh? What's that?"


"No… The pain… Help me… Help…" cries Usopp in his sleep, this is because Luffy is biting onto his legs. Luffy must be dreaming about eating a big juicy meat that he has always enjoyed.

Suddenly, Nami's voice bursts all over the place, "EVERYONE GET UP!"

"Yes! Nami my love!" says Sanji, who is the first one to shoot right up after hearing her beautiful (at least to him) voice.

"Uh? Is it time for breakfast?" asks Luffy, still holding Usopp's leg in his mouth.

"Rise and shine! Everyone!" says Franky in a cheerful mood after getting up. "Early to rise gets the worm first! Let me play you a tune that will liven you up!" He grabs his guitar and plays a short and bland tune.


Soon, everyone is awake and at the deck. "Saw the meat shop?" Luffy asks Nami.

"Is food all you can think of?" Nami asks him strangely. "I just spotted an island!"

"Really!" says Usopp, looking into a telescope. "Looks like an uninhabited island."

"That means there's no meat shop. Boring…" says Luffy sadly.

"We still need to dock there no matter what," says Nami. "The Log Pose is pointing to that island after all. Everyone, get ready to sail towards that island!"

"Yes, Nami-san!" says Sanji happily as he rushes off to do the job.


After a while, they have finally docked at the island. Luffy is the first one to jump onto the island and runs around happily. "Woohoo! This island is so empty! I can run around all day!"

"Yay!" cheer Chopper and Usopp as they join him on running around the beach.

"This place sure looks uninhabited," says Zoro, looking around.

"At least it once was," says Robin.

"Why'd you say that?" asks Nami.

"Look." Robin points to a stone pillar that is lying at the beach. "That is an artificial thing, so it proves that someone lives on this island, or at least once lived."

"The next thing we're gonna run into are wild cannibal natives coming after us with spears in their hands and chanting gibberish language stuff," says Franky.

"Really!" gasps Chopper, as he tends to believe everything he hears.

"Of course! Cannibals are the most frightening people you'll ever find!" says Usopp, beginning another one of his famous lies. "They are powerful warriors that prey on human flesh, for they think it helps them become godly beings!"

"I've never heard of it!"

"Yes it's true! They are known are flying into the air and shooting out laser beams from their hands!"

"Just like Ultraman?" asks Luffy with wide open and glittering eyes.

"Yeah right," says Sanji.

"Oh, so it's just a lie…" says Luffy disappointedly.

"Why don't we go deeper into the island?" suggests Robin. "I'm sure we can find more things in there. Besides, I'm quite interested in what kind of historical artifacts I can find here."

"Need me to guard the ship?" asks Zoro.

"Nah, this island doesn't seem to have anyone, so I think it is fine," says Nami. "Just come along with us.


Now the SH Pirates are walking through a thick and dense jungle that is eerily quiet. "It's a bit too quiet for a jungle…" says Nami.

"Don't worry, Nami-san; I'll protect you!" says Sanji happily.

"That means a monster is gonna pop out of nowhere and attack us!" says Usopp.

"Oh no! Help!" cries Chopper for no apparent reason.

"Can you please stop scaring him?" Zoro asks Usopp.

"I just wanna cheer up the atmosphere," says Usopp.

Sanji turns to Franky and notices him carrying a bag. "Hey Franky, what's that you brought?"

"Just some cola refill," replies Franky. "I might need it if we get into some tight situations. I need to feel super in order to kick butt!"

After a bit of walking, they finally come to the front of a large stone temple. "Cool! What is this place?" asks Luffy.

"Must be an old worship place of sorts," says Robin.

"This place looks creepy…" says Usopp. "Ghosts will appear in a place like this!"

"HELP!" cries Chopper again for no reason.

"I think it's safe that we not go in there," says Usopp, but then he notices the others going inside. "Hey wait!" So he goes after them.


Inside the temple, it is dark and empty, with nothing at all lurking around, not even insects. "This place is creepy…" says Nami.

"Don't worry; I'll protect you!" says you-know-who.

