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Ch. 15 Wounds Always Heal

The air wasn't as harsh as Kakashi made it seem. He just didn't want to walk away from the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Going home wasn't what he wanted… not alone. He dragged his feet in the passage that led to Iruka's home wanting to be stopped by Iruka. He went slowly so that he could be stopped at any moment.

He neared the end of the corridor and no one called him back. He anxiously paced back and forth waiting for that familiar voice to call out to him and confess his love.

Finally the jounin decided it was time to take off. He turned on his heels and walked towards the exit. Kakashi turned and gave the gloomy hallway one last look.

The disappointment in his eyes was quickly replaced with their usual alert look when a heavy thump echoed in the hall.

He whispered a quick "Iruka" and ran to the door. "Iruka are you okay? What happened? Iruka are you okay?" after hearing no answer Kakashi tore the door down. He ran to the room where he had left the chunin, and found Iruka in a small puddle of blood. His hair was still ruffled; he was half naked, on the floor, covered in blood, Kakashi followed the trail of blood splatter and concluded Iruka had struck his head before he hit the floor.

"Oh Iruka." He rushed over to Iruka's side. The breathing that came forth was shallow and barely audible. Kakashi dressed Iruka and cleaned the wound on his head, but the chunin remained unconscious. He carried Iruka to the hospital after various failed attempts at waking him.

Kakashi was a blur in the perfect afternoon sun. He sprinted to the hospital which was further than he'd thought, and after only 3 minutes Kakashi had managed to get across the village carrying twice his own weight. Upon arriving teams of medical ninja rushed to the sweat covered jounin's side and took Iruka from his arms. One white uniformed nin stayed behind while the rest rushed Iruka to a room. Kakashi had no answers for the questions the ninja was asking; Kakashi was too worried to utter anything coherent at the moment. The ninja quickly recognized this and got Kakashi a room of his own.

Moments later Tsunade rushed into the hospital.

"Where are they?" her booming voice filled the room.

"Over here Tsunade-sama rooms 204 and 205" She ran over to Iruka's room and noticed all the wires and cables running out of him. He was breathing normally, but still not conscious.

"Everyone leave. You two stay. Take those off him he doesn't need them." Within minutes Iruka was awake. He wasn't sitting up but his eyes were open.

She left to Kakashi's room and found him rocking himself in the visitor's chair next to the bed he was supposed to be in.

"Kakashi what's wrong with you? You look fine."

"Tsunade-sama I'm just worried about him. This was entirely my fault."

"Well, what did you do to him?" Tsunade asked

"I messed up severely and I know it doesn't seem like much but trust is a big thing to Iruka and I broke that. I lied to him and its something that really matters to him. I don't know what to do anymore. I really don't."

"Well look I let you fix it without help last time. We all know how that turned out. Maybe I'll let you in on that 'unless' now."

"What unless?"

"Exactly. Now you got it." Joked Tsunade

This got a small laugh from Kakashi.

"Well, what am I supposed to do?"

"Okay to be honest I knew you were going to mess this up."


"Yes. So I came up with my own strategy. It's really simple really it is." A sly grin spread on Tsunade's face

"Well what is it?!"

"Can you sing?"

"What? No, I can't sing. I'm a ninja!"

"Hmm okay then plan B"

"What's that?"

"I actually thought your plan was very good… I'm stumped."

"You liar. You didn't help me any."

"Well he's your lover not mine. Oh yeah I saw this in a movie once 'just be honest.'"

"I've been honest. I've been super honest. I've been so honest I've looped and lied."

"Funny. Well, try it again. He can't run away from you forever. In fact he can't really run right now and he'd have to listen. He's right next door. Just come with me and wait outside until I call you in. Oh and I must add that sometimes it's not just an apology that'll make the world right again. You have to listen too."

Kakashi sighed and nodded

Tsunade slid the white door open and came out into the white, clean halls of the hospital once more. Kakashi walked close behind. He knew what Iruka was going to say. He knew what was going to happen. It had already happened over and over, but he had to do it.

Tsunade knocked and entered the room alone.

Iruka looked around the room "Where am I?" Iruka was lost in the whiteness of the room.

"Iruka, you're in the hospital. You passed out and lost consciousness for a while. It's nothing serious probably no concussion, but you did have us all worried about you." Tsunade was now sitting by his side.

"Oh" He began to sit up slowly. It didn't hurt quite as bad as he had expected it to hurt.

"Are you feeling okay now?"

"Yes I feel fine. Just a little sleepy."

"Well, try to stay awake because there is someone here who wants to see you."

"No, Tsunade-sama."

"Iruka, why won't you forgive him? I know it's not my business but this 'relationship' is ruining one of my best ninja and best teacher. It can't go on like this."

"I just didn't want to get hurt. I knew from the beginning it wouldn't work. I knew he was going to lie. I just feel stupid. I don't want a relationship that starts out on a lie."


The door slid open Kakashi was standing there empty handed and in a messy suit he'd been wearing all day.

"Iruka I love you."


"What's the problem? Why can't we be together?" insisted the jounin

"Because …"


"You wouldn't understand. You've never been hurt."

Tsunade-sama had left the room by now and only the two remained

"I want to understand. This doesn't seem right?" He held onto Iruka's hand as he said this

"It does but… Kakashi I … I can't do it."

His words were silenced by a kiss on the lips this time less forceful than the last. He continued to kiss him and Iruka softened once more.

"We're even right?" Asked Kakashi

"What do you mean? We're still not okay."

"I think we are… I lie to you then you embarrass me in front of hundreds… I think we're pretty even now." Kakashi smiled hoping Iruka would return the gesture.


"Yes Ruka?"

"You still don't understand. You've been so busy apologizing and proposing to me you haven't taken the time to even listen. You haven't even asked why this is important to me. There's no way you can understand a thing. You say you want to, but you aren't even acting on it." Iruka spoke more honestly than he had in a long time.

"Well how am I supposed to know you want to talk? You didn't say anything." Kakashi was the perfect picture of a man: clueless

"Maybe if you would have stopped for a second and … okay look I don't want to fight with you. I never do. I never have. I don't hate you."

"I don't hate you either. Where is all this going?"

Iruka sighed heavily "Look I've been in love only once."

"With who?" Jealousy rose in Kakashi quicker than arousal

"With you baka."


"Well the times before you the times I've been with someone it's never worked out. Always for the same reason too."

"So, I'm not the first one to lie to you?"

"No. I just I don't care about those past times. They lied to cover their tracks they lied to me to cover their wrongs. It hurt me. I didn't love them but it hurt me so much. I can't do this in this relationship because I love you because I'm in love with you and it would hurt so much more than it has before. I don't want to start like this. Even if you are my other half you can't lie to me. I forgive you because it was good I mean we wouldn't have gotten together if it weren't for your lie, but still I can't help but feel that you might do it again."

"I won't Iruka I promise I'll be good." Kakashi pouted in the cutest way pulling down his mask to make sure it had its full effect "Seriously I wouldn't. Why would I want to lose you? You are the best thing to happen to me since well you are just the best thing. I want to be with you forever. I guess know that I know how much this means to you does it also mean that I'm forgiven?"

"Fine." Iruka had put up enough of a struggle.

"Come here Ruka." He held him close and whispered in his ear "I only intended to propose that once."

"Oh." Iruka was a bit disappointed

"But what the hell." Kakashi got down on one knee and pulled out of his dirty jacket a small box.

"Ruka, will you marry me?"

"Baka." Iruka smiled "Of course I will."

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