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Final Chapter: The End of the Epic Adventure! Farewell, Hero!

Everyone remains quiet for a long time after seeing Ganon disappear. "He's gone…" says Usopp. "That means only one thing…"

"We won!" exclaims Chopper.

"Yahoo!!! I did it!" exclaims Luffy while lying on the ground. "Now I feel hungry…"

"It's all thanks to your help," Link says to everyone. "Without you guys, I would never have done all these."

"You're the one who gave Ganon the final blow," Zoro tells him. "We did nothing at all."

"Right kid," says Sanji. "You were the one destined to finish this job, and you did it."

"Oh! I'm so happy!" says Franky with tears of joy. "What a great ending to such an epic adventure!"

"At long last, we can get out of here!" says Nami happily.

"But I wonder how," says Robin.

"I'm sure I know how to get you guys home," says Link. "We must get the Triforce."

Everyone somehow manages to climb to the top and enters through the only door there. They step into a large room decorated with gold in all places. "Wow! This room is so awesome!" exclaims Nami with sparkling eyes.

"Wouldn't it be great if we can take them along?" asks Luffy.

While the pirates are looking around at this well decorated room, Link walks to a large altar where 3 flat pieces of triangle are laid on. When he steps up the stairs leading to the altar, the triangles give off a glowing light, and then floats in the air and assemble themselves into the Triforce. "The Triforce…" says Link under his breath.

Everyone's attention is brought to the Triforce. "So that's legendary triangle everyone is talking about," says Robin.

"It's so beautiful!" exclaims Nami.

"It can wish for whatever you want, right?" asks Luffy. "I want lots of meat!"

"Hey! Don't you want to return to our world?"

"Oh yeah…"

Then a voice is emitted out of the Triforce, saying, "I am the essence of the Triforce, and I hold the power of the goddesses. I am able to grant the wish of anyone just with a touch, but it will reflect the heart of the one who touches it. If a heart of evil, then his evilness will be reflected into the world. But if a heart of the pure, then the world will become a paradise. Ganon's heart is filled with evil, and so his dream to change the Golden Land into the Dark World is fulfilled. You, Link, have a heart of purity, so let your wish be fulfilled."

Link turns around to look at his pirate friends one last time. "So guys… You want to go back to your own world, right?"

"Yeah, it was nice knowing you," says Luffy, "but I still have to become the Pirate King."

"The world back there needs the great Usopp that is I, so I must go back and meet them," boasts Usopp.

"I prefer staying in a world without monsters," says Nami.

"I also prefer traveling on sea," says Zoro.

"I like my own ship better," says Chopper.

"I'm with the others," says Sanji.

"I'll run out of cola to refill eventually if I stay here any longer, "says Franky. "So I can't stay here forever."

"We don't have any reason to stay here any longer now that our task is fulfilled," says Robin.

"I understand, so I'll wish for the Triforce to send you all home," Link tells them.

"I know! Why don't you come with us, Link?" Luffy asks him. "You don't have anything to do, right? Become a pirate with us!"

"No thanks, I prefer staying here. It's my homeland after all. Plus, I believe that the people here still need my power. Evil may return someday."

"I see… Oh well… Let's hope we see each other again someday or sometime!"

"I hope!"

Link says good-bye to each of them, and then he approaches the Triforce and touches it. "I wish…" he begins to speak. "I wish everything would return to normal! Back to how Hyrule was when it was peaceful!"

"Your wish is my command," says the essence of the Triforce, and it gives off a bright flash that engulfs the whole place, and everything disappears within it…











Link stands outside his house, watching the kids out there practicing swordfight. Ever since everything returned to normal, everyone is grateful that he has saved the world. Many of the kids are excited at his heroic actions that they want to be like him. This explains why they are practicing swordfight.

Link went quietly alone to the graveyard, which is well decorated and has a peaceful mood rather than those stereotypical creepy ones. He bends down in front of three tombstones: his father, his mother, and his uncle. "I hope you rest in peace and watch down on me from the heavens," he says quietly.

"Link?" asks a voice from behind.

He turns around and sees Zelda standing besides him. "Zelda!"

"I understand your feeling, Link," she says. "It really hurts to lose your close relative and a family who loves you."

"I know, but one can't grief over this forever. I'll have to stand brave myself from now on."

"Also, the ones who helped you in your quest," says Zelda. "Do you miss them?"

"Luffy? Well, I do admit I miss them, since we'll never be seeing each other again. I root for him to become the Pirate King, though."

"It's odd that people like them would be pirates. It would be so much better if they are heroes like you!"

"Every kind of people can be good, that's what Luffy taught me. They're the greatest kinds of people I've ever met." After saying this, Link stood up and walks off.

"Link, would you like to have dinner at my castle tonight? I'll prepare everything special for you!"

"I'll be happy to come!"

"Then come to the castle this evening!"

Link turns around and continues walking off. He looks into the sky and thought he saw an image of his parents and uncle, and also the face of the Straw Hat Pirates. "Thank you for everything, Luffy…" he says in his mind.


Luffy lies down on the grassy deck of their new ship and rolls around playfully. "Ah! What a peaceful day!" he says.

"Not quite, captain," Nami tells him while looking into the distance via a telescope. "From the atmosphere, it looks like the weather can get worse any time soon."

The others are doing their business. Sanji is in the kitchen preparing beauty snacks for his two favorite girls. Zoro is doing intense workout. Usopp and Chopper are busy fishing. Robin is buried in a book, and Franky is dancing around out of boredom.

"I wonder how Link is doing right now?" wonders Luffy.

"You still thinking about him?" Nami asks him. "It's been about 3 days since all those happened… It felt like a dream."

"It's still so real to me! I wish I can go for that kind of adventure again!"

"Not me! I have enough of those terrifying monsters! I still have nightmares about the time I entered that scary forest!"

"Then you better be brave! Our world also has those kinds of stuff!"

Usopp comes running up to them in great panic and shouts, "Marines are on our trail!"

Luffy hops up and says, "What are we waiting for? Let's hoist the sails and get out of here! Onward to adventure!"










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