The Roles We Play
by DC Lady

He walked down the all-too familiar hallway, his ancestors adorning the massive walls, watching him with their seemingly accusing stares. He hadn't thought about them much over the years, their ancient lineage told to him by his butler. But now, he couldn't help but wonder if they'd be disappointed in him. In what he was about to do. Or perhaps it wasn't disappointment they would feel, but envy.

He turned the corner, the adjoining hallway a twin to its predecessor. Except for a door, leading to a hidden room. A room adorned with the memories of a family that were no more. A family shattered on a cold, dark night in a filthy alley. But tonight it wasn't the comforting memories of his family he sought in this large place.

He opened the door, the night-vision goggles he wore automatically adjusting to the well lit room, his gaze finding the woman he sought, sitting in a chair that had once been a favorite of his mother. She knew of his presence, he was certain of it. But she didn't move, even though the earthly bonds that held her in place were no equal to her magical strength.

He smirked. Moved forward.

It was time to rescue his princess.