Chapter One: Me

"I can't believe you wore your hair like that today." My best friend Peyton said to me quietly as we stood outside t he school doors waiting for hem to be opened on the first day of grade twelve.

I leaned into her, not wanting to discus this once more and definitely not wanting others to hear her criticize me. "Like what? I've said a thousand times Peyt, it's just straight, it didn't wear it any way different than normally." I smiled as a quiet girl with long dark hair passed by me and smiled at me. Leaning back into my own space again, I waited for Peyton's usual argument.

"But Hales, it's the first day, don't you want Luke to see you looking all gorgeous and stuff. You should have went all out!" She suddenly got all enthused about seeing everyone again, just as she did every first day of school. School wasn't anything important to her, she managed to skim by with okay grades, but her main reason for loving it was socializing. And of course, she went all out. Her curly blond hair reached her shoulders and her make up was perfect. Though this was what she called going all out, she actually did nothing, she was naturally beautiful which made the girls hate her and the guys love her. I watched as Luke, one of my closest friends, smiled at me from the front near the doors. Peyton always thought that him and I had something going on, but I didn't see him that way, and I was pretty sure he didn't see me that way either.

We stayed silent for a short time until I noticed the girl once again standing right in front now. The area around the doors was getting more and more crowded and occasionally I ended up elbowing someone in the robs, or being elbowed myself. We lived in a small town, and we knew everyone but when we went to twelfth grade, the students of the same age from a community outside of Tree Hill joined us since there were too few of them to maintain a school for. There were only about 10, probably less. And obviously, this girl was one of them.

I watched her as Peyton socialized with one of her closest friends which she hadn't seen in awhile, like a whole week. She squealed and called out to Kayla, throwing her arms around her neck with one leg kicked in the air. Soon she was by my side again, smiling brightly as guys passed by her and smiled. They never did this to me, why would they when their attention was always focused on the girl next to me. Peyton wasn't that bad, she was good at giving advice on guys, most of the time anyways. She had a boyfriend, since eighth grade, but she absolutely loved getting attention from the other guys, as if her ego wasn't big enough already.

"Who's that?" I asked nodding towards the girl once more. She was standing next to the door talking with some of her friends which had come to the school with her.

"Um..." Peyton thought for a second, flicking her golden hair back on her shoulders and biting her lip seductively. "Her name is Brooke. We used to hang out as kids." She finished then turned around to see if she could find anyone else in the crowd. She noticed me still watching Brooke. She looked so happy, smiling brightly as she fooled around with her friends. I envied her. "She's weird." Peyton said, obviously not liking me even thinking about making a new friend. "Don't bother."

And I left it at that. Peyton made it very clear that I was too good to be seen with Brooke. I didn't think this way, but, the only reason she thought this was because she'd have to be seen with me after. And she didn't want anyone asking her, "why is your friend with the weird chick?" Her friend... I have a name you know.

I turned my attention back to Luke at the main entrance, then decided as Peyton met another one of her clang, to go and talk to him. He was standing with my brother David, talking about Hockey of course. Well, David was, he was huge on sports, but not a jock. He could probably play better then anyone on any team, but just decided not to. He said it was because he didn't want to be with those guys on the team. But I knew that the real reason was because we couldn't afford it, being on a sports team was an expensive priority. Lucas though? He wasn't much into sports. He was a writer, or he would be. And he was gorgeous, the blond hair blue eye type, the girls drooled over him. And even I could see why, but I never wanted him like they do, though I was flattered that he'd prefer to spend his time with me rather than them. He was my brother's friend, and my best friend, minus Peyton. When I reached them, Lucas smiled at me brightly.

"Hey buddy." He smiled his usual smile then leaned in and hugged me. My brother rolled his eyes at us then went back to talking Hockey with Nathan. Nathan Scott. He was my brother's friend too, his best friend to be exact. He spent weeks upon months at my house, living like a part of my family. And he was gorgeous. He had dark hair and the deepest eyes you can imagine. We spent a lot of time flirting around, and he's liked me for awhile. But he's not really my type. Why? Because my brother told me he wasn't, simple as that.

"Hey!" I smiled back as I returned his hug.

"Hey Haley." Nathan smiled widely at me. I sighed as I saw the look on my brother's face. He was warning me. I could never get involved with Nathan, not matter how much I secretly wanted to. Nathan was moving away, only for a little while, out with his mom, then he'd come back and finish school, when he went after school my brother would go with him, making a lot fo money on some oil rig. And if I fooled with that, I'd regret it.

"Hey..." I smiled back shyly. His eyes twinkled when he looked at me, and David must have noticed as he came over to me and dragged me away from his friends. My brother and I were close, very close, we shared everything, and the thing he shared with me the most - besides how I wasn't supposed to mess with "the plan"- was how much he hated Peyton.

"How you doing?" He asked as we got away from Nathan and Lucas.

"Alright, you?" I asked quietly.

"Good... stop looking at Nathan please." He asked sweetly as he noticed me glancing over his shoulder and watching Nathan from behind him, he was looking at me as well. I looked up at David who was looking at me with concern in his eyes. "Please don't mess with-"

"The plan." I finished for him. I stole one more glance at Nathan's smile then looked back at David, fighting away the pain this was causing me. "I get it Dave." I turned away and faded into the crowd, leaving Dave and the world I wanted - with Nathan - behind.

"Where were you?" Peyton asked when I finally returned to her side.

"I went to visit Luke and David... and Nathan." I hesitated to say his name, it was to stressful.

"Ohh... What Did Lucas say?" She asked with seductive tone to her voice.

"He said... Can you please let Peyton know that we're friends, just friends and we have no feelings for each other what so ever!" I smiled with sarcasm and the smile on her face faded.

"Did he really say that?" She asked dumbly. I just rolled my eyes and moved with the crowd as the doors finally opened.

Bubble gum and house parties when you stole your parents rum

And tried to screw everything that could breathe

Back in high school we didn't have a whole lot to do

We watched the world go by on the television screen

Said it's the 90's kids that's way out this is way in

Go beat each other up on the dance floor

Told us drugs were no good

But then we smoked 'em and liked 'em

So much that we smoked a little more

We liked 'em so much, we smoked a little more