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Chapter 1: New Life, New Revelations, Couple Confrontations

At Number 4 Privet Drive, in the smallest bedroom of the house, there was a boy. He was sleeping. Of course when I say sleeping I do not mean sleeping like explosion of nuclear bomb couldn't wake him, no he was trashing under his sheets, obviously having a nightmare. He was dreaming about death of his godfather, the only man who could have taken the place of his father in the world. Sirius Black. After Sirius entered the Veil, Harry dreamed how he chased after his killer Bellatrix Lestrange. He remembered how he tried to cast the Unforgivable Cruciatus Curse, how he lost all awareness of what was happening around him, how he had only one goal in mind: to have revenge on Bellatrix Lestrange. While the nightmare was playing in front of his eyes, Harry Potter understood, that the angrier and more frustrated he became, the harder it was for him to fight against his opponent. His anger clouded his judgment, slowed his reaction time, made his mind more blunt, made his power diminish. Harry's nightmare was playing out. He witnessed the battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort. When he was possessed he started to wake up, and then finally when Dark Lord left his dream self, Harry Potter awoke from his nightmare.

When Harry's breathing normalized, he stood up from his bed, and went in front of his window. He was watching for couple of hours without moving, just occasionally batting an eye. An outsider would have said that the teen in front of the window was a statue, because for to hours Harry Potter did not move even one muscle in his body. His mind was in a blank void-like state. His mind was clear like perfect diamond, he looked like he was in a very deep trance or even coma. Of course that would be an opinion of an outsider, because Harry himself was fully aware of the happenings around him. He heard the sounds of the sleeping city, he occasionally saw homeless cats or dogs roaming around the back yards of the Private Drive. The cause of his state, was that Harry's heartache was so deep that hundreds Voldemort's Cruciatus' could not compare to the pain he was feeling now. Harry analyzed all factors who led to the death of his Godfather. At first he blamed himself, but as he was watching his memories for the tenth time, he suddenly realized something. It WAS NOT entirely his fault! It was fault of Sirius himself for even going to the Department of Mysteries at all, it was fault of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore for keeping Sirius locked in his own home at Number 12 Grimmauld Place, it was fault of Severus Snape for raping Harry's mind during the lessons of Occlumency and for baiting Sirius Black when couldn't do anything useful for the Order of the Phoenix, but finally it was the fault of Bellatrix Lestrange and Tom Marvolo Riddle. From all these people Harry's fault was one of the smallest. As Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived understood that, let all his anger, guilt, insecurities go away and sunrise touched his face, all the guilt Harry felt disappeared and in the place of Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Lived-To-Lose-His-Godfather-And-To-Have-The-Weight-Of-The-World-Dropped-On-His-Shoulders, Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Fight-For-Everything-Good-In-The-World was born.

After the realization that everything that happened was not his fault, Harry started to embrace the light of the sun. His was standing as calm as stone in the field, his mind was as calm as the calmest mountain river. When the sunlight fully enveloped his body, after two weeks of horrible self pity Harry Potter finally smiled. He understood that in the eyes of the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Albus Dumbledore's eyes he was a mere pawn, a soldier on the giant chess board like everybody else, he understood that he had absolutely no chance to defeat You-Know-Who. Harry Potter was not as naive as everyone made him to be. He understood that he had to learn a lot of things, meet many people, see a lot of places, gain many new allies, gather a lot of experience and then, only then he will be able to try to defeat Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as You-Know-Who, Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Dark Lord Voldemort and also as Harry decided to call him: Dark Dork Noisyfart. Harry Potter decided to create a new faction of war. He did not like the incompetence and the number of corrupt officials at the Ministry of Magic, he did not think that the methods of fighting the Order of the Phoenix used were effective, because every captured Death Eater was later broken out of Azkaban prison, so the capture was like holiday from their Master's torture for them. He in no way said that the Death Eaters should be killed on spot or something like that, he just thought that the Order should take a more active role in the war. Instead of waiting for attacks and then reacting to them, they should organize attacks of their own, they should raid the houses of known Death Eaters or their hide outs.

