Chapter 7

What happened will?

When they got home they made it just in time. After they got into the house they saw Phillips car pull in. Ashley asked very fast "will what are we going to tell dad about our 'friends'?" Will looked at Ashley with a puzzled face and said "well we will say that we meet them while we went the movies." Ashley said "k but what movie did we see?" "How about the house of wax?" asked Bob. "That's perfect!" answered will and Ashley. Then Phillip walked in and said "well I thought there would be at least be a party, or no house." Said Phillip. "Hilary!" said Hilary Banks. "Hilary is that you? Omg it is you how have you been?" asked Hilary Banks. "Fine." Answered Hilary. "Bye will I had a great time see you tomorrow." Hilary said while waving. Bob decide he had to leave to go to so he said bye and how he sorry what happened. After their friends left they went up stares to go to bed.

Ashley walked to will's bedroom. When she entered she heard noises and she knew these noises because she made them when her and Bob were having sex. When she turned on the lights she gasped and put her hand over her mouth. She screamed "WILL!" will got up and he was naked Ashley then covered her eyes with her other hand. "Will I thought you were going to wait until you're married?" asked Ashley still in shock. "I was but she wanted to see me one more time before she had to leave for work tomorrow." Answered will embarrassed because Ashley saw him naked. Ashley didn't say anything she just walked away. The next day Carlton walked in and said "Ashley I can't believe you had sex. You are so stupid." " Carlton I had to or he would have killed me. Would you rather have me alive or dead with everyone crying?" asked Ashley wiling crying. "Ok ok I wont tell mom and dad. And if you did die then that would mean I got more money." Carlton said while chuckling. Ashley chucks a pillow at Carlton. "YES!" yelled Ashley. Then her mom and dad walked in and ask what was going on. They said nothing then they all when down stairs. When Ashley went into will's room to wake him up for breakfast. When she got into his room he wasn't there. Ashley screamed. Everyone came running up to see what was going on again. Ashley found a note that said

Dear Ashley,

If you would like to see will alive we need you so we can finish what we were doing. We need you a.s.a.p.

Singed your

Lover Bob.

Ashley said how will was gone and showed them the letter and explained what really happened. "Look dad I need to go get him back I don't care what you say." Said Ashley. "Ok just be careful." Said Phillip in a calm voice. Then Ashley sent out to find will.