Luffy then yells out, "Is anybody home?" He shouts so loud that you can hear his echo. "Hey, someone just replied!"

"That's your echo, idiot…" says Nami.

They soon come to a dead end. "Great, nowhere to go left…" says Zoro. "But perhaps I can cut the wall down."

"Wait, there's something written on it," says Robin as she goes near the wall to inspect it, and she reads the stuffs written on it.

"Say, there are pictures on the walls too," says Usopp. "Looks like 7 guys and some monster, and also a triangle thingy."

"Wow! A monster!" says Luffy. "Does a monster live here? I wanna meet him!"

"I wouldn't be surprise to see one," says Sanji. "After all, we have seen enough Sea Kings already, so it's no surprise something like that exists."

Robin continues to read the words on the wall, and says, "Interesting…"

"What does it say, Robin?" asks Nami.

"It talks about a legend of 7 sages who sealed a wicked being away into a dark realm."

"So the monster is real!" says Luffy.

"It also talks about a sacred golden triangle that can grant wishes," continues Robin.

Upon hearing the word 'golden', Nami's eyes begin to shine brightly. "GOLD!"

"Not again…" says Zoro.

"Everyone, quick! Look for the golden triangle!" orders Nami.

"Yes, my love!" says the love cook.

"There's still more," says Robin. "Then the wicked being came up with a plan to escape his prison; therefore, a young hero is sent to stop him. But because the power of the wicked being is too powerful, helpers are sent to support the hero in his quest. That's all it said…"

Luffy wanders around the place and sees a miniature stone model of the triangle that looks like the one drawn on the wall. "Hey, what's this?"

Nami comes over and looks at it. "It's no gold at all. Boring…"

"But it looks pretty neat!" says Luffy, touching the stone triangle. He picks it up and observes it. "Looks like it will be a fun toy!"

"I can't believe how you can make fun stuffs out of everything…"

Luffy then turns back to the stone wall that Robin was reading and sees a triangle-shaped hole on the wall. "I know! It's jigsaw puzzle piece!" says Luffy. "I'm gonna put it right there to complete the puzzle!" He goes over and immediately places the triangle into the empty slot. "Yeah! It's complete!"

Immediately, they feel a slight rumbling in the whole place. "What's happening!" gasps Zoro.

"An earthquake! We're gonna be buried alive in here!" cries Usopp.

"HELP!" cries Chopper.

"Come into my arms, Nami!" says Sanji. "You too, Robin! I'll protect you two!"

Then the stone wall begins to slide open as if it's a door! "Cool! The wall is sliding apart!" says Luffy.

"How come?" asks Franky.

When the wall has fully opened, the shaking finally stopped. "Woohoo! It's so bright on the other side!" says Luffy. "It's shining with a golden light!"

"Then the golden triangle must be on the other side!" says Nami.

"I'm going in there! It looks so exciting! You guys wanna come?"

"Um… I don't think it's safe inside," says Usopp. "We better not…" Before he can finish talking, everyone else has already gone in. "Hey! Don't leave me alone!"

After everyone stepped into the golden light, the stone wall automatically closes again.


"Woohoo! We reached the other side!" says Luffy as he emerges in a dark hallway.

"There's no gold here either…" says Nami disappointedly. "Let's just get out of here." When she turns around, she sees that the glowing passage is gone! "WHAT! THE WAY OUT IS GONE!"

"Seems like it," says Zoro.

"Oh no! We're gonna get trapped here forever!" cries Usopp.

"NOOOOO!" cries Chopper.

"Can't you guys pipe down?" asks Franky. "I see another light on the other side. That may be the way out."

"I'm going to check out first!" Luffy runs straight for the light on the other end of the hallway. When he emerges, he finds himself looking into a large meadow with dead trees and decaying stuffs. "Whoa! This place looks interesting!" He looks up from where he is and sees that he is standing at the balcony of what looks like a giant pyramid. "We just came out from a huge building!" Then he looks down and sees an odd creature walking down there. "What's that thing?"

The creature looks like a human but with the head of a pig, and it is carrying a spear.

Luffy jumps down from where he is and goes up to the creature and asks him, "Mister, do you know where I am now?"