Then Harry started making plans of the new organization, its leading body, fighting methods, possible members, needed equipment, recruiting possibilities, potential allies. When Harry was finally finished thinking and planning, for the first time in over a week, he opened the door of his room and entered the bathroom. After the long warm shower and brushing his teeth, Harry re-entered his room, dressed in his best clothes and walked downstairs. In the kitchen he sad what you could call a perfect family. He went to a counter, made five sandwiches for himself and sat at the table to eat his breakfast. Harry noticed that Uncle Vernon's mood was quite good so he gathered all his famed Gryffindor courage and decided to ask his Uncle if he could drive him to Diagon Alley for a shopping trip.

"Uncle Vernon, do you have something important planned for today?" Harry carefully asked.

"I do not Boy. What do you want? There won't be any freaks coming today if I can say something about it!" Vernon started shouting while turning purple.

"No Uncle, there won't be any of my friends coming today. So maybe if do not have anything important planned, than maybe you could give me a lift to London?" Harry said calmly.

"Absolutely not! I won't take your ungrateful arse anywhere! How dare you ask me something at all is outside of my understanding of course"

"Well Uncle I did not mean to say that you would give me a lift for free... I could pay for the gas you know... Of course I should go to the bank to exchange some um... normal money for that, but nevertheless I could pay for the trip. If you would be so good and would give me a ride back when I am finished, I would be so thankful, that I would even give let's say one thousand pounds?" Harry casually said. He understood that it was pointless to appeal to the humanity of the Dursleys because there was none, but they were very greedy people and this side of their character could be used very effectively.

"Well Potter, I don't know were will you get the money from, but you have a deal. By the way how long will you be in London?" Vernon greedily asked.

"Well until around 8PM, maybe later I believe. It would be very good if we could go as fast as possible, and don't worry, you will get your money. I am no cheater you know." Harry cheerfully said.

When nephew and uncle finished eating, Harry told his Uncle that he needs to take something from his room. When he came back with his Invisibility Cloak, he explained what it does to his Uncle, took it on and said to meet him after 10 minutes near the park. Then Harry opened the back door and hurried in the general direction of the public park entrance. After waiting for three minutes his Uncle stopped to take him into a car and they silently drove to London.

When Harry and Uncle Vernon reached Leaky Cauldron, Harry got out of the car, thanked his Uncle for the ride, put his cousin's baseball cap over his scar, took his hood and entered the pub.

"Hello there Tom! How is your day? How is the business?" Harry cheerfully asked when he noticed Tom the barman looking at him..

"Well Mr. I don't think that I know you, but anyway, the day is bright, it's not raining surprisingly, the business is booming, what more would I need?"pleasantly answered the barman.

"Oh Tom, my heart is broken! How can you not remember me?"

"Well Mr. if you would give me a clue about your identity, than maybe I would have a flashback..."

"Tom, can I trust you not to tell anyone about my visiting this glorious shopping district today?" Harry silently whispered.

"Of course! I can control my tongue very well!"

"And you won't tell about my visit even to the roasted turkey lovers or sugar tasters if you know what I mean?"

"I won't tell! Promise!" by this time the curiosity of Tom was all time high, so he would have sold his sold to devil, just to know the mysterious man is. For a moment Harry pondered an idea of leaving Tom with his curiosity unsatisfied, but then he lifted his cap a little to show his scar and went to Diagon Alley immediately after that.

The first stop for Harry's trip had to be Gringotts Bank, because he had almost no money, so he checked his hood and went to the nearest goblin, who just accidentally happened to be Griphook, the first goblin he had ever known.

"Good day Griphook! How is business today?" Harry respectfully asked the goblin.

"I do not believe we have met Mr..." Griphook's eyes showed strong confusion. It was not every day occurrence, that wizard recognized a goblin and even remembered his name. It was even rarer, when the goblin in question was one of the lowliest and poorest goblin in whole Gringotts.

"Oh I am sorry for the hood and cap. I do not want to be recognized. My name is Harry. Harry Potter! We have met 5 years ago, when I first entered Diagon Alley. You was the first goblin I have ever talked to!"

By now, Griphook was even more baffled. This wizard, Harry Potter, no, THE Harry Potter remembered how they met and when they met. Harry Potter even showed respect which was showed only to wizard by other wizard, to simple low ranked goblin! When Griphook came out of his shock he remembered that today was the reading of the will of Sirius Black and Harry Potter possibly was the Heir of the Noble and Ancient House of Black.

