Vampire World


My world is filled with vampires. Some hateful, few kind.

I protect them and what do I get from it? A bite here and there, and my friend was even one of them. You will never see something quite like it. Pure blood vampire did it to him and now I am one of the few that remain that care for him.

My friend is a vampire, he's so regal but he saved my life. I was told my blood smelled beautiful from someone he knows, screw that I don't need a flirt to know when he wants to bite me my neck.

Sadly my heart is for one, no its not the vampire who saved my life. I remember the night. The moon was full, and he was battling the instinct of blood thirst. I came up to comfort him and he sank his fangs into my neck. Ok I was furious at first, but strange thing, when he was biting me, it wasn't only the pain of it, and funnily enough I enjoyed it, surprising no.

I probably fell for him during that, its scary. Something that could kill me. Someone who I've known all my life, and someone I think I might have fallen for.

I love him, I love every part of him from his attitude, to his blood lust, I can never tell him, and I'm scared of what he will think of me.

My world is full of vampires; can I help it if I've fallen for one?

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