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This is pre-Gaara is Kazekage Era.

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Chapter 1: I'm fed up with stupid boys and their stupid messes!

The sound of video games blared through the living room of the home of the Sabakuno siblings. Kankurou twisted his body left and right as the samurai on the screen dodged all manner of projectiles and counterattacked at Kankurou's bidding. Gaara sat in the windowsill, staring out of the window, while Temari picked up clothes, swept, and otherwise tried to keep the house habitable.

"I could use a little help," she snapped as she glowered at the lazy bums. Gaara made no move but Kankurou paused his game and looked back, mischief seeping out of the corners of his ever-smirking mouth.

They stared are each other for a few seconds, then Kankurou took off his socks and dropped them on the floor, never losing eye contact with his sister. Temari dropped the pile of clothes in her arms and stalked over to the discarded socks. She picked them up, rolled them into a ball and shoved them into Kankurou's mouth.

"That's it! I am not the house slave. I am not your servant and as far as I'm concerned you two can live in a pigsty for the rest of your miserable lives!" She stormed over to the door and began to put on her sandals. "I am leaving and if I ever come back it'll be too soon!" She grabbed her fan and left in a huff. When she slammed the door, Kankurou flinched more from her inflamed temper than the noise.

He spat out the balled socks and looked at Gaara who looked back at him. "Good job, Gaara. You pissed her off." Gaara's response was narrowing his eyes at Kankurou in a dangerous indignation. "What?"

"Sometimes you pretend to be stupid, and sometimes you are stupid, and it's becoming more and more difficult to tell the difference between the two," Gaara explained calmly. Kankurou merely smiled. His younger brother sighed at him and started to climb off the sill. Sand swirled out of his gourd and began to clear away some of the amassed junk that had accumulated throughout the day. Most of it was from Kankurou.

Kankurou turned off his game, reluctantly, I assure you, after saving his progress (of course) and decided to watch Gaara work. "She'll get over it. I'll do dishes or something tonight and she'll forget all about it." With that he hopped over the couch and went into the kitchen. The dishes were piled high in the sink and the counters could hardly be seen. A week's worth of crusted on food loomed over him, daring him to even try. Even the one or two flies seemed overwhelmed by it. Kankurou calmly walked back into the living room and tapped Gaara on the shoulder. "Yo, brat, do the dishes, I'll clean up in here."

Gaara rolled his eyes and went into the kitchen while Kankurou started picking up. Soon, Gaara returned and pushed Kankurou out of the way. "You're out of your mind. You said you'd do the dishes so go do them."

Kankurou shoved Gaara back. "No way, brat. You went to go do them so you willingly assumed the responsibility. They're your dishes now." The younger red-head pushed against his brother who braced himself and pushed back.

"DO THE DISHES! Half of them are yours anyway!"

"YOU DO THEM! Just sandblast them, idiot!"

"I'll show you a sandblast!" Gaara hissed as sand started to snake towards them. Kankurou moved quickly to the side, Gaara falling from the sudden loss of resistance but landing in a crouch on the floor, leaving him to glare up at his brother. They battled wills for a few tense seconds before Kankurou crossed his arms in guarded resentment.

"Fine! But you know if I have to do those dishes, they'll never get done, and Temari will be mad for the rest of week, and we'll have to hear her BITCH everyday and it's your fault for not realizing that I'm a selfish, irresponsible teenage boy!" Kankurou shouted, applying the reverse psychology on heavy (though even he had to admit that there was a twinge of truth).

Gaara stood up quickly. "… … By the time, I'm done with those dishes, this house better be spotless," he pressed. Kankurou grinned and saluted. Gaara stalked into the kitchen, swallowing his disgust, and began a violent rendition of washing dishes. The older boy held in his laughter and started shoving whatever was on the floor and would fit, under the couch and other hidden alcoves.

Four hours later, Gaara emerged from the kitchen then critically surveyed the living room. It indeed looked clean and Kankurou was again playing video games. He turned around and smiled. "Where ya been, squirt? I've been done hours ago." Sand again threatened to encase him in Sabaku Kyu but Kankurou interjected quickly, "Hey, isn't it weird Temari isn't back yet?"

Gaara stopped threatening his brother to look out at the window. It had already become dark and there were few people still milling the streets outside their home. The moon was rising and cold chill was settling across the desert village. "Yes… Perhaps she meant it when she said she wouldn't come back." Kankurou waved a hand dismissively and returned to his game but Gaara felt a twinge of concern that they had pushed her over the edge.

"You haven't heard from her either?" Kankurou said, swallowing his cereal. It was the next morning and Temari hadn't come home at all. When he awoke and found no warm breakfast greeting him, Kankurou had to admit he was worried. "What do you mean, what did I do? I didn't do anything, it was Gaara!"

Gaara snatched the phone away. "She left because WE," he glared at Kankurou, "didn't help her clean the house. She hasn't contacted us at all and she didn't come home last night. If you hear anything, Shikamaru, please let us know. … … … Thanks." Gaara cracked Kankurou in the head with the phone before hanging it up. "Can't you take anything seriously? She's missing."

Kankurou rubbed his head. "Hey, I'm responsible when I have to be and this isn't the first time Temari's 'runaway' from home. When she gets like this she takes a week off and then comes back in a better mood. … … Heeeey, you don't suppose Shika's banging our s-OW OW OW!" Gaara punched him in the head repeatedly. Though taijutsu, or physical combat, wasn't his specialty, he could still summon enough strength to get through to Kankurou's thick skull.

