Well this is my first Jate fanfic and basically its going to have 3 parts so enjoy (hopefully) and review.

Not Ever

The sea sparkled under the hot, tropical sun while the waves crashed onto the shore and the cool ocean breeze picked up and blew gently across Kate's face. She stood on the shore alone, and stared longingly out into the sea. She needed to be by herself for a bit; she needed time to think things through. She was unsure and all her uncertainties revolved around one person. Jack.

Since the crash, they had been through so much together. From the first encounter, just after the crash, then treks into the oh so mysterious jungle to their kiss, and she still didn't know what to do about her feelings towards him. It should be much easier than this.

She sat in the sand and watched the water swallow bits of the sand, she remembered that day on the beach.

Jack walked down to her, while she stood water as the waves lapped up against the shore.

"Well this is a first, you standing still, middle of the day doing nothing. Amazing." Jack said, smiling the whole time.

"I'm doing something,"

"Yeah, what's that?" he enquired.

"I'm sinking. Water goes out and takes the sand with it and, you sink. I used to do it with my mum when I was a kid,"

It was funny. She would have never felt comfortable with telling someone that, ever. But Jack was different, he made her feel special and she felt like she could tell him anything. He was so trustworthy and almost perfect.

Perfect, the day she had kissed him in the jungle.

"Yeah I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I am not as perfect as you. I'm sorry that I'm not as good."

She couldn't believe she'd said that, kissed him and run off. But that's what I do, she thought. Run. She couldn't help it, she just did. She didn't want anyone else to get hurt, especially not after Tom. It was all her fault; they got close to each other and because of it he ended up dead. She couldn't have that happen to Jack.

Kate sat in the sand with all these thoughts milling through her mind when she heard someone walking towards her. She didn't have to look to know who it was.

"Howdy there Freckles,"

"What do you want Sawyer?" Kate replied.

"Well I was just coming to see what you were doin' down here all by yourself," retorted Sawyer. "Mind if I sit down?"

"Sure, why not," answered Kate sarcastically.

"You know you should really stop moping around and just go and make up with that Jackass!" exclaimed Sawyer.

Kate just sat there in shock, "What? Why would you, of all people, tell me that?"

"Look everyone knows, and you ain't doin' anybody any good sitting down here. I know what your on about so go and see Jack," said Sawyer as he stood up and started to walk away.

"Oh and Freckles, the reason I told ya, I care for you and I just want you to be happy! Think you can do that?" he added.

"Hey Sawyer," Kate yelled while standing up. Sawyer stopped and turned around.

"Thanks" she shouted. She never thought Sawyer would be the one help her make up her mind. Kate knew she loved Jack, and nothing could change that, not ever.