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Chapter 7: Don't fuck with a Potter

When the Potter and Hawkins families returned home, they were quite excited. Only downside was that excitement was for different reasons. Harry Potter was berating himself for revealing his title so soon, for not handling the Wizengamont meeting more carefully, with more finesse. Jane saw her husband who was starting to rid the Wizarding World of the corruption and she was very proud of him for it. Jane's parents were excited to see their son-in-law stand up for his wife. If they had any worries about the future of the Potter family, they were gone now. The most obvious thing they saw when Harry defended his love was incredible amount of love. It was so powerful, that they were sure that no amount of enemies could stand between their daughter and her soul mate.

"Harry, do you think they will do as you said?" Joseph curiously asked. He did not know anything about the workings of the Ministry of Magic.

"I do not think so. I would not put it past them, to call me a Dark Wizard, a follower of Noisyfart or even a Dark Dork wannabe." Harry answered without showing even a smallest hint of emotions on his face.

"Why would they do that? You are doing the right thing obviously."

"You see, that is the center of the problem. I do the right thing. They are not strong enough or too scared or worry about the public opinion too much to do it themselves, so they must eliminate anyone who does anything to challenge their power. I am a danger to their power structure, so they will eliminate me from the game. Of course I am the Heir of Merlin, so they basically can not even touch me without my permission. Also, the whole Auror Force of the Ministry of Magic together would not manage to defeat me. Being the Lord of the Light has its perks you know... Oh, anyways, I think I should ask Dobby to bring me a newspaper, so I can see what nonsense Fudge came up with now.

When Dobby delivered the paper, Harry calmly read the headline and frowned. Then he read the whole article, which by the way was written by our dear and beloved Rita Skeeter herself.

The article mentioned his visit to the Ministry:

Yesterday, Harry Potter entered the ministry and demanded to see the Minister. After a conflict occurred, Mr. Potter called the immediate meeting of the Wizengamont. When the members arrived, he called the vote of no confidence for Minister Cornelius Fudge on the grounds of endangering the Wizarding World by denying the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, taking bribes from known Death Eaters. The-Boy-Who-Lived lost the vote. He became very angry and called himself the magical heir to Myrrdin Emrys otherwise known as Merlin the Great. It is a very little known fact, that Merlin helped in the creation of the Ministry of Magic. The first Minister wanted to thank Merlin, so in the Treaty of the Creation of the Ministry of Magic, there is a line that says that any magical heir of Merlin can change any law agreement or decision of the Ministry as he sees fit. The Head Historian of the Ministry of Magic told us that only one person besides The-Boy-Who-Lived claimed the Title. He was not the heir, so the magic of Merlin killed him. We know that Harry Potter is alive, so he must be the heir. After Mr. Potter claimed his right, he sacked Cornelius Fudge, appointed a new Minister, Madam Amelia Bones of the Department of Law Enforcement and canceled all the discriminatory laws of the Ministry. Is Harry Potter the one who is destined to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? We do not know, but we congratulate Mr. Potter and we will help him as good as we can.

After reading the article, Harry decided that it is quite good, that he won't have to prove his rights in the Ministry. Of course he was quite surprised that Fudge did not even try to discredit him, so he decided to ask Merlin about the events.

'Hey, Merlin, long time no see, huh? Listen, I have some questions and I was wondering if you could answer them...'

'For you my dear Harry, anything. Now, shoot.'

'I was at the Ministry yesterday and I claimed my rights as your heir. Imagine my surprise when I open today's newspaper and I do not see any articles that says that I am crazy attention seeking lunatic. Why is that?'

'Well, when someone claims the title of MY heir, the magic of the Ministry checks the person. If his claim is true, than every employee of the Ministry knows it and cannot deny it. However if the claim is false, than the Magic punishes the person.'

'Oh. That is rough. I is so good that I indeed am your heir...'

'Well, yeah, but if you was not, you would not die because you are still immortal, remember?'

'Yeah, Merls, whatever. Listen I was thinking what do you think about death penalty for the death eaters?'

'I think you should check them with Veritaserum. Then, if they joined willingly, you should cast The Charm of the Final Judgment on them.'

'The Charm of the Final Judgment? What is that?'

'It is The Charm of the Final Judgment. It is the most powerful spell in existence. It took me 20 years to develop it. Understandably, I did not write it down. Basically, it checks the soul of the target, judges it and decides between life or death, heaven or hell. The spell is absolutely unstoppable. If it chooses death then it is painless. No one can resurrect after this spell. There is no incantation. You must will your magic to judge the soul before you. Your full aura will appear, it will connect with the target and will judge him. You will see all his life before your eyes. Finally your magic will judge him.'

'Hmm... Would Horcruxes stop the spell?'

'Horcruxes? Who would be that foolish? No matter, yes they would stop the Charm. So does Noisyfart uses them or what?'

'Well, as a matter of fact, he does. I do not know how many of them he uses, but I believe I destroyed one in my second year.'

'He is bigger idiot than I thought you know... Albus Dumbledore should know something about them. Mabe you should subtly as k his mind for some information?'

'Thank you for your help Merls! See you soon!'

'Bye runt!'

