A leap into the Saddle

Chapter 2

"When was this filed?" said Jason, Sam turned his controller around and punched a few buttons before answering.

"Ziggy said that it was filed in September of this year one month from now," Answered Sam, "That Stable hand Red still has feelings for Dorothee and when he saw what Gerard had done to Dorothee he went after him and beat him to death. You have to get Dorothee to leave Gerard before its too late. Red going to Jail took the life right out of this place and Dorothee will wind up in a shelter for battered women."

"Yeah," said Al, "you've got your work cut out for you. Good luck." With that the two holograms disappeared. Lisa resumed control.

"How in the world are we going to pull this off?" She said to herself and to Jason. Their thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Yelling. Turning around she raced out the door and found the source of the commotion. Reggie one of the older boys, who were known for his temper, was yelling at Melanie who was sitting on Dime. Lisa guessed the tirade had something to do with the pile of belongings at Reggie's feet which consisted of helmet, saddle, and the rest of his tack.

Lisa ran up and stepped between her sister and the angry senior student.

"Back off Reggie," she snapped, "it was an accident." But Reggie was too angry to listen. Without warning he suddenly reached out and shoved Melanie off of Dime and into the dirt. Enraged Lisa charged into Reggie knocking him down. Kurt, one of Reggie's buddies grabbed Lisa and held her in a full nelson. Lisa was struggling to get out of the hold as Reggie jumped to his feet his face red with anger.

"Now you get yours you Witch!" He raged. Suddenly Lisa heard Jason in her mind.

"Lisa Let me take over I can get you out of this mess!" Lisa closed her eyes and relaxed. Suddenly her eyes shot open and all trace of the fear that had been on her face was gone. She grabbed Kurt's thumbs twisted them sharply. Kurt hollered and released her only to receive an elbow in the face. She turned as Reggie charged, hit him in the face with a wheel kick, and sent him sprawling. Carol and Stevie came charging in to stand at Lisa's side. Before the trouble makers could gather themselves to make another attack they were both grabbed from behind by Max.

Max stood there holding both boys by the scruff of the neck, one with each hand. The girls looked down and realized that both boys' feet were about six inches off the ground. The girls looked at each other impressed sometimes they forgot just how strong their mild mannered instructor really was.

Max singlehandedly hauled both boys to his office where they stayed until their parents came to get them and their horses being instructed by Max to never come back.

When the excitement was over Carol and Stevie turned to Lisa.

"Lisa," she said, "You've got to teach me to fight like that!" What could Lisa, who was back in control do, she couldn't tell them it wasn't her doing the fighting, that it was a boy time traveler inside her. Out loud she said,

"We'll see."


When Lisa had a moment to herself she slipped into the bathroom and looked at her reflection.

"Jason," she said, "are you there?" the reflection changed into Jason.

"Yes, he said, "I'm still here."

"Thanks for helping me out back there." She said Jason smiled

"Don't mention it," he said, "Those jerks needed a beating anyway."

"I still don't know what we're going to do about this Dorothee and Gerard business," said Lisa, "I mean it's not like I can go up to her and say, 'hey Dorothee I met a mysterious boy who says you need to break up with your boyfriend'."

"Yeah I know what you mean," said Jason, "but there might be a way."

"What have you got in mind?" asked Lisa

"I can see in your mind that Dorothee was once in love with Red O'Malley the stable hand." Said Jason, "Do you think she still have some of those feelings?"

"You know," said Lisa, "Now that you mention it she might. Yesterday Dorothee was coming down the steps from Max's office when she tripped and fell on top of Red who was passing by the base of the Stairs. They landed in a heap on the floor and Dorothee turned redder than the apple she was carrying."

"Excellent," said Jason, "that might just be our way to do it."

"Yeah," said Lisa, "get Dorothee back in full blown love with Red again and Gerard his history!"

"Right," said Jason, "and I think I know how to start, let's go." Lisa hurried out of the bathroom once she was gone the door on one of the stalls behind her opened. And a scowling Kristy stepped out.

"you and whoever you were talking to on the phone are going to get that little French pastry interested in Red again over my dead body!" she growled.

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Authors note: I realize that it has been a loooooooooong time since I wrote on this story but I had major writers block. And frankly still do somewhat, so I'm opening the floor to suggestions so tobspeak. Give me Idea's for how Lisa and Jason can start steering Dorothee's heart towards Red again. Also how Carol and Stevie can find out about Jason.