Ch. 1 Fly on the Wall

He could feel the warmth of the water running down his tired back. It was a relief to be back in his gloomy apartment, even if it was destined to be just another lonely night.

A cool breeze flirted with the sheets that clung to his golden skin. It was the end of another long day at the academy, and another long year. Thoughts of an empty summer kept him up.

Steam rose from his newly washed skin and on such a cool night he would dry with the wind that flowed into his room. His silver hair touched his shoulders when wet. Kakashi stood in front of the window staring out at the dark sky and bright stars.

Iruka could not longer lay awake. He rose not bothering to cover his naked skin for there was no one there to see what usually lay hidden beneath a plain uniform. He had a strong tanned body, muscular and well defined, but this was something no one had yet seen. As he walked by the window he noticed the silhouette of a tall, lean man. Iruka stopped captivated by the Jounin.

"Perhaps he could be the one" Pondered Iruka not knowing of who he spoke.

"Heh, but who has thoughts like mine? Maybe I should forget about these feelings. I don't want to feel this way… so out of place." The sadness was heavy in his voice.

For the sake of his job he had kept his thoughts and feelings deep within his heart.

Kakashi finally laid in his bed. The blankets seemed to welcome him after his long time away. Secretly he thought of a person who had been in his mind lately. It was a young man who probably didn't even know his name.

Only the rays from the orange sun could wake the chunin. He quickly dressed and made his way to bathroom for his morning routine. Today would be a day like any other it seems. While eating his breakfast and making mental plans for the evening, there was a sudden knock at the door. Quickly he opened the door and was greeted by a young messenger.

"Umino-san, the Hokage requests your presence in her office at 5AM sharp tomorrow morning."

"I'll be there."

After a quick nod the messenger disappeared.

What could this be about? I've finished the school year and she told me I was excused from the report duty for two whole months. Oh well what harm could an assignment do? Its not like I have anything to do this summer. Heh, I might as well hope that it'll bring me some human contact.

After his breakfast Iruka headed out to buy groceries and a new book. It was cool out even with the sun burning brightly in the sky.

Kakashi stared at himself as he flexed his muscles. He wasn't a bad looking man and he knew. With his mask off and even with it on he was an attractive. His milky toned body was a plus. Kakashi now fully clothed walked out the door looking for something to do. The healing kunai wound on his leg still hurt, enough to keep him in Konoha for a couple of weeks.

Oh, there he is, I wonder what his hair looks like down… Kakashi blushed at his own thoughts. He hadn't thought about another person let alone a man, but after meeting Iruka in the room where he had defied his decision Kakashi thought of love again.

The Jounin no longer caring to maintain his tough image ran towards Iruka and pulled loose his hair. Kakashi initiated a kiss so passionate it sent streams of electricity running down his entire body. The shocks of ecstasy set off sparks that instantly warmed him.

"Hatake-san!" The jounin was coldly snapped out of his daydream "Are you okay? Are you feeling well?" Clueless Iruka was alarmed by the sight of Kakashi staring out into space about to faint it seemed. Kakashi feeling the reddening of his face so strongly that it must have glowed through his mask stared at the ground in embarrassment. While looking away thoughts rushed through his head

I'm so close why can' I kiss him; I wish I knew him better; he is so good looking…

"I'm fine I was just, um, remembering a date I had not too long ago" Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why did I say that! "Uh, I meant that a girl my friend had dated and told me about her." Damn now I sound more like a pervert! Idiot! Why am I so nervous! "Actually he didn't tell me what I meant was that he… he…" Iruka wanted to laugh at the nervousness of the jounin. To save him from more embarrassment he cut it and asked "Hatake-san perhaps I should help you to the hospital for a check-up you aren't making much sense."

He must be a little delusional or maybe just doesn't feel well. I've heard stories and this Hatake Kakashi sounds nothing like what I've heard.

I guess I'll play along with some luck Iruka will dismiss my rant as part of an illness. "Um, thank you and call me Kakashi."

"Okay glad to help… Kakashi-san"