The creature looks at him and says, "You didn't change form…"


"You make me jealous! I want to return to my original look! DIE!" The creature then swings his spear at Luffy, who immediately jumps backwards to avoid it.

"Hey! Don't frighten me like that!"

The creature then charges forward with his spear thrust out, ready to stab Luffy, who once again avoids it.

"Whoa! Stop trying to attack me!" says Luffy, but the pig-like creature keeps on coming after him. "I have enough! Gum Gum Pistol!" Luffy then throws a punch into the creature's face and knocks him out in a single blow.


"That should do. I wonder why'd he attack me?" Luffy then looks around and sees that he is surrounded by lots of odd-looking creatures! "Whoa!"

"This guy is trying to pick a fight with us!" says a creature with bull head. "Let's get him!" The rest of the odd monsters let out a roar and begin to come closer to him.

"You guys want to fight?" asks Luffy, getting into offensive position.

"Hey Luffy! Need a hand?" asks Zoro from the balcony.

"Oh course! I'll be glad!"

"Then I'm coming!" Zoro jumps down onto the ground and takes out all three of his swords.

A cow-headed monster wielding a sword charges at Zoro and swings his blade. Zoro holds up two of his swords and easily blocked it, and then counters with a powerful slashing attack that knocked the monster out in a single blow.

Two more monsters appear with spear in their hands and charge at him.

"Demon Slash!" Zoro dashes forward very fast and cuts through them just like that. "Too easy."

Then a large Cyclops appears and hurls a bomb at them, but Sanji appears and kicks the bomb back to the Cyclops and blew it up.


3 monsters then appear behind him and try to take him from behind; however, Sanji turns around in time and kick them all away. "What are these guys?" he asks himself.

"Weapons left!" Franky dislocates his left hand to reveal a gun under it, and then shoots down some monsters that are coming after him. "They're too easy to deal with!"

Another large demonic monster appears behind him and raises a club over his head. Franky quickly spins around and delivers a powerful punch into its belly and sends it flying backwards.


Suddenly, a bomb drops down from the sky, and Franky quickly jumps back in time to avoid it.


"Whoa! Who threw that?" Franky looks up and sees a monster that resembles a flying mushroom, and it was the one who threw the bomb. "You think you can take on me from the air? Strong Right!" Franky's fist disconnects from his arm and shoots forward and hits the monster out of the sky, and then the fist goes back to its place via the chain it is connected to.

While the 4 are fighting, Robin, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are standing at the side. "I told you there would be monsters here!" says Usopp while trembling in fear.

"What place is this!" cries Nami. "We should've never come here in the first place!"

"I wonder… Can this be the dark realm that the script from earlier spoke about?" wonders Robin.

"There's no time to think about this! We gotta get out of here!"

Suddenly, a monster appears behind Nami and is about to bring its axe on top of her.

"Nami-san! Watch out behind you!" shouts Sanji as he rushes forward to help her.

Suddenly, a blade swings in from the side and knocks the monster's axe off its hand. The monster turns to the attacker, but is instantly stabbed through the body and is killed.

Nami drops to her knees in fright as Sanji runs to her side and asks her, "Are you all right?"

"Fine…" she replies.

"Who are you people and what are you doing here?" asks the person who rescued Nami. This person has blond hair and wears a green tunic along with a green elf hat, and not to mention that he has pointed ears.


So that ends the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it! I figured that this section needs an action-filled story like this. This section is currently infested with yaoi and yuri stories…

Though I am not pleased with what 4kids has done to the One Piece dub, I actually like the term Gum Gum rather than Gomu Gomu No, which I find awkward to pronounce. So please forgive me for the usage of a dub term, but that'll be the only one. For Zoro's attacks, I will be using my own translated term. For example, I will be calling 'Oni Giri' Demon Slash, and 'Tatsumaki' Tornado.

I will be most pleased if you leave me reviews that are longer than one sentence, as they can inspire me to write more. Please refrain from posting flames and negative comments; those are not accepted in my stories and will hurt my feelings. Thank you!