Beneath the same sky we stand.

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"Stupid little girl" he muttered under his breath as he spotted her sprinting up the stairs. He positioned himself at the sharp corner where she would crash into him every single morning without fail.

"3...2...1...THWACK, BASH, OOF"

"Gomen Natsume-kun!"

"Stop molesting me pineapples"

Mikan finally realized the suggestive position they were in, she was straddling him, with her face inches away from his, and at their age of 17, god only knew what people would think they were doing!

She quickly jumped off him with agility no one would expect from a clumsy idiot like her.

"Gomen Natsume-kun" she repeated bowing.

"Whatever pineapples"

She started to walk away, and suddenly she realized what he just said. She whipped around and started screaming "NATSUMEEEEEE! COME BACK HERE YOU PERV--"and noticed he was nowhere to be seen.

'Oh well', she shrugged and looked at her watch, it showed 7:36..."OH NO!ILL BE LATE!"


He softly chuckled to himself as he walked away from her, leaving her dazed (A/N: forgive the OOC'ness) any moment now..."NATSUMEEEE!..." aaahh, there it was, it never failed every morning, he wondered what would happen once she realized it was Saturday.

Everyday without fail, he would wait for her to come sprinting round that corner and bump into him, and then they would always continue his routine of insulting her, never failing to mention the print on her panties (yes, a seventeen year old wearing fruit panties) which would never cease to annoy her.

Yes, 18 year old Natsume Hyuuga, the ever popular black cat, known for his hatred of girls was in love with our very own Mikan Sakura, albeit it had taken him 5 years to admit that to himself, let alone her (A/N: sheesh, boys and their egos)

He loved her stupid hazel eyes, which he longed to be able to gaze into with his own ruby ones, he loved the way her silly pigtails would curl at the end, how he wanted to feel those soft curls, those soft pink lips, which always manages to annoy him no end with the loud voice always erupting from them, and of course, her everlasting smile which rarely ceased, rain or shine, WAIT! what was he thinking! He was the famous black cat, he could not be caught thinking mushy stuff like that! He nervously looked around to make sure Koko(the boy with the mind reading alice) was'nt there.

"HEY!NATSUME!" he awoke from his daydream with a start, to see his best friend Ruka Nogi jogging towards him with his bunny in his arms (Wow, it must be a magic bunny, it's lived for so long!)

Once Upon a time, Ruka too had been in love with Mikan, and it was him who had helped Natsume realize his love for Mikan (though Natsume would never admit it)


Natsume watched silently from atop a tree as his best friend slowly approached Mikan.

"Hi Ruka!"

(A/N:sorry for the interruption, just wanted to note that theyre all 15 over here, and its turning dark, theyre under the cherry blossom tree)

Ruka blushed, but Mikan being Mikan didn't notice this.

"Listen Mikan..I-I-I..."

"You what?"

"I-I ll-l-like.."

"You like what?" asked an innocent Mikan, tilting her head sideways and looking inquisitive.

"I LIKE FLUFFPUFFS!" he shouted and turned and started sprinting away leaving behind a very confused Mikan. But halfway out of her sight, he seemed to think better and started walking back towards a very, very confused Mikan.

"I'm sorry Mikan, That's not what I meant to say" Ruka apologized, looking towards the ground so that she wouldn't notice the bright red blush creeping up onto his face.

"Oh it's ok Ruka-pyon" Mikan said, her smile flashing yet again on her beautiful face (don't forget how the ugly duckling became a pretty swan)

Ruka managed to blush even deeper red at this, so that his face now resembled a tomato, so that even Mikan couldn't miss it.

'Ruka-pyon, are you ok? You look like you have fever" she exclaimed, wearing a genuinely worried look on her face.

"No no, I'm perfectly fine" Ruka said shaking his head, and he stopped blushing." It's just that, I wanted to tell you something. You see Mikan, I-I ...ILOVEYOU!(Oo)" and proceeded to pull a very surprised Mikan into a tight embrace.

Natsume's eyes flashed angrily.

"That jerk! How can he do that to Mikan! Wait, why am I getting upset over that ugly polka dotted panty freak?"

Ruka let go of Mikan and broke the frozen atmosphere by saying "It's become quite warm hasn't it?", while silently thinking in his head 'Thank god I got that off my chest'

Mikan, willing to do anything to get away from this awkward moment commented "Yes it has"

"So will you be my girlfriend?"

Mikan lowers her head so that her bangs cover her eyes, and she said "I'm sorry Ruka-pyon, I don't love you, I love someone else," Natsume's eyes glimmered with sudden hope at this... 'Hold on, why am I feeling hopeful?' he thought

"I'm sorry Ruka-pyon; I hope this won't affect our friendship?"

Ruka forced a smile onto his face, "Of course not Mikan-chan" and he gave her one last hug before giving up on all his dreams of ever making Mikan his.

"Isn't it becoming very warm all of a sudden?" asked Ruka.

"I don't feel anything" said Mikan(A/N:She has the nullifying alice, so she is cant feel the heat)

Ruka just shrugged, and they walked out of the shade of the cherry blossom tree back towards the school.

The actual source of the heat had been Natsume, even though he knew that it had just been a friendly hug, he couldn't help being fired up at the sight of it, only Mikan had been oblivious to it due to her Nullification Alice.

Wait, why was he getting angry at the hug? He didn't care what happened to that ugly Polka dotted panty girl right?Of course he didnt, he always teased her didnt he...right? And for the first time in his life, Natsume felt an emotion that had been alien to him before, jealousy.

But why would he be jealous over a baka like her? Simple, he loved her



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