"Stop. Being. A. Pervert." He warned, punctuating each word with a timely attack.

"Hey, I said Shika not me! OW!"

He stopped wailing on his idiot older brother and gave him a warning look. "Stop." Gaara turned and went into the kitchen to fix himself breakfast. Kankurou peered after him and went to reach for the phone. "I CAN STILL SEE YOU!" Peering to the left, Kankurou saw an eye made of sand glaring at him. "SHIKAMARU IS NOT 'BANGING' OUR SISTER!" The eye exploded with Gaara's enraged statement, causing Kankurou to flinch.

"Fine." He sat back in the chair. "Since she's practically a dog anyway, Kiba's banging our sister." Gaara ran out of the kitchen and slid along the ground, kicking the back legs of the chair. Kankurou was leaning backwards and the sudden displacement of the chair caused him to go tumbling to the ground.

Gaara crouched over him, clenching his fist. "No one… Look at me, Kankurou." He pointed a thin finger at his brother. "Is banging our sister. She goes to let off steam, you stupid, stupid pig-eared idiot. She'll be back in a week and until then we keep this house spotless."

Kankurou put his hands behind his head, pretending to ignore the dull ache forming. "Fine. No one's plowing our sister." Gaara wasn't sure whether or not to kick him for being a pervert, so he nudged him warningly with a toe. "But why shouldn't we let off some steam too. We'll clean the house before she comes home but why not have a good time until then."

Gaara narrowed his eyes. "No parties."

"No parties." They stared at each other for a few seconds and Gaara let him up. Kankurou grinned and ran to the stereo and picked up the microphone they (read: Kankurou) used for karaoke. "Good Morning, this is Kakko-ii Kankurou, on the radio today. My co-host is "I have sand up my ass" Gaara. Gaara say, hello to the folks out there.


"And so begins the first annual "Temari's Thrown a Piss Fit and Left Her Brothers Bonding week. Events include, staying up late, sleeping late…"


"For some of us, at least." He added with a hint of humor. "Eating junk food, playing video games, and not doing girl jobs, like cleaning, cooking, and getting plowed by losers from Konoha."

A glare and tendril of sand snaking to spear Kankurou.

"Okay! Okay… we can get plowed by losers from Konoha, too."

"KANKUROU!" The older boy had already dropped the mic and was over the couch before Gaara's sand finally tracked him down and grabbed him. "I told you not to say that!"

"I'm kidding. Geez! If I really thought someone was poking our sister, I'd be the first to kill them and dump their bodies in the desert somewhere." Gaara let him go, satisfied. "Anyway," He hopped over the back of the couch, grabbed a CD from the stack, and popped it in. "We should start with a song…" He scanned through the titles before finally it started.

"NO BOY, NO CRY! 1,2,3! GO!" He jumped on the coffee table and started singing. "SHOUNEN YO! KIITE KURE!" He pointed at Gaara who was glaring at him in return. The young boy was becoming tired of having to glare so intensely for so long but acknowledged that any amount of time spent with his brother demanded that someone be aggravated enough to keep him in line.

"Turn it down!" Gaara tried to yell over the music and his idiot brother. Kankurou however was too busy dancing and air guitaring. Gaara went over to the radio and turned it off. "Are you insane? We don't know where Temari is and we should find out."

Kankurou sighed and jumped off the coffee table. "Whatever. We'll ask Baki if he's seen her." He walked back to the phone and dialed that number. "… … Oi, Baki-sensei. Have you seen Temari?" There was a long pause, a few nods, and finally a quirked eyebrow. "… … Seriously? … …When will she be back? … … Two weeks? Oh…Oh, it's not a problem at all… No, we're fine. I just wish she had told us… I understand. Thank you. Yes, sir. Thanks again." Kankurou hung up and turned around. "She got recruited for a freaking mission! She'll be away for two weeks and we totally have an extra week to ourselves! We should find a temple and thank the gods for such good luck."

Gaara seemed to consider this information. "I still say we shouldn't be irresponsible. If we behave the whole time-"

"Who will know?"

"We will."

"And…we…care?" He asked honestly confused. Why would someone insinuate something so silly? Kankurou, at least, held no pride in behaving himself when no one was there to reward the behavior. Gaara might but Kankurou long learned the joyous sins of being naughty, especially when there was no one the wiser.

Gaara looked away and wrestled with his thoughts. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. The problem now was convincing Kankurou that it was in the best interest no to cause trouble but that was almost an impossible task. It seemed the older boy was hell bent on 'bonding' and it fell on Gaara to mitigate the damage.

"We could have the time of our lives, clean the house before she gets back, say we didn't do anything, and she'll be impressed because she'll have no clue that we've been cutting loose."

"What if it's a trap?"

Kankurou rolled his eyes. "Temari isn't going to set an elaborate trap to find out we've been irresponsible. She knows we're irresponsible, stupid, or else she wouldn't have been so happy to skip out on us." He held out his hand. "What happens in this house, for the next two weeks, stays in this house." Gaara stared at the hand.

"Think, Gaara. You can eat ice cream until it's coming out of your ears. Live your wildest fantasies, face your greatest fears, and no one will know but me and I'm not going to tell if you don't rat out on me."

Gaara firmly took his hand and shook it with a suddenness that surprised Kankurou. "Fine. But if this blows up in our faces, I'm killing you and taking your room."

"Consider it a deal."

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