"Mr. Potter I guess you are here for the reading of the Will? We were notified that you won't be able to attend, but we are very happy that you decided to come."

"What reading? What Will? What are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"The reading of the Will of your Godfather Sirius Black of course. A letter was sent to you three days ago about it. We got an answer that said that you are grieving and won't be able to attend and that if we could send a copy of the Will to you, you would be very thankful."

"I did not get any letters from Gringotts in my life Griphook and I did not write any letters to you to. I believe someone is intercepting my mail. Could I be told what the Will says in person today?"

"Of course Mr. Potter! Let's go to Mr. Black's account manager Righthook."

"Of course. Let's go." Upon entering the office of the manager Harry greeted him and when asked to sit sat down. Griphook left the room when the pleasantries were being ex-changed.

"So Mr. Righthook could you tell me if my late godfather left me anything?" Harry sadly asked.

"Well, Mr. Potter, first of all do not call me Mr. I am just a goblin. Second of all, your godfather left you 10 billion galleons, all the properties except for Number 12 Grimmauld Place, all the heirlooms of the Black Family and finally, he made you the Head of the House of Black. This," the goblin said while putting a ring with a white grim engraved in it's center on the table" is the Black Family ring. When you put it on your finger, you will be automatically emancipated, but for you to claim the ring, you must sign required documents, that basically say that you accept the things that your Godfather left to you, and perform the Inheritance Ritual." When Righthook finished Harry signed the papers and asked how to perform the ritual. The goblin explained that he need to prickle his finger and let some blood drop on the special parchment. When Harry Potter finished all the needed steps, blood red writings started to appear on the parchment.


The Inheritance Ritual


Harry James Potter is the Head or Heir of the following families:

The House of Potter. Harry James Potter is the only living member of this family, so he has the title of the Head of the House of Potter. When he becomes emancipated, or comes of age, he may be called Lord Harry James Potter. When this happens, Harry J. Potter will have one seat at Wizengamont and one seat at Hogwarts Board of Governors.

The House of Black. The House of Black consists of Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange. Andromeda, Ted and Nymphadora Tonks are currently removed from the family. When Harry J. Potter becomes emancipated, or comes of age, he may be called Lord Harry James Potter-Black. When this happens, Harry J. Potter will have one seat at Wizengamont and one seat at Hogwarts Board of Governors added to his seats from the Potter family.

The House of Emrys. Harry James Potter is a member of this family not by blood, but by magic, because the Head of the House Emrys Myrddin did not have any children. Harry James Potter has the title of the Head of the House of Emrys. When he becomes emancipated, or comes of age, he may be called Lord Harry James Emrys Potter Black. When this happens, Harry J. Potter will have one seat at Wizengamont and one seat at Hogwarts Board of Governors added to his other seats from the families of Black and Potter. By being the Heir of Myrddin Emrys also known as Merlin the Great, Harry James Emrys Potter Black will be able to overrule any law, regulation or decision of the Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After reading the document, Harry was looking like a perfect imitation of a goldfish. He was a Heir to Merlin? It can not be! He decided that maybe there was a mistake in the ritual.

"Righthook, are you sure that this paper is not wrong? How can I be the Heir of Merlin?" Harry politely asked, because he did not want to offend the goblin.

Righthook was absolutely awed. This child, no this man was the Heir of the Father of Magic and he acted like he was a simple wizard. Then he understood that if someone is worthy of that much power, it is definitely Harry James Potter.

"Yes, Mr. Potter I'm sure that this test is foolproof. If you would let me, I would say, that if someone in the Wizarding World is worthy of having so much power, it is definitely you Mr. Potter. You have heard that you are the Heir of Merlin and you are still most humble and polite human I have ever seen."

"Well, thank you I guess... I just try to act like I would prefer to other people act with me... It's nothing special. Now, do you possibly know if there is the Vault of Emrys in Gringotts? If yes, I would like to visit it... Of course only if I have the right to do so."

