Summery: if u like the TV show fresh prince of bel-air then this story is for you. This has more chapters. It's about will being in Hollywood, and Ashley is missing. :O The fresh prince of bel-air: the movie

Chapter 1

"The mistake."

Will smith was so excited because he was going to be in bel-air with the house to him self. When they all were leaving will was rushing them out. Then Ashley stayed behind because she didn't want to go to Florida. Will smith was planning on going into Hollywood and look for a job there and find some hot honeys.

Will smith was in his car driving around Hollywood then Ashley popped out of the back seat and almost made will crash so he pulled over. Will yelled:

"Ashley how and why did u come?"

Ashley answered:

"Will nothing happen in Florida. I would rather be hear in bel-air,

and Hollywood."

Will said:

"You know uncle Phill will yell at me thinking that it was my fault."

Ashley said:

"K when we get home I will call him."

Will said:

"NO I'm turning around so u can call him and I'm going to look for a job then u stay home."

Ashley said:


Will drops off Ashley

While will is out in Hollywood something bad happens to Ashley.

Ashley was just watching TV when she heard this weird noise so she went to go investigate. When she got up there she saw three guys with black hats on to cover their faces. So Ashley got the phone and called 911. When she was the phone with them the guys came down and took Ashley. Ashley was thinking now I wish I went with my dad, mom, sister, and brother. Sighs

When will got home Ashley was GONE! Will screams

Then the phone rings will jumps so high that he almost through the roof. Will answers the phone its uncle phill! Will quickly makes up something. "Hi uncle phill how's Florida." Uncle phill said yelling "WERES Ashley! SHE'S NOT HEAR! WILL!" then will did the stupidest thing he ever did. He hung up on uncle PHILL!