Harry was very thoughtful. He had many possible routes. He was able to go talk with Dumbledore, get all the information about Noisyfart's Horcruxes, Find and destroy them and go snuff good ol' Voldy himself. Also, Harry could go to the Ministry, talk to the Minsister of Magic, then he could go to the Prime Minister to tell him about the situation. Then he could train a unit of British Special Forces for the fight against Voldemort. This route was more appealing to Harry, because, maybe the Wizarding World would start to value the muggles. It could be the start of the merging. After many hours Harry chose the second way. After lunch, Harry apparated to the Minister's office. Upon his silent appearance he found a wand pointed at him.

"Madam Bones, I must note that your reflexes are in excellent condition."

"Mr. Potter? Is that you?"

"Yes. Call me Harry. Now can I sit down?"

"Of course! So what is the reason of this visit?"

"Well, I am going to ask for the help of the Muggle Prime Minister, and I wanted to warn you. Also I would like to talk about the actions you take to stop the Death Eaters."

"Why would you talk with that muggle? He cannot help us. Death Eaters would wipe the floor with the muggle soldiers. And about the Death Eaters, well, what can we do? I ordered Aurors to patrol in the most probable places of attack. That is all we can do."

"That muggle, as you call him, has a name, Madam Bones. It is Tony Blaire (sp?). He and his allies could destroy whole cities in one minute. Also, have you thought about enchanting muggle weapons to be auto replenishing, to be unstoppable? To Enchant their armor with most Powerful Permanent Shielding Charm? You asked what you can do? You can question the captured Death Eaters with Veritaserum and you can find out the locations of the Death Eater hideouts. Then, you can take fifty Aurors, and raid them one after another. Then you can execute the captured Death Eaters. You would have to try them under Veritaserum first of course. They should have join the Death Eaters willingly, they should have killed at least one human. And finally they should be loyal to Voldemort. Do this, and after some time, nobody will join Noisyfart. He won't have any people to attack with and slowly, he will be defeated. You can not win the war by defending Minister Bones. Also, you must help the werewolves and vampires to live freely. You must supply Wolfsbane Potion and Blood for them. They join Voldemort because he promises the freedom to them, not because they are "Dark Creatures". My honorary godfather is a werewolf and he is a better man than many humans. He just has a furry little problem once a month. " in the middle of his speech the alarms of the Ministry went off. "Madam Bones, what do these alarms mean?"

"They mean that Diagon Alley is under attack. We must organize a squad of Aurors immediately. There are around thirty Death Eaters and five giants there. Many people will die today." Ministers said gravely.

"Stop whining and do something already! Meet me there!"

"Wait! Mr. Potter, there are to many of them! You must stay sa..." She did not finish her speech because Harry silently disappeared.

When Harry arrived, he noticed the giants first. Five extremely strong cutting hexes to the neck latter, the giants were dead. Next, he noticed three Death Eaters torturing a family in a side alley. The Dark Wizards were maniacally laughing. Excitement shone from their eyes. Three fully Powered Reducto's later, the Death Eaters were no more. Than Harry found one of Voldemort's portkeys. He examined it's magical signature and raised an Anti-Portkey Ward that stops any portkeys with a signature of Death Eater's Portkey. Then Harry started walking down the Alley while stunning the Death Munchers. Two minutes later, attack was stopped. Harry immediately started to heal everyone. By the time the Aurors arrived, he managed to heal five mortal wounds.

Five more minutes later, Albus Dumbledore arrived. After talking with the Aurors, he approached Harry,

"Harry, my boy, you remember how important to the war you are, aren't you? It is no good to rush into battle like that. You could have been killed. Please let more powerful and experienced people deal with the attacks in the future. You could have hurt someone you know..."

"That is it! By my right as a Heir of Merlin, I cancel the laws that forbids Wizarding Duels! Albus Dumbledore, I single handedly stopped this attack on Diagon Alley. You come here ten minutes late and dare to accuse me of being irresponsible. I challenge you to a formal Wizarding Duel right there, right now! If you win I will listen to everything you ask of me. If I win, you give me the control of the Order."

"I accept Harry, but do you really believe, that you are capable to defeat me at a duel?"

"Yes, Headmaster Dumbledore I do."

"Harry, I know that you are powerful. Possibly more powerful than me, but power needs taming. You did not have the time to train yourself."

"I believe I did old man. On the Count of three. One... Two... Three..."

Dumbledore casted a whip like spell Harry saw at the Atrium. Harry just flicked his wand and a shield appeared around him. Then, started a volley of spells. He started with NEWT level dueling spells at the power of average Hogwart's graduate. They were blocked. Headmaster effortlessly blocked them and sent much more advanced spells of his own. Harry dodged or blocked them effortlessly. Then Harry started using Auror level spells with power of average Auror. These spells were blocked too. Finally Harry decided to stop playing and started to use his normal power and "normal" ancient dueling spells. These spells were much more powerful than anything Dumbledore knew. They needed huge amounts of power to cast and even bigger amounts to block. Old Coot had no other choice but to dodge. By this time he had no time to cast even a stunner, however Harry was not even tired. Aurors saw who was going to win this duel by the time the Auror level spells were finished. When the most powerful light wizard of he century started to dodge Harry's spells, everything became clear to them. A new champion of the light has come. Finally, when Headmaster Dumbledore was adequately tired, Harry sent ten stunners at the old wizard. He had no choice but to block the spells. Sadly, Albus was to tired and one of the spells slipped through. Harry summoned the wand of the loser, revived him and announced an order meeting for the evening.

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