"Mr. Potter, in the Wizarding World, a wizard of your stature who is acting nice with a goblin is as rare as being a magical Animagus. And about visiting the Vault we can do that right away. I just have to warn you that House of Emrys is the richest family in the World and that on the entrance of the Vault, there is a ward, that removes all power blocks, mental blocks, tracking charms and makes sure that you will never become Dark Wizard. Of course, by saying Dark Wizard I mean Lord Voldemort, not wizard who knows so called Dark Arts and only uses them on emergencies and to do good. So do you want to visit the Vault?"

"Yes, I would like to. And would you tell me if someone took money from my vaults besides me?" Harry excitedly answered. He knew that he would kill himself before becoming like Dark Dork Noisyfart.

"Yes, Mr. Potter. The Headmaster Dumbledore takes 10 thousand galleons every month and 3 thousand galleons go to the Weasley vault every month. Also your friends Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley have access to your vault for sweets, books and other small things like that."

"What? Who let them take my money?"

"Do you mean to say that you never allowed these transactions to be made?"

"Yes! Terminate them immediately, and take my money back!" Yesterday Harry would have been royally pissed, but today he was quite calm. He did not hold his anger and just asked to go to the Emrys Vault.

When they exited the office, they acquired a trolley and went to the deepest part of the bank. When they stopped, Harry saw a giant door which was named "VAULT NUMBER 1" in gold letters. The Vault was guarded by a completely white Phoenix. When Harry came near the Phoenix and was starting to greet him, the Phoenix started to speak.

"Finally the Heir of the House of Emrys has come. I see your soul is white with black spot around your scar. It leeches your power, it weakens your abilities, it can eventually destroy you. I also see five Power Blocks around your magical core. They are casted in the last five years. Their caster is extremely manipulative, powerful. He presents himself like a Light Wizard, but his soul is almost as black as Dark Lords. Also this Wizard casted many mind blocks when you were one and a half year old. I also see wide assortment of tracking charms. If you step through the door, all the spells will be stopped. Do you want to enter the Vault of Emrys?"

"Yes, If you would be nice and let me to enter, I would be very happy, sir" Harry respectfully said.

"Such a polite young man... Of course I will let you step through the door. Say, do you have a familiar? I would like to bond with you."

"Thank you for your goodness, and yes, I have a snowy owl. Her name is Hedwig. I will ask if she won't be upset if you bond with me. If she will be alright with it, I will call or visit you. By the way, what is your name?"

"My name is Raja young one. If your owl won't be jealous, just call me by name and I will come. Now put you hand on the lock of the door and say "Open"."

Harry stepped near the door, put his hand on the lock and nervously said "Open". Door started to shine with white light when the light stopped, the door opened and Lord Harry James Emrys Potter Black entered the Vault of House of Emrys.

When Harry stepped into the Vault he started shining. He felt himself becoming free. He felt the weight of Power Blocks, Mental Blocks, Tracking Charms, and the Power Leech of his scar disappearing. Harry felt like never before. He understood that he is a powerful wizard and he finally felt like he had a real chance of finishing the war. When he finally got his bearings back, Harry saw how big was the Vault of Emrys. It's area was around 10000 square meters. ¼ of the area was full of gold Galleons. ½ of area was a biggest library Harry has ever seen, and final ¼ was full of stuff from clothes to weapons to trunks. When Harry finished his inspection of the size of he vault, he noticed a pedestal in front of him. There was a piece of parchment in front of him. When Harry picked it up, it scanned his aura, and writings started to appear.

Dear Heir,

You are a wizard of extreme power, but it is not trained, so not available to you. When you exit this vault, you will be more powerful, but you won't reach your full potential until your mind is focused and body is trained. Also, your soul is not touched by evil. Your aura is completely white, which means that you can become the Lord of Light. This parchment is not a simple parchment. Inside, there is some of my essence. That means that if you ask something on the other side of the parchment, i will be able to answer you. I scanned your knowledge and came to the conclusion, that I will need to explain many things to you. First of all, you have no idea what is the Lord of Light. The Lord of Light, is a wizard with unimaginable power who is not capable to harm innocents. His soul and aura are pure white. He represents all good things in the world. The first Lord of Light was created by Powers that Be. His name was Prometheus. Maybe you have heard Greek legends about him. Well some things in them are true, some false. When Prometheus finished his mission, he chose his Heir, me, and went to live as a hermit in the area now called Tibet. My mission failed, but I fought for the future of the Wizarding World until the relative peace was achieved. Then I and my wife Nimue went into hiding. Now I am dead at last, but I left ever possession I have ever acquired in this Vault. There you can find every book, that was written in the Wizarding World. The books covers every topic from Herbology to Darkest of Arts. Now my heir, do not ignore the Dark Arts. Learn them, they can not corrupt you, because you are to pure. Use them when the situation will be most dire.Now if you remember I helped to create the Ministry of Magic. The First Minister was George Potter. He was very grateful for my help, so in the first decree of the Ministry he stated that All magical heirs of Myrddin Emrys have a final say in the affairs of British Wizarding World, because its foundations were built by him. By Wizard's Oath given to Ministry of Magic after its creation by Myrddin Emrys, only a man or woman which shares the vision of the Wizarding World with Myrddin Emrys can be chosen as the magical Heir, so with his help, Wizarding Britain can become the paradise for magical beings.

Basically, this means that you can change or cancel any Law of the Wizarding World to acomplish your vision of the Wizarding World. Also you can fire any officer of the Ministry. Promote equality in the world, make it a better place to live. To become the Lord of Light you have to be the most powerful wizard in the world. If you are reading this letter, than without a doubt you are. Also your mission can take a very long time to finish so, you must become immortal. You will live until your mission will be finished and then you will be able to choose to die. For example I died when the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was founded. Prometheus died when I took his place as a Lord of Light. I can promise you that if you choose to become the Lord of Light, you will live much longer than all your friends. That does not mean that you will have to live alone for thousand years, because you will find your soulmate a week after becoming the Lord of Light. If she accidentally was a muggle, she will become magical through a bond between you. Her power will be second to yours. She will be know as The Lady of the Light. Upon your marriage, she will be able to choose if she wants to live with you until your last breath. If she says yes, than both of you will die at the same time, when both of you will decide to do so. Your possible children won't have the gift or immortality or power you possess, but they won't be able to become true Dark Wizard. Anyone who has your blood running through their veins will not be capable of being evil. If you choose to become The Lord of Light, you will become ten times more powerful than I, Prometheus, Tom Marvolo Riddle and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore together. Your mission will be to successfully introduce magical world to non-magical people and to promote equality. When muggles will be able to visit magical places without prejudices, when pureblood supremacy theories will be eliminated, when all the living beings on earth will live in equality and harmony, then your mission will be completed. If you decide against becoming The Lord of Light, you will still be as powerful as you would have become if you agreed, but you won't have any mission and will be mortal. You will live a happy, long life and peacefully die with your soulmate. Only the prejudices will stay in the Wizarding World, and The Mission won't be finished until the next Lord of Light comes. Think carefully my Heir. Weigh your possibilities. Listen to your heart and soul. And when you are completely decided accept your responsibility.

Sincerely Yours,

Myrddin Emrys

The Lord of Light

Harry was awed. He could have so much power? He could be immortal? He can change any Law of the Ministry? Harry James Emrys Potter Black was awed. He weighed his possibilities, he listened to his heart. He understood that his life would not be happy if he could not live to see the time when all living beings were living in happy harmony and peace, when wizard and muggle were friendly discussing new computer, or new potions. When healers used muggle medicine and helped to heal some diseases with potions. He understood that his soul, his very being was screaming to accept. Not because of immortality, not because of power, not because of influence, but because of the need of equality in his home, because of the craving for happiness on the planet of Earth. Harry understood that the path of The Lord of Light would be extremely hard and difficult, but he knew that if it meant that his grand-grand-grand children will live in the world of peace ant tolerance, it would be worth it. Harry looked at the back of the letter, took a quill and wrote "What do I have to do to accept the responsibility of being the Lord of Light?" the answer was "You have to take a Blood Quill and write I, Harry James Emrys Potter Black, accept the position and responsibility of being the Lord of Light." Harry took a quill and wrote what the note said. Suddenly, Harry was being bathed by the white light. The light felt like angels where hugging him. He felt peaceful and calm. He felt strong and powerful. He felt, that he finally had the goal for his life. He felt almost complete. He felt a sister soul somewhere in United States. He knew that that person felt him too and somehow he knew that this person will come to live in Little Whinghing in seven days.

Harry went to the part of the Vault, where the trunks were kept, found a trunk with description which said that it is a seven compartment, featherlight, automatically shrinkable trunk with a fully furnished flat in the seventh compartment. When Harry entered the Library he noticed a book on the pedestal. It said that it is a list of all the books in the library. Harry had to tap a topic with his wand. The book would show all the books about that topic. Then, Harry would have to tap a name of the book with his wand an the said book would appear in front of him. When Harry finish the book he had to tap it with his wand twice and it would return to its place in the library. Only Harry could have used the Catalog and he did not have to take his library with him.

When Harry shrunk his Library Catalog and put it into his pocket, he went to the part where the money was kept. On the pedestal there was a parchment.

Properties and moneys of the House of Emrys

Head of House: Harry James Emrys Potter Black

Members of the House: Harry James Emrys Potter Black

Money Value: 900 billion galleons

Investments: 33 Gringotts Bank

Homes: Castle of Camelot (Scotland)

Manor of Emrys (England)

Manor of the Lord(Greece)

Oher notable properties: Sword Excalibur

Harry was awed. He had no idea that he was that rich. He was the richest person of both muggle and wizarding world. Harry took 100 thousand galleons and excited the Vault.

When Lord Harry James Emrys Potter Black the Heir of the Father of Magic Myrddin Emrys, the Lord of Light returned back to the surface, he casually went to Griphook and said:

"Hello again Griphook! Could you possibly be good and exchange some money from my Vault to British pounds? I need about 10 thousand pounds. Thank you in advance." Griphook was awed. Harry Potter was the most powerful wizard in the world, but acted like the goblins were above him.

"Of course Lord Potter. Right away sir." Griphook said. "There is no need for formalities Griphook, give me an honor and call me Harry. OK?" Harry calmly said. "Of course Mr.Pot... I mean Harry."

When Harry got his money, he casted a glamour charm on himself and entered Diagon Alley. He decided that his first stop will be Madame Malkin's robes for All Occasions. Upon entering the shop, he was asked what does he want to purchase.

"Well, Madam, I would like to get a whole new wardrobe. It should be of highest quality and snow white also no intricacies only simple white robes, shirts pants and other parts of clothing."

"Well the highest quality is Acromantula Silk, but it is extremely expensive. If you have no problem with money, we can give you your wardrobe in an hour. If you are looking for all white wardrobe, and if you are in the need of battle armor, I can show you our new albino basilisk hide battle vest, cloak, boots, gloves and wand holsters. Are you interested? I just have to say that this armor is extremely expensive."

"I am definitely interested. Acromantula Silk will be okay. Price does not matter. Now about the armor. Is basilisk hide better or worse than dragon hide? Price does not matter too."

"Basilisk hide stops spells 5 times better than dragon hide and whole armor will cost you 30000 galleons it also has the ability to transform to any style of clothing. If you decide to purchase this armor, you won't need to purchase any other clothing, it also has stainless charm on it. If you do not have that much money with you, I will hold the order for you."

"I have the money with me madam. Can I wear the armor now?"

"Of course sir. It has auto fitting charms on it. Just pay the money and I will bring it to you right away" Harry paid the money got his battle armor, which in the future will become the greatest fear of all the evil beings in the world, change it in the place of his cousin's hand me downs, and stepped into the Diagon Alley again.

In the white basilisk hide battle robe, Harry James Emrys Potter Black looked truly incredible. His pose demanded respect and recognition. Every wizard, witch and magical creature in Diagon Alley could feel the powerful calming presence of the Lord of Light. Of course the most powerful wizard in the history of magic, was a human, so when his stomach started to protest and ask for food, Harry sheepishly smiled and went to the Leaky Cauldron. Upon entering the pub, all the people stopped talking and looked at him. Some of them were awed, some fearful, some curious. But like every human being Harry wanted to eat, so he went to Tom and ordered a steak. When he was finishing his delicious meal, he noticed his three probably ex-friends Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley entering the pub. He wanted to confront them, but his gut feeling told him to listen about what will they talk.

"Hey Herms, what will you drink? And you Gin?" Ron asked.

"Buterbeer I think." both girls said.

"Three butterbeers, Tom."

"So, what would you like to do? Herms, Gin? Personally I would like to go to Quidditch shop, maybe buy a new broom... If Harry asks, I will just say that my father got a pay rise. Later we could go to Flourish and Blotts and Ice Cream Parlor. What do you think?"

"I think Ron, that we are supposed to look for Potter and take him to the Dursleys until he made something stupid like always. And yeah I think we could buy all the books in the store, and two Firebolts for you two. Harry is such an idiot!" Hermione smugly said.

They talked about how they are bored to act like Harry's friend, but of course until Dumbledore paid them good money, they did not have the problem. Then Tom came and asked the payment for the butterbeers.

"Take it from Potter Vault like always."

"I can't because Mr. Potter blocked all transfers from his Vaults except if he himself makes the transfer."

"Then take the money from my vault you dumbass!" Ron fumed.

"I can't because Mr.Potter took all the money of his back." Tom answered smugly.

"How much for three butterbeers?" Hermione asked.

"1 Galleon Ms. Granger." Tom answered.

Ron, Ginny and Hermione searched their pockets and found 1 Galleon and 1 sickle. Then they paid for their drinks and angrily entered Diagon Alley. Harry was quite hurt by his friends' betrayal, bus still he was not capable of hate so he stood up change his clothes to look like muggle ones and entered the muggle world. Harry looked at his watch and upon seeing that he has five hours to do some sightseeing, he went in the direction of the Big Ben. When he was walking in the direction of the Leaky Cauldron, he heard an explosion and the loud screaming started. After couple of seconds, the Dark Mark was floating in the sky.

Harry absentmindedly transformed his clothes back to their original form and sprinted in the direction of the ruckus. Upon arriving at the scene of the battle, he saw five Death Eaters with 20 Dementors nearby and a family of muggles. Three of them were raping two teenage twins and their mother, while two other Death Eaters were forcing the father watch. Dementors were feeding on the kids. They attacked a play park! Harry's mind was starting to lose control of his actions, when suddenly he became absolutely calm. Harry flicked his right wrist and a wand appeared in his right hand. Then he focused on becoming invisible, casted Sonorus, and roared EXPECTO PATRONUM. Solid white phoenix and an unicorn came out of his wand and charged the Dementors. When Patroni touched the Dementors, they started screeching and disappeared. This went against the rules of Magic. The rules said that Dementor is a indestrucible being of Dark. Well, it is not true because Lord Harry James Emrys Potter Black has destroyed a Dementor. Not one, but twenty! Twenty at once! When Death Eaters woke up from their stupor, they started shooting Killing and Cruciatus Curses at him. Harry doged them all. When he was at the range of possibly fighting back, he started shooting stunners at the Death Eaters. Five minutes and five stunned Death Eaters later Arthur Weasley, Alastor Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Remus Lupin apparated into the park. Harry put his wand back to the holster, terminated his glamour took his hood up and went to greet the Order.

"Hello there! I see someone wanted to have a party too. It is a pity that you are late of course, but I took care of the scum alone. Of course I am quite concerned that Ministry aurors except you two Shacklebolt and Tonks haven't arrived yet. If their reaction time won't get faster real soon, there will be some changes in the Ministry of Magic." Harry said seriously. When they heard that this young man took care of the Death Eaters alone, they were impressed.

"An you are?" Kingsley asked.

"Well Kingsley I am saddened. And you Moony. Did not recognize the Son of Prongs? I am disappointed." Harry chirped quite cheerfully.

"Harry? What are you doing here? Why are you not at your Aunt's? Headmaster will be disappointed with you." Remus reprimanded.

"How do we know that it is you? Oh I know! Who is Snuffles?" Moody asked.

"Snuffles WAS my Godfather Sirius Black a.k.a. Padfoot." Harry calmly answered.

By this time Albus Dumbledore arrived.

"Alastor! How many casualities there is? Do we have any injuries?"

"No Albus we do not have any injured members because there was no battle to fight battle. Until we arrived, 5 kids were kissed, three women raped and the father was tortured and made to watch the raping. Fortunately, Harry was there before us and subdued the Death Eaters alone."

"HARRY? What is he doing there? He must be at Privet Drive!"

"And why I should be anywhere else but there? Oh yes! Because those that must be there forgets to do their job! All they care is either how to keep their power in their own hands, or how to control a teenager! Well Dumbledore, what can you say for yourself?" Harry angrily shouted.

"Well my boy, I understand that you are irritated, but you have no right to take a tone like that with me. And I certainly do not have to explain my actions. And you WILL explain what is the reason of you being there."

"Well, Professor, I was merely taking a day off the prison at Privet Drive. Can you imagine my surprise when I hear that certain Headmaster of Hogwarts was stealing money from my vault? Or can you imagine my surprise when Dark Mark is floating above London park and Order or Aurors do not come to fight for 10 minutes?" By this time Harry was acting like he was completely furious, but inside he was quite calm.

"Well, Harry, I do not have to explain anything to you, but because I am a good man that I am, I will explain. You see, we knew about the attack since yesterday from Professor Snape, but we had to wait for Dark Mark to appear, to save creditability of our spy. And I am a very busy man."

"So let's get this straight, five kids were kissed and three women raped because you tried to save a hide of a filthy Death Eater? I think you have to get your priorities straight, because they are quite messed up now."

"Harry, my boy, I understand that you are shocked and sad, but for the greater good we must keep our best spy safe and..." Harry angrily interrupted "You ruin eight lives of good people FOR THE GREATER GOOD? Do you understand that one of these kids could have created the cure for cancer or HIV? Where will your greater good be then? You sacrificed eight lives for one Death Eater! Say, what will the punishment of the captured Death Eaters be? Will you execute them?"

"It is sad of course, but Professor Snape's life is more important than the lives of these muggle kids. And the prisoners will have a trial and if proven guilty will be taken to Azkaban Prison. It is a war Harry. And in war, people die."

"You do understand that you talk like Voldemort don't you? Is a life of a evil wizard is worthier than eight muggles? And what will you do when Voldemort will brake them out of the prison? Arrest them after another attack where they will kill some more good people? You must question them under Veritaserum, before that you must check if they are not under Imperius, or if they do not have a potion to fight against the effects of Veritaserum in their system. Then you have to make sure if they became Death Eaters willingly. If yes, then you must stun and execute them. If you act this way, Death Eaters will not be so careless during battle, they will know that they will be executed after capture. Now they look at Azkaban like they look at the vacation. They rest from punishment at Azkaban. Fight back Professor! Fight back or I swear I will fight back my self!" Harry passionately said.

"Harry, my boy, you disappoint me greatly. I believe you are turning dark. Please reconsider your views of life. If you do not control your thirst for blood, you will become like Voldemort!" Dumbledore sadly said. "I am turning dark? I don't think so! Remus Patronus is representation of its caster's character, is it not?" Harry asked. "Well, yes Harry, but you can not perform magic or you will be expelled..." Harry looked at Moony and calmly said "Expecto Patronum". Solid Unicorn and Phoenix came out of Harry's wand. They looked around and dissipated. "So, Dumbledore, do you think about me turning dark now? I was told in Hogwarts that Unicorn and Phoenix are two lightest creatures in the world. I also think my Aura must be much lighter than yours when I think about all the money you took from my vault, all the manipulations you have done... Let's check okay? Aurus! Dumbledore's aura was quite bright with very dark middle. Then Harry casted the spell on himself and everyone saw a big, powerful snow-white aura. "So, Headmaster, your aura is quite bright, but it's heart is dark! I think that means that you have a dark heart under your grandfather facade. Am I right? No matter, I have to go home anyway... Good bye everyone, I would be very happy if you did not disturb me this summer. By the way, I am Head of House Potter and Black so I am emancipated. Oh and Tonks welcome back to the House of Black" Then Harry transformed his armor to muggle clothes and hurried to the Leaky Cauldron.

Upon looking at his watch, Harry saw that he had ten more minutes until meeting his Uncle outside, so he ordered a butter beer and waited. After ten minutes he went outside, hopped into his Uncle